Friday, March 14, 2014

SMART Notebook has an App - check it out

   Well, SMART Technologies  now has an app to go with all the amazing things that you can do on the Smartboards!  The SMART Notebook app is priced at a hefty $6.99 and seems like it may or may not be worth that price.  So far, the reviews are not great, but with every new app that comes out, updates come about all the time as unforseen changes need to be made as people use it.  Now students could actually create and view SMART Notebook files on their iPads - sounds pretty cool - but I am going to have to check it out some more before I judge it!
Happy Weekend - have a great one - Keep. Being. Amazing!!
Mrs. I:)

Videos for Teaching........

   I have taken over Mrs. Askegaard's "Explain Everything" lessons for math because they are SUPER FUN to make:)!!  No, really they are - but they ARE time consuming, especially for harder concepts.  I have started looking "elsewhere" to try and find some videos, without having to always make them.  Here are some GREAT video websites that I have found to be worthwhile to look at:

1. EdPuzzle - not only can you FIND videos, you can also CREATE videos here - super neat;)

2. Learn Zillion - another great site to create and find video content:)

3. Veritasium - is a science video blog featuring experiments, expert interviews, and discussions about everything science:) - I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Some recommended by Mr. Strand, one of our science teachers (most of these are channels you simple subscribe to for FREE from YouTube:

4. SciShow - more videos science related

5. CGP Grey - another science one for science minds:)

6. Minute Physics - cool physics and other sweet science

7. MinuteEarth - everything Earth related

8.  SmarterEveryDay - just as the title suggests - learn something new every day

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a great one-
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Digital Citizenship - Where Does It Fit?

     Digital Citizenship is something that I feel really gets put on the wayside in life in general - not just school districts.  It seems that the ONLY time digital citizenship comes up is when kids do something wrong in regards to it!  Why not be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE?  Although I KNOW that the school isn't the only place that this should be taught, when you have technologies that students are using in schools, we ARE somewhat responsible for this training.  I emailed some of the neighboring schools to see what kinds of things they are doing regarding digital citizenship.  Some have required courses, some do things in elementary school, and some, like us, are trying to find that balance of where it should go.
    Minnetonka has a GREAT starting point and it's COMPLETELY FREE!  Common Sense Media was created for JUST this issue!  If you go to the link, you will find a complete scope and sequence with lessons plans designed for grades K-12 - FREE:)!!!  AND if you happen to have an iPad initiative like we do - there are FREE digital citizenship iBooks for each of these areas as well - with a complementary teacher edition - SO GREAT!!!

    If you get a chance, check them out.  Mine are downloading into my iBooks As. We. Speak.  I am going to start digging into this a little more and I will keep you posted on what I find out - what I think of it - and if I think it's worth your time.
   Until then - continue to do what YOU'RE doing - teaching our kids to be responsible digital citizens!!!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Math Ideas......

  Mrs. Askegaard's fifth graders had to go home and once again "show" what they learned in class yesterday.  Their assignment was to identify all the eight solids and then label one face, edge, and vertex; they were able to use any app on their iPad to accomplish this.

 Here are a few examples:

I LOVE the butter one - KILLS ME:)!!  What a great, creative idea - way to go students;)!!
Happy Wednesday to you all - I also have a Keynote to share - I will get that done today
Mrs. I:)