Friday, May 29, 2015


IT"S OFFICIAL!  WE.  ARE.  DONE.  WITH.  iPAD 2s!!!  Cloud Blue game in and JUST pulled away from BHS with ALL our iPads - YAHOO:)!!  WHAT A RELIEF!  They will now bring them back and count all and figure out a grand total of what kind of money we will get for them - TBD!!
  However, didn't have a CLUE what to expect - so I had to take some pictures of what actually went on here. 

First we loaded ALL the iPads from Casey's office:

 Next, we loaded sets of iPads into a crate that held a cardboard box with dividers in it:

Finally, they totaled the boxes up and put them on pallets for loading onto a truck - DONE!!
I MUST say what a relief - and the CRAZY thing - I had a GRAND TOTAL of 963 iPads - they had a grand total of 967 iPads - AND we found 4 that were completely a loss from our iCare repair place - YAHOO - SPOT.  ON.  Like that will EVER happen again, right:)?

So, here we are onto the NEXT adventure with iPad Mini3s - we will see how this goes and how all function with a little bit smaller, but SO much lighter, faster, and manageable device - YAHOO!

Happy Summer Ya'll - I will continue to work on app lists and get ALL updated before FALL 2015 - for now have an AMAZING summer break - enjoy time with family and friend - TECH FREE!!
Take care and enjoy your time -
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The End is NEAR.........

    With only two weeks to go in the school year, there has been a LOT going on at BHS:)!!  iPad minis are ordered, and actually JUST found out TODAY that they will be in here in about 5 days - YAHOO!!  That means that I can totally use the kiddos IN SCHOOL to help code, case and arrange all 900 of them:)!  That makes me SO SO SO happy:)!!  I also found out that May 29 is the "official" pick up date for our existing iPads.  We are going to start collection next Thursday with K-3, Friday with 4-6, and the following week with 7-12 pending when they have finals, etc... YAHOO!  I will hook them ALL up to Apple Configurator and remove all iPads, which will give us back ALL redemption codes to use on the minis.  I am then going to restore all iPads back to factory settings so they are all set and ready for the company to resell.
   Teachers have also turned in their app requests for next year, or the apps that they no longer want on student iPads.  I have started compiling lists, so once they are done, I will update those listed on the blog.  I am SO glad to say that teachers are doing an amazing job eliminating MANY of those they feel they won't use and are turning to apps that are "multi" purpose and cross curricular - YAHOO:)!!  I turned in a purchase order for $3500, which will be enough to cover the costs of apps that teachers have asked for, in addition to the apps I have to purchase for offsets of grades. The GOOD/BAD thing is that our school has two classes that are FOUR sections, where typically we have THREE.  Every time they move a grade level, we have to buy about 20 more apps of every app for that grade.  Eventually we'll have enough, but I believe two more years have to work this way.  So this money will help to accommodate this. 
   That's it for now - just typical end of the year things; collecting iPads, chargers, bags, etc...
Good luck to you on your ending things-
Mrs. I:)