Friday, March 14, 2014

Videos for Teaching........

   I have taken over Mrs. Askegaard's "Explain Everything" lessons for math because they are SUPER FUN to make:)!!  No, really they are - but they ARE time consuming, especially for harder concepts.  I have started looking "elsewhere" to try and find some videos, without having to always make them.  Here are some GREAT video websites that I have found to be worthwhile to look at:

1. EdPuzzle - not only can you FIND videos, you can also CREATE videos here - super neat;)

2. Learn Zillion - another great site to create and find video content:)

3. Veritasium - is a science video blog featuring experiments, expert interviews, and discussions about everything science:) - I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Some recommended by Mr. Strand, one of our science teachers (most of these are channels you simple subscribe to for FREE from YouTube:

4. SciShow - more videos science related

5. CGP Grey - another science one for science minds:)

6. Minute Physics - cool physics and other sweet science

7. MinuteEarth - everything Earth related

8.  SmarterEveryDay - just as the title suggests - learn something new every day

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a great one-
Mrs. I:)

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