Sunday, July 21, 2013

WOW July 21:(!!! - QR Codes are EVERYWHERE:)!!

  Where DOES the time go - yikes!!  In less than two weeks I will be back at school manhandling iPads again - UNREAL:)!!
   HAD TO SHARE - I took my son to his orthodontist appointment a week ago and really thought about what I was seeing - check it out:

YES IT"S TRUE!!  This Ortho has a QR Code above the door as you walk into his business and it says Scan This below it - HOLY COW:)!!  Love it -
    Also. we JUST got back from a trip to California.  We went to the LAB Aquarium and look at how they has their animals displayed.  You will see the tank that holds a creature and next to it - YOU GOT IT - a QR Code to find out information about it - take a peek:)!!

HOW COOL!  My kids grabbed my phone IMMEDIATELY, zapped the code, and started reading about the animal that I was observing - SO GREAT:)!!
     SO - again - if they use them in the outside world in SO many areas - imagine what these little buggers can do for your students in your classroom!

Happy Night - I will be back to work this week and brainstorming a block schedule for iPads with Mrs. Tonsfeldt, a 3rd grade teacher, so I will tell you what our crazy minds come up with!

Take care,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

  Hey everyone!!  Nothing really GREAT and NEW to report on this end - SORRY:(!!  I have had a few issues with a few Macbooks and getting them to work - COME ON CASEY:) as I haven't had any success with them.  They start up and then just keep spinning and spinning - ugh - frustrating!!  I KNOW that Casey will prevail;)!! 
   About another month or so and I will REALLY be back in the swing of things since I have the new apps to purchase for next fall and then I have to post the updates app lists per grade level and content area - I will hopefully get that done in a few weeks!  Also - of course hooking up those iPads again an getting them ready for the fall - then it will REALLY begin:)!!
     Barnesville also hired three new teachers, so I have to spend a little time with them on the iPads and the Macbooks - maybe a day - half day on each device:)!!  SO that will be fun to get to know them. 
Happy 4th of July to everyone - use those iPads for some GREAT fireworks, family, and friends photos and video!
Take care,
Mrs. I:)