Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Correction on Cleaning iPads.........

I want to clarify something regarding cleaning the iPads - we don't use ANYTHING on the actual iPad but a microfiber cloth!!!  I might have not been clear with that!  We only use the disinfecting wipes and soap, etc... on the CASE!!

SORRY for the confusion and thank you for pointing that out,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Pupilrazzi

WHAT. A. GREAT. WORD!!!!  Again, I was reading on Mr. Aviles blog, and he invented this word "pupilrazzi" for the pictures that he takes with his kiddos in classroom teaching, interacting and just plain "spending" time with his kids.  Or maybe I should say the pictures that his students take OF him and WITH him - isn't it really about building relationship with these kiddos in our lives?  I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. his blog post titled The Pupilrazzi: I'm Over It!.  Definitely one that ALL should take the time read - SO. GREAT!

Have a great weekend - many making memories with kiddos:)
Mrs. I:)

NOT iPad Related, but SO Education Related.....

  I came across a teacher by the name of Chris Aviles, who is an English teacher in New Jersey.  His blog has been VERY enlightening for me!  He wrote an interesting blog about a Facebook site that was surfacing and I happened to read it on there as well.  It's called What Students Really Need to Hear.  Although I DO agree with much or what Mr. Mielke says, Mr. Aviles responded with an article titled What Teachers Really Need to Hear!  Which I ALSO found SO great!  As teachers, we DO think of students in so many ways - both of these blogs will make you "think" about your view on teaching and how you treat and interact with your kiddos!!

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More End of Year:

  Just a few more things about the end of the year procedures that we do here.  We are going to collect the elementary iPads the Wed-Friday the week BEFORE the last week of school so we are able to use seniors, online kids, and detention make upers to help with this.  Actually - the 4-5 graders will clean their own iPads.  The Monday of the last week of school we will start collecting the other grades.  However, we are finding that the teachers WANT the students to have them almost up until the end as all their notes and study guides are on them - so they need them to study!!  MAKES. TOTAL. SENSE!  I would want my students to have them, too!  So the last week of school is pretty random.   We DO have each student clean his/her own.  Therefore, however they clean it, is how they get it back in the fall.  If they take their time, then it will be nice!  If not, then they will be getting that "unclean" one back anyways!  We check in ALL iPads prior to school ending, and sometimes have to "play the cards" a little bit with the seniors to make sure all are returned!
   We usually call the first half of the alphabet down to come into the library and clean.  We have wet rags, disinfecting wipes, glass cleaner, etc.. for them to clean.  They take the ENTIRE thing apart and clean inside and out and then put it back into its case.  It was SO SO slick last year - worked LIKE. A. CHARM!  I expect the same results this year!
   I THOUGHT I posted pictures last year.  I will go back and check and if I didn't, I will make sure to snag some thing year!

Happy Night - enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


  I am sitting back in my office working on downloading some pictures for Mrs. Askegaard's podcasts that I will start tomorrow when I hear, "I can TOTALLY fix that."  I come out to see a student doing a hard reset on an iPad of another student's that is "stuck."  EXACTLY. WHAT. I. WOULD. DO!  LOL!  Then, he went on to say, "You know, Mrs. Inniger, I think I could do your job." Sad thing - HE PROBABLY KNOWS MORE THAN I DO:)!!! Oh - the world of technology and 21st Century Learners!!!

OH - I love that - Happy Tuesday night al',
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Biomechanics Associated with Technologies:(

     Dr. Wahl, a local chiropractor in town, was in to discuss the increase of the younger patients that he is seeing because of all the technologies that are now being used today in and out of school.  Here are the some of the things that he is seeing:

    *Shoulders raised up, elbows flexed in, hands crouched in, necks down, back is bent and curved
    *tension to neck and shoulders, headaches, flexor tendonitis, back pain, fatigue and stress
    *not a school issue - it’s a social issue

Things to think about when kids are using iPads for better postural position:
    *use the stand that came with the iPad
    *use an easel instead of down if your stand is broken
    *stacking books would ALSO help as iPads can lean against them and kids can sit upright

     The discussion then turned to, "How can we educate kids and parents?"  We thought that we would have Dr. Wahl put together a handout on biomechanics and proper postural positions when using various technologies.  We also need proper education of teachers, our wellness committee, and our technology team to continue to reiterate to students why this is so important.  Unless WE are reminded of this, we tend to not remind others about this. 
    We also thought how EASY it would be to get this information to others.  With Schoology, it's simply a matter of posting information and the handout.  When we do iPad distribution next fall, it will just be a part of this, and throughout the school year, teachers can include information in their grade level handbooks in addition to other back to school items like newsletters, blogs and websites.

     I haven't really thought TOO hard about this as my boys both do their homework at the table, so we are using the stand, or stacking books to see the iPad the correct way - so THANK GOODNESS it hasn't become a problem with me kiddos' backs yet - just have to keep reminding:)!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, April 4, 2014

End of Year for Year 2 - CRAZY!

     It's CRAZY to believe that we have already almost finished YEAR 2 of our MOVE 21 iPad Initiative - YAHOO:)!  This spring should be SO much easier than last year as we have learned what to continue to do, and what to change and maybe rethink.  Here is what I have done thus far:

1.  I sent out an email to all teachers reminding them that they need to turn in any app request by the end of the month.  The form that we used was adapted from Kathy Schrock's form.  There are a few here, but this is what our teachers need to fill out in order to request an app.

2.  Teachers also need to go through their app lists and CUT CUT CUT!  After two years of using iPads, they now have a good idea of what apps they actually USE and which ones they simple WANTED.

3.  Sorting through Apple Configurator has been a pain, but SO worth it.  When I click on ALL devices in there, I can see what apps are actually tied to a device and which apps are simple in configurator and not on any device.  I have sent a list to the teachers to look through and see if they use ANY of these apps or they will be deleted - a process for sure!

4.  A collection schedule was sent out as to what grades we will be collecting when.  This gives teachers time to prepare for end of the year projects, etc..  We DO let our 10-12 Graders keep their iPads until the END as they need them for studying from their notes for finals.

That's all I have for now - as things continue to develop, and we make decisions about other things, I will blog about it!

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

21st Century Airport - WOW:)!!

    We went on a trip to Mexico last week and LOVED. IT.  However, I also LOVED what I saw in the airport when we were getting ready to leave.  As we're walking to the gate to board our plane, this is what I see:

    Unbelievable!  A 21st Century Airport RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. ME.  iPads were on EVERY table, EVERY bar, EVERY eating place - I was in Heaven:)!!  You could even order and pay RIGHT at the table - SO SO COOL!  You could imagine all the hooting and hollaring that I was doing when I saw this.  My family thought I was NUTS, along with all the other passengers, while I was snapping away with my iPhone - UNREAL:)!!  Way to go Minneapolis Airport!! 
   So, back to reality now - ugh!!  Just think that yesterday I was wearing a skirt and flip flops and today, pants and a long sleeve - UGH Minnesota weather!

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)