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Christmas Poems with Pages App

   Every year, Mrs. Askegaard, one of our fifth grade teachers, has the kids write Christmas poems.  It's just one way for them to work on word processing, changing fonts, size, color, spacing and importing photos.  She did it this year in Pages, as this is what the kids have on their iPads.  They are SO great!!  Here is an example:
These were made on the Pages App which all the students in grades 3-12 have.  The best word processing one available in my opinion! 

Mrs. Askegaard also teaches the MOVE 21 rotation, which consists of technology with the iPads and art combines - LOVE. HER. IDEAS!!

Happy Weekend - I will still try to get our TIES sessions 2-3,
Mrs. I:)


  1. This is very cool! I really love reading short Christmas poems during holidays and I think these ones are going to be on my favorite list. Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up to the poet. Love it.


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