Friday, December 21, 2012

iste Nets.....

   If you aren't aware of, or haven't had a chance yet to check out the International Society for Technology in Education (iste) you must!  Here you will find standards for students, teachers, coaches and administrators on teaching in the digital world.  This is sometimes a tough topic to talk about in districts as what are the technology standards?  Where do they lie?  Who is to create them or know about them?  In all reality we ALL need to know what our role is regards to technology and the classroom.  We ALL need to be aware of the needs of the students in sending them off in this "techy" world.  This site really provides GREAT insight into what each of these roles should know, model and lead!  Below are the Nets listed for each person involved in this technology implementation and the roles that each might possibly play:

     Each year iste also has a national conference - BIGGER and BOLDER than TIES if you can believe that:)!!  It was held in San Antonio this year and over 18,000 teachers, administrators, technology leaders, etc.. from all over the world attended - can you imagine????  WOW - that would be a BRAIN OVERLOAD if I have ever heard of one:)!!
     If you get a chance, take a peek - it's really neat how they don't target specific "skills" per say but more things like problem solving, creativity, etc...

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

States Project...

   The 4th graders each year learn about the regions of the country and different states.  Usually they create a PowerPoint about the state and then a poster.  This year they utilized the iPads and used Pic Collage to create and compile their information.  Look how great they turned out:)!!!

Mrs. I:)


     Well, now the updates are ALL into our iTunes account - so we will have to see how that will work when we hook the iPads up again in January!  I have solved SOME of the problems - but this one iPad is DRIVING ME NUTS:(!!!  I think I may have to unsupervise it and then reload everything - I have tried everything I know.  I have already been on the phone with Apple for over an hour today - so I MIGHT try them one more time before resorting to that;)!!  They REALLY are helpful - just SO many steps!  I want ONE Apple person that will solve ALL my problems, but I have to always call multiple places to answer the three things that need to be answered!  Oh well - I want it all in ONE:)!!
Happy Thursday
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Configurator frustrations continue.....

   Just about to my breaking point again:(!!!  WHY DOESN"T CONFIGURATOR WORK!!!??????  I have successfully formatted perfectly 15 iPads and all is well = NOW all of a sudden I plug one in and it tried to "supervise" it again and won't take our profile - UGH!!!  Back to Apple I call I am afraid!  I can't figure it out - BUMMER!!  I HATE THAT!!!! 
   I also just spent two days downloading all the updates for the apps.  However, this will cause some delay time when we hook up the iPads again in January as Configurator will have to install ALL the updates first before allowing me to add or change things - the updates are needed for MANY of the apps as it allows for some more options; especially with Schoology!  So we will have to take the time to do it.  I was just hoping that we would be able to get the whole school done in a week - probably not now - maybe a building each week instead;)!!
   ALL will be fine - Apple will help me figure out Apple Configurator and I will be able to leave here during break not worrying about things - life here is good:)!!

Happy Wednesday - still hoping to get off a few more posts before break
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apple Configurator....

   Well, we were able to figure out SOME of the problems with Apple Configurator!  I talked yesterday with a gentleman from Apple, and we were able to solve some things; we talked about grouping students and how to organize them, preferences, etc... so some were good outcomes.  He thought that with the update of Apple Configurator - the option to "view" the live iPad is gone since it will remember what was supposed to be on it - and Apple Configurator will override EVERYTHING else!  So Casey and I will have to do some changes again:)!  I am in process of updating ALL apps since we will be reconfigurating all of the iPads the second week in January.  We are allowing teachers ONE more opportunity to put on up to 5 more free apps if they so choose.  So hooking up all those buggers one more time:)!
    Here are a few things that I sent to the teachers regarding app choices and review of apps that might be the most beneficial and used most often in their classrooms:

  The first list is a TON of information with a TON of different sites to look at!  All seemed very helpful when trying to decide on apps for the iPad!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, December 14, 2012

QR Codes to Try.....

    I just LOVE QR (quick response) Codes and KNOW that they would be a hit in the classroom at ANY level!  If you are not sure how they work - make sure that you have a QR Reader downloaded on your iPad or iPhone - scan the codes below and you will find some fun things:
   Good luck with these!  If you need more help or clarification on what do to - feel free to contact me ANYTIME!

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Leaning Objectives with iPad.....

  The high principal, Mr. Strand, attended the TIES conference also.  At one of his sessions he got the great site about iPads with learning objectives.  This site lists 19 leaning objectives for the iPad and when you click on that objective, it brings you to a list of apps that help you accomplish this objective.  A really neat site with direct links to learning objectives:)!

Good luck with this - again - SO much information - but take a peek as you might find one thing that was worth it:)

Happy Friday-
Mrs. I:)

**I will be posting later a little more about QR codes:)**

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What About Thomas Suarez?

  I had the opportunity to talk with some teachers and administrators from Climax yesterday.  They came for a school visit to see how the iPads are being implemented.  They observed classrooms and talked with various staff members, myself, Mr. Strand and STUDENTS:)!!  That was the best part they said, was sitting down and talking with some kids about their thoughts on the MOVE 21 implementation.  The final question they asked me before leaving was, "Why the iPad?"  I had a hard time right away trying to answer this and thought for a few seconds; a video came to me that we saw at TIES:

    What about Thomas Suarez?  How do we reach him?  And that was my question and comments for them - if you want kids to have a device so they can word process, create PowerPoints, and use the Internet, then I told them to go with a laptop.  If you want a device that will allow for creativity, imagination and INNOVATION - then you should go with the iPad! 
     I KNOW that we made the right choice here in Barnesville - we have SO many kids like Thomas Suarez that NEED to think outside the box and should be allowed to think outside the box - and the iPad, a great TOOL, combined with even GREATER AND AMAZING teachers who LET them use this tool to be innovative - makes for a successful and fabulous school district with successful and fabulous students!

Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)


   My mind is STILL trying to wrap itself around ALL that was learned and discussed at TIES!  To write EVERYTHING at one time would be SO overwhelming to not only me - but you as well!  SO many ideas, SO many great things, WHERE is the time to keep learning and implementing - the always never going away question for educators:)!!
   The thing that I would like to talk about today are QR (Quick Response) codes!!  We have had a few teachers at the high school tamper with them a little bit - but I never really thought of the many ways that they truly CAN be used!  Not only can you have one up each day for a daily agenda or outline, but you could post answers to assignments for students to scan and self correct, you could have a code for your contact information, you could randomly put up QR codes around your classroom for spelling words, information about what you are learning at that time, worksheets, YOU NAME IT there's a code you can make for it;)!!
    The site that I like the best, as did the presenter at TIES is QR Stuff!  This site has many ways that you can make a code, and make ways to download various things to it - GREAT ONE:)!!  Also - here are some sites to look at for ways to implement and use QR codes in your classroom:

     I think those will be enough to get you rolling with them!  If you want ANY help with this - PLEASE let me know - OR Mrs. Detloff has ALSO used them (I hope she doesn't mind), so she is a great resource person, too:)

Good Luck - HAVE fun:)!!
Mrs. I:)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another WOW!!!

   My mind hurts!!!!  Five sessions and all great - the best one BY FAR was the last one I went to.  The speaker was Mark Garrison, and he is the technology coordinator at White Bear Lake Public Schools.  His enthusiasm, passion, and motivation to do better was felt throughout the session.  His website is one that I have already talked about Garrison Sites, and if you click on the TIES 2012 link on the left hand side, he showed us "50 Sites in 50 Minutes."  AMAZING:)!!!! 
   Now, of course, the bad news!  Some of the sites that he showed us of course have flash and can't be used on our iPads - bummer;(!!!  Students CAN use them on the 6 computers that we have in our elementary classrooms and the labs at the high school.  But, MANY of the sites can be used with the iPads!! 
  Here are my TOP favorites that Mr. Garrison went over:)

This wind map site shows you the wind patterns across the US - you could use it to talk to your kids about weather patterns and storms that are taking place, as well as fronts that you can visibly see!

A peek into the National Archives in Washington, DC, students are able to view and learn about these very important documents.  Although it doesn't look as "cool" on the iPad, it still is able to be used here!

This website shows you superimposed ratios and proportions of events and things that have happened.  For example, you can see how big the area of the moon that has been studied compared certain continents and land areas.

This site allows you to create a map that you can draw on and write about events, import picture and video and tell a story.  Some examples on there include having students track the Lewis and Clark Expedition - but the ideas are LIMITLESS!!  You could use this for assessment for ANY History related event as well as time order words and sequence of events;)!

  Well, that's all I have for tonight!  Mark Garrison really is AMAZING!!  Check out his site and some of the links above!

Happy Monday Night,
Mrs. I:)

TIES 2012

   WOW!!  If you have never had the opportunity to attend the Minnesota TIES Conference 2012 in Minneapolis, you MUST go!  It is WORTH your time:)!!  My mind is hurting indeed, but the things I am learning about and the connections I am making are great!  I still have two sessions left today - and five more tomorrow!  Tonight I will put on some of the things I have learned about - and continue this again on Tuesday night when I have learned more tomorrow!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day of Frustration.....

  Now I knew that there would be days that would be frustrating - but TWO IN A ROW:(! Bummer!

Bummer #1 - I thought for SURE that I had solved the mystery of the "Virtual History-ROMA" app!  Long story short:  I bought this app in August for a Social Studies teacher- and tried to import it and the codes couldn't be imported!  After trying multiple times (and hours on the phone with Apple), a breakthrough was reached!  The lady at Apple had me change some things in the spreadsheet and I was able to import them - YAHOO!!  The good news is that we have 30 codes as Apple reimbursed us for the cost of these totally!  The bad news is that we HAD 54 codes but since the price of the app went up - go figure:) - I only had enough money to buy 30.  I have an elevated case with Apple - who will soon know me by name - asking for no money - just 24 more licenses for this app.  We will see where I get with this.  This app IS really cool, and hopefully it will work out!

Bummer #2 - Apple Configurator is doing WEIRD things!  When I hook up an iPad - usually I put on another profile to install apps and remove/add whatever needs to be done.  For some reason - Configurator isn't recognizing the iPads as they CURRENTLY are - it says that it has apps on there that are NOT on there.  Also - when I try to uncheck unnecessary apps and apply ones needed, it will remove other apps at random - and the codes are lost too - UGH!!  Casey, the BIG DOG, called on this one as I dont' know the "behind the scenes" stuff.  Apple's engineer is supposed to be calling back today - he wasn't worried about the apps, as he said we would be reimbursed for them, but they haven't seen something like this - UGH!!!  I JUST realized it this morning as two girls came in saying that their Notability app was gone - UGH UGH UGH as they had ALL their notes, sheets, everything in there!  I felt SO bad - but really I didn't touch Notability - so weird things indeed!!

Hopefully all this will get solved today or tomorrow and we will be off and running again soon!!!
Happy Wednesday
Mrs. I:)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Blows My Mind.....60 Seconds

  Now, I realize that with ALL the technologies we will NEVER keep up!  But when you look at this graphic organizer and really think about what happens in 60 SECONDS all day every day - it's pretty unreal how fast the times are changing. 

  That's why I feel it is more important now than ever to continue to find ways to incorporate technology into our classrooms!  Changing the way we teach to meet the needs of our students is something teachers do DAILY - just adding technology to already amazing teaching - creates learners that are truly ready for this busy, crazy tech-wild world that they are going out into!!

Mrs. I;)

Helpful Things for the iPad and others.....

  I thought today I might post about some resources that are out there to help with the iPad along with some other great sites and resources that I have come across:
1. There is always a need for a good User Guide for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.  This is Apple's manual page where you can download which guide you are looking for.

2. Garrison Sites is a great blog to go to when looking for creative, innovative and 21st Century learning technology ideas!!

3. I found this on a ISTE Wiki Space.  It gives you an AMAZING amount of resources on the web of things and ideas to do with the iPad on on a computer.  TONS of great resources here!!

4. LOVE THESE CHARTS!!!  Useful Charts is a site that contains "useful" charts for studying, learning and quick references for a plethora of things.  They are quite neat!

5. Here is just a good blog about using Technology in the classroom.

I hope you find some of these useful - I will continue to post things that I find that I feel will benefit teachers and students!  There is SO much out there - I am glad I am able to find some of these, and save you a little time, as you continue to be AMAZING teachers!!!
Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)