Monday, December 15, 2014

Kids and Coding - IT'S HAPPENING:)!!!

  Casey, our technology coordinator, has been meeting with kiddos and doing Hour of Code.  Students in grades 3-6 have been given the opportunity to go online and learn a little bit about coding.  THEY  ARE  LOVING  IT!!!  Check out WHY they are doing this.....

NOW, check out WHAT they are doing while in there.....
Their "task" is to move either an Angry Bird, or Elsa from Frozen, along certain pathways.  As they continue through and are successful, the coding becomes more difficult.  It is SO fun to watch the excitement in their faces as they actually MAKE the code correctly.  Not only that, it's neat to hear them talk about what "coding" means, and even a few have said they would LOVE to do this when they are older - LOVIN' THAT!!

Here are a few more pics from the lab today.......

Enjoy this and TOTALLY check it out - you will be AMAZED at how much the kiddos can do and how engaging this can be for them!

I am SO SO sorry about getting NOTHING up from TIES - I have been SO overwhelmed with stuff that haven't even had a CHANCE to look at notes - maybe today;)!!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Google Test - PLEASE WATCH!!!

  This has NOTHING to do with TIES, but OH WORTH IT:)!!!  Tom Rademacher gave this TEDx talk in Burnesville and SO ENLIGHTENING!!  Please take the 9:25 minutes to watch this - you will gain SO MUCH from it:)!!

I will add more about TIES either later today or tomorrow for sure - KEEP BEING AMAZING!!
Mrs. I:)


  I can't EVEN wrap my mind around all the amazing things that I saw at TIES 2014 once again - LOVE!!!  When we drove home yesterday from Minneapolis, we really didn't talk as your mind is trying to wrap itself around ALL   IT   HAD   LEARNED!  Oh - it's WONDERFUL!!  Now, I realize that the presenters are bringing their "A Game," but it was SO encouraging that we are doing SO SO many of the things that we saw there RIGHT HERE IN BARNESVILLE - YAHOO:)!  Makes me feel a little successful at least!  I will TOTALLY blog more tomorrow or later today about my sessions and share the wealth - GET EXCITED FOLKS!  

Have an amazing Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, November 24, 2014


  When I first saw what an Osmo could do - I was a little apprehensive.  I wasn't sure what benefit, if any, it would provide for myself or students.  However, after ordering one, I  WAS  WRONG!!!  This is SO SO cool and I can think of SO SO many ways to use it - unbelievable!  Maybe not the apps connected with it, BUT the power to create stacks to LOAD onto the app - WOW!
Here is picture of it if you have NO idea what I am talking about:
So the Osmo comes with three little boxes in one.  One box is the base that you set the iPad on and attach a mirror to your camera.  The second one is a set of tangrams, and the third has letter tiles included in it.  I will explain and show each one a little more detailed below......

Tangrams - here is a picture:
Once the app is opened, you simple create the picture with your tangrams that is shows.  However, here is the magic - as you put the tangrams together, is snaps them together on your iPad to indicate that you have them in the right location.  The puzzles start out easy and get progressively harder as you continue to be successful - SO COOL!!!

Words - here is a picture:

Here is the one that I really got excited about!!!  Kiddos either work together or against each other to come up with a word that matches the picture.  You can specify with category you'd like OR you can go online and create your own "deck" of words for your kids to do!  Again, A  M  A  Z  I  N  G!  I loved this - and the best part is that when they work collaboratively together - they can BOTH learn word meanings, spelling or words, etc... pretty neat!

Newton - here is a picture:

There is NOT a box for this one, as they simply use a "white" surface to play.  Little balls will drop on the iPad, and kiddos have to either DRAW a path for them to fall and hit a target, or use objects to create a path for the ball to hit the target - one the balls have hit the target three times, they move to the next level, progressively getting harder, of course!  This one took a little getting used to, but talk about higher level thinking - GEEZ!

Question of the Day - HOW MUCH?  Typically this costs $99, BUT if you use this link - you can get it for $79.99 with free shipping - so at least you save a little money!  I would HIGHLY recommend this for any classroom PreK-2nd grade FOR SURE! BUT - I had seniors in here the other day and they played it for over an hour and WANTED MORE!!!:)

I sent mine home with Mrs. Grabow, a Kindergarten teacher, and here is her direct quote: "SWEEET!!!  I had Brock and Bridger playing it last night.  They loved the competition part of the letters!!!  I am excited to look into the site more to find out all that you can do with the letter part..."  She merely had her two sons play it and it was a HIT:)!!

Good Luck and Have Fun - Happy Monday all,
Mrs I:)

Thursday, November 20, 2014


  Today, Casey and I attended a Tierney Brothers "browse" and "see" new technologies that are out there!  Oh My Gosh!!  There are so FUN FUN things out there:)!!!

1. SMART Interactive Flat Panel - YES - this IS as amazing as it looks!  This is basically a Smartboard that is a little SMALLER, but MUCH MUCH clearer than the current ones we have.  It works perfectly with Smart Notebook, and does all the great things that a SMARTboard does.  You have two touch points for two users at a time and it is UBER neat as you don't need a projector!  The clarity is profound!  At merely $3500 each - it's a GREAT thing!  AND they offer a 44% discount if you do a trad in - so if you currently have SMARTboards and want to upgrade - this is the DEAL for you:)!

2. SMART Document Camera - Now, I know there are other cameras out there - but this one is SO perfect for schools and teachers that use SMART Notebook and SMARTboards.  When you either screen shot or show documents, you can save them directly into you Notebook page and they become IMMEDIATE screenshots and images in there - SO GREAT:)!!  I would have LOVED one of these in my classrooms!  AND - the price is a little costly - but I would want it -  $899!

3. BrightLink Interactive Projector - SO SO SO AMAZING:)!!  I LOVED THIS!  This projector can projector on ANY flat service and is instantly interactive with up to 6 touch points:)!!   You can use it on a table, or mount it on your wall - L.  O.  V.  E!  It also works perfectly with the SMARTboard and allows up to 4 touch points then - it was CRAZY to watch this bugger work!  Cost - $1799.

4. PosterPro Varsity Package Printer - I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD:)!! Can you imagine all the possibilities with this bugger - OH:)!!  How cool would it be to have an entrepreneur class that specializes in this, or an accounting class that takes care of all of the money aspects of it - OH!  The sports teams would go CRAZY with banners, and the plethora of parents making posters for graduation, the possibilities are endless;)!  OH - AND not a bad price at $3500!

Happy Thursday All -
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MORE with PicCollage

  Teachers just KEEP amazing me and continue to come up with SUPER GREAT ways to use the Pic Collage app!  Take a look at some of these:

1. Mrs. Askegaard, a fifth grade teacher,  had her kiddos write about the adjective "Thankful," and then created a pic collage about it LOVE:)!!

2. Mrs. Parker, a third grade teacher, had her kids make a pic collage on what third grade looks like.  I LOVE these - SO creative:)!!

3. Mrs. Tonsfeldt, another third grade teacher, had her kids create Selfie Similes - another SO fun idea:)!

Some more FINE FINE examples of using Pic Collage - again - creative, meaningful, and fun for the kiddos!

Take care all - snowing here - UGH!!  Guess it's that time, huh:)!
Happy Wednesday
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


    About a month ago, we received our SMART Table, and I must say it was COOL:)!!!  We immediately put it together and stuck it in a closet!  Casey and I took some time to figure it out and how all things work, so it is now IN THE CLASSROOMS and the kiddos are LOVING it:)!! 


   Teachers can make things within SMART Notebook, which they would use normally on their SMART boards, but now they can ALSO put these files onto the SMART Table for MANY users to manipulate and learn!  SO SO SO SO COOL!  Now, these buggers are NOT CHEAP - at roughly $4900 you can own one yourself! So far it's been utilized and the kiddos are enjoying it - NO idea what the next step is for us with these - but it's pretty amazing to see the kiddos working collaboratively on ONE table:!)

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Macbook 101 - Day 1

  We also decided that since we have Macbook Pros, and some are still not very comfortable using them, that we would try and get more on board and have mini sessions for them as well!  We went over BASIC stuff today:

1.  Using the spotlight
2. Using Air Drop
3. Stickies on your desktop
4. Downloading documents
5. Saving documents
6. Creating folder on the desktop and putting documents in them
7. Screen shots - not sure if you know these = MOST HELPFUL:)!!!

Command/Shift/3 for screenshot
Command/Shift/4 for screen clipping
Command/Shift/Control/4 for screen clipping saved to clipboard that you can paste into document
  I would like to do ONE Macbook session each week - progressing through the basic use of it to creating documents in Pages, Keynote, and "other" type of teacher created items:)!
Happy Day Y'all
Mrs. I:)

Podcasts 101

  Yesterday morning, we offered a session on creating Podcasts for the classroom.  We showed them a couple of ways to create podcasts for their classrooms.  The tools we used were:

All three of these are interactive whiteboards that kids and teachers can use for a variety of things.  Students can use them for basic things like showing work and interacting on, or use for creating a podcast themselves of a lesson that they learned a particular day. ALL of them are SUPER SUPER easy to use and allow you to share and/or embed them for viewing.  I REALLY like Explain Everything the BEST as it allows you to save and continue to go back and work on it without "publishing" it, which is what the other two do.  You can also upload directly to YouTube and then put the link to the video right on Schoology, which is what I have been doing with the fifth graders for math.  Either way, SUPER GREAT way to flip your classroom, teach lessons for review, of have kiddos show what they learned!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Puppet Pals App.....

  I am not sure if you are familiar with an app called Puppet Pals Director's Pass, but it is an app that allows you to create a "puppet play" using animations, backdrops, and voice recordings.  This app is used in Kindergarten and 12th Grade - go figure, huh?:)  Mr. Krause, our social studies teacher, is the one that has asked for this one for his 12th graders.  The first assignment that they do is create a fable with it.   This one KILLED ME:)!!  I laughed SO SO hard - the voice of this kiddo is SO GREAT:)!!  Take a look:

   The best thing about this app is that it is SO SO open ended that you can do virtually ANYTHING with it.  Whether it be Kindergarten, where they make little plays with sight words, color words and numbers, to Seniors that use it for creating fables and World War II propaganda projects - really endless possibilities here;)!!  AND it's on the volume purchasing for education site, so it's $1.50 instead of $3.99.

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Independent Reading and QR Codes:)

   Mrs. Gross, an English teacher here, has a new class this year called Independent Reading.  The students basically read:)!! They get to choose some of their own books, but they also have to choose books off the College Bound reading list.   Various assignments complement what they have to do when they are done with a book, and one of them is creating a book review, uploading it to her YouTube channel, and then creating a QR code with that link.  They are turning out SO SO great;)!!  Here is a snapshot of what they look like:

  Then - Mrs. Duval, our high school librarian, is going to take these QR codes and put them INTO the books.  That way when kiddos come to the library looking for a book, they can see an ACTUAL book review, told by an ACTUAL kid in our school - HOW NEAT IS THAT:)!!!  Just one more FABULOUS way to use QR codes in your classroom!

Happy Coding Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

***Here's the URL to the Independent Reading Channel if anyone wants to see it:)!***

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Explain Everything App

  The app Explain Everything is EVERY bit as good as they say it is AND MORE!!!  This is ONE app that I REALLY feel is worth the cost - GET IT:)!!  It is SO SO open ended and can be used with EVERY content area!  Mrs. Askegaard and myself have been using it to make podcasts for her math lessons, which she then uploads to Youtube and links to Schoology each day - SUPER EASY!  I have been in Mrs. Tonsfeldt's third grade this year showing it to her kiddos, and was in Ms. Brown's room yesterday showing 2nd graders.  PLEASE PLEASE use this one!  We have this for every student grades K-5 and SO glad we did!  It is the GO TO app of apps!  Even Kindergarteners can do it - YAHOO:)!
   If you ARE using it - here is a screen shot of a cheat sheet that I made for Mrs. Forsgren, a second grade teacher, as she wanted to post it as a "reference." 

Happy Day again
Mrs. I:)

iPad Distribution - YEAR 3:)

  Yes - indeed - year 3 HERE.  WE.  ARE!   This year we DID hold iPad distribution nights but they were EASY!!  If there is ONE thing that has gone AMAZINGLY well for use - it would be our distribution nights - we have NAILED it in this area.  I have heard of SO many districts that don't do this.  They simply send home informational letters and parents have to try and figure this all out.  From the BEGINNING, we have been VERY precise in our expectations each year.  Year 1 the distribution night was about an hour and a half each session.  I know SO LONG!  However, the iPads were new to our district, so we went over policy and procedures, insurance fees, breakages, etc.. in addition to a 20 minute session on basic functions of the iPads.  Year 2 was the first year that we were implementing Schoology, so although the distribution nights were shorted to about 45 minutes, the majority of the time was spent on showing parents how to log in and access their child's information, teaching the kiddos what they will be using it for, and reviewing any "new" items related to the iPads.  Year 3 was E  A  S  Y!  Truly - 15 minutes AT MOST!  Kiddos came in, paperwork was completed, cords and iPads were found, and they were checked out!  Students COULD NOT get their iPads unless they had a parent with them, and they HAD to come to one of the two nights offered.  We had the sessions open from 6-8pm on two different nights and it was pretty much an open house as there wasn't anything NEW to go over.  SLICK:)!!  HUGE shout out to Shelly, Cindy, Missy and Susan - MY SAVING GRACES:)!!!  They handled all the paperwork, who has to pay what fees, and checking all out - YES!!  THEY ARE THE BEST:)!!!
   Here are a few pictures of what the night looked like:

Tables were organized by grade level as well as chargers for easy pick up!  Really, it was pretty easy and super fast for check out.  However - DO NOT organize your cords like this:

  This has been an ongoing struggle - keep the cords or have the kiddos keep the cords.   We have been for the past two years and each year I have had to sort through this - YES - it IS as bad as it looks - well, only 12 grades to do, right?  OH well - all sorted and figured out!

Looking forward to Year 4 and what that will all entail - discussions have started, Mr. Askegaard is piloting Surfaces, so time will tell!

Happy Wednesday all,
Mrs. I;0)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Surfaces, too!:)

   I HAVE to admit - I would have been the LAST person that would have said, "Maybe we should pilot some Surfaces in Mr. Askegaard's lab?"  Well, that is EXACTLY what we are doing.  He is having his computer apps classes use Microsoft accounts with the OneNote app and all that is it capable of.  Mr. Askegaard says, "it's like Google Docs on Steroids!!!"  He has been happy with it to say the least:)!!  I must admit, it is SUPER amazing and something that works PERFECT with Microsoft Office.  The students are able to upload assignments to OneNote, and he can go in and then correct everything RIGHT THERE - REAL TIME - and the students can see.  Schoology works in the same way - BUT - it's not as easy with documents that are NOT PDF files. 
  Here is what the lab looks like:

I was SO SO excited when I saw the purple keyboards since purple and white are our school colors - YAHOO:)!!!  Things are going well for Mr. Askegaard - and even though there were a TON of issues at the beginning of the year - he has troubleshooted his way through and things seem to be going much more smoothly now!  MORE TO COME ON THIS....

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Long Time No Blog......Oops!

   I am finding out that the only REAL time I have been blogging lately is to COMPLAIN that something is WRONG!  I am happy to report that all is WELL:)!!!  Apple Configurator has been DEFEATED:):)!!!  After restoring all iPads this fall now, and repreparing them, things have been working smoothly!  YAHOO FOR ONCE!!!  There are still a FEW things that I don't "QUITE" understand, however, with a few of the apps.  GarageBand is one that has been killing me lately!  When we did the updates in August - apparently this was a FREE app that I was unsure about at the time, so when it updated, it took my codes away.  I wasn't really paying attention - so when the students go to the app on their iPads, it isn't the COMPLETE set of GarageBand - go figure!  I COULD go and delete the app - redownload spreadsheet and then reimport and hook up iPads again - NOT  GOING  TO   HAPPEN!!  The kiddos in band and choir have just been coming down and I have been doing it manually - UGH!!  It's working, so we'll keep at it and fix the problem in the spring when they are all collected again!  The iOS 8 update has also been winning a little.  I told the kiddos DO NOT do it please!  But, of course, there are many that can NOT handle the push notification of the Settings app, so they did it.  Now some of their apps are going in and out but I am STANDING FIRM and NOT updating the apps!  I am NOT going to go through all that chaos when kids were told to keep as is.  Until is become a "major" problem, it's staying as is!

    So that's all I have for now!  I will FINALLY get to updating the app lists and content lists - SORRY!!  That will be done by tomorrow I hope and then I will list them again on here!  I have been working on some podcasts for Mrs. Askegaard, a fifth grade teacher, again for math.  She uses these as review lessons and uploads them to Schoology for her kids to use - so that's been fun to do!

Take care all - Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

All Quiet on the Apple Configurator Front......

   The year is off and running;)!!  ALL iPads are now done and have been handed out to kiddos except three sections of Kindergarten.  They are done, but we are just spending some time foldering apps for them.  YES!
   Still no word on why Configurator trashed by codes?  I DID try reinstalling app with spreadsheets again - fail!  SO I will continue the madness of trying to get the codes back that I would need for some of the apps.  Should be fine, as the VPP program has already responded; as they are VERY VERY good about this!
   Emails, Schoology and "other" type sign in apps are figured out and the kiddos are doing great again this year.   I will be posting our "latest" apps lists for each grade level and content area - as I will be working on this tomorrow and the weekend.

Have a great one - WATCH COLLEGE GAME DAY - stationed once again in Fargo - as you will  see the NDSU Bison  - GO GREEN AND GOLD!
Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 1, 2014

One Day Away ------

  I have less than 24 hours to get three grades ready - NOT.  GOING. TO. HAPPEN!!  Thank you Configurator:(!!!  I have ONE batch of 3rd grade left and then I only have K-2 to finish up this week.   THANK THE LORD that I have AMAZING teachers that are flexible and understanding as they will get their iPads at the end of the week - THANK. YOU!!  I ended up having to wipe EVERY iPad and prepare ALL of them in order to fix the problem!  Still not sure what it was, as Apple helped ZERO - but I found a round-a-bout way to get it done - TIME CONSUMING - but getting it to work nonetheless!! 
  Distribution went well.  We did things a little different this year.  We only had grades 7-12 come and get their iPads as they are the only grade without a "homeroom," so they were the only ones that got them prior to school starting.  Starting tomorrow, various grades will be coming over from the elementary school to pick theirs up.  It looks a little something like this:

  As you can see - the cords were COMPLETE. CHAOS!!!  I STILL don't know why we collect them as the students can be help responsible for this - but oh well - after some time, I was able to unravel all of them and lay out a little better - YUCK!!  I would suggest letting kiddos KEEP them - a pain indeed!  All worked out, however, and we have only about 30 sitting here left for pick up on the first day of school.  They won't be able to take them home until all their paperwork is turned in, but that will be just a day or two for most. 

I will also post updated App lists as I am retyping those buggers up since I don't have the most recent on the blog --- come back later next week for that!

Happy Beginning of the year for ya'll!  Have a great one - and I will continue to post progress, amazing ideas, frustrations, and fun things;)

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh No CONFIGURATOR:(!! The Love/Hate Relationship Continues.......

   So here I sit FRUSTRATED AS EVER trying to figure out what happened - two more days until distribution night and I have FOUR grades to finish - YIKES!!  That's right, folks - TWO DAYS!!! 

Problem #1 - Configurator is NOT recognizing the apps that are currently on the iPad - I didn't figure this out until I hooked up the 8th graders - SO I am having to check all the app that SHOULD be on there and apply it - and THEN uncheck those and put the ones for this year on - TIME CONSUMING!

Problem #2 - When I hook up the 9th grade iPads, which are NO different than any others, Configurator wants to prepare them again - which #1 - will delete ALL the apps on there #2 - make me have to call apple and redeem all those codes begging for more and #3 - takes MORE time as they have to be prepared and then REDONE - UGH!!

Problem #3 - Apple!!!  I called them and they didn't help - UGH!!!  Now I don't know EVERYTHING - NOT  EVEN  CLOSE!  However, I have been using this now for three years and DO know what I am used to seeing - so PLEASE do not make me talk to someone who knows less.  ESCALATE my case please!!!  Instead of answering the questions that I already know - "Sob" story I know

Problem #4 - When I DID go into Configurator to remove the iPads that it wants me to prepare - so I can grab the codes - the kids are not even LISTED in there - UGH!  Now I know that something serious is wrong ----- (refer to Problem #2)

Problem #5 - I  M  I  G  H  T  not make it

OK - BREATHE, right?  Only two days to go and only two and a half grades to go - makes me sick!

I will update you as new developments arise - which I can tell you right now will be N  O  N  E

Happy day
Mrs. I:)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Year 3 - HERE! WE! COME!!

WOW!!  I know I say this ALL the time as a mother, but now as an iPad Integrationist, "Where does the time go?"  We are now entering year 3 of our MOVE 21 iPad Initiative - and I can't believe how FAST the time has flown by, how AMAZING our teachers have embraced this, and how FANTASTIC our students are:)!!  Things we have been thinking about as of lately:

1. What's next???  That's a GREAT question that we really have NO answer for!  We have talked Surfaces with Microsoft, which seems to be a great fit - but hopefully will pilot this year in a lab and see for sure - chromebooks come up, but with little discussion as we have heard other districts that don't like them - and there are a GAZILLION other tablets out there - just have to find what will work for us?

2. Distribution nights - students won't need their iPads "that" much earlier than school starts since it IS year 3, so we have to come up with a plan here.  We also need to keep new students in mind and give them ample time to become familiar with them if they haven't used one yet.

3.  New Teachers - we have three new teachers in our district this year - one is a move from the elementary school to the high school, but needless to say, there are a LOT of things they still need to learn!  I hope to have a few days in August where teachers can come in if they want and bounce ideas off of me and others to get things rolling.

I will blog as we continue to find solutions to these things and get rolling again in a few weeks - YAHOO:)!  I am REALLY starting to get the bug for back to school again - yes, I DID say that:)!!

Happy Monday all,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A few Padlets to share......

   Here are a few Padlets that I created to share with a class that I was teaching about websites that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE:)!!!  Some I have already shared, but some are new - take a look!

Favorite Websites Padlet:

More Favorites Padlet:

Even MORE Padlet:

Just starting points as there are SO SO many more that are out there - but these are great:)!  Still haven't gotten my Surface, but the order is in and any day now it should be here.  I will be calling on a junior kiddo to come and give me a Surface 101 - why reinvent the wheel when he already knows how to work it:)!!

Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well.....Apple Configurator Continues to Win:(!!

   I have been hooking up iPads now that the school year is over to remove apps from THIS year grades so the redemption codes are available for NEXT year's classes.  I thought it would be easiest to do this now, so in the fall, we can purchase next year apps and continue to get them ready for next year - WELL, Apple Configurator had other plans apparently!  I keep getting the "Request Token" failure notice, along with multiple others.....can't read device, and then it will connect, can't connect device, can't restore backup - bottom line I GAVE UP!!  It's been the 9th grade ones that it has done this with - UGH!!  The other grades actually went quite smoothly - SO - I just "removed" ALL the 9th grade iPads from Configurator, so I would get the codes back, and I will totally have to prepare them, alone with the 12th graders, in the fall.  I didn't want to do this - but I am tired of wasting time trying to figure this out - UGH!!  Oh  Well!!  I just want to be done here and enjoy summer;)! 
   I really only have the Kindergarten ones to do, which should be fine since the other elementary ones went well - probably just cursed myself, right???:)!!

Happy Summer Day all - I'm off to teach some classes this week on Tuesday-Friday - and then again in a few weeks - but only two days then:)!

Take care and I will try to sporatically write here as I find cool and amazing things that I MUST SHARE!!  I will post my Padlets that I am presenting, too:)
 Mrs. I:-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let the iPad Colletion Process Begin......

   We have so far collected student iPads in grades Kindergarten-6th grade.  Today 12th graders were collected and we didn't THINK - UGH!!  We are buying new cases for these 12th grade iPads because we don't feel it's fair that the first graders have to have an iPad case of a senior that has used it for two years.  However - WHY DIDN'T WE ORDER THEM LAST WEEK!  We didn't want the senior iPads to sit without a case - so we have the seniors put them back IN their cases.  But - that means that we will have to pull all those cases off and put the new ones on - UGH:(!!  If we would have had them - the seniors could have just popped the new one on and clean the old ones at a later date!  Well, for next year we will know this now, too!  Year by year we sure learn more to dos and not to dos.  Also - we are NOT collecting the chargers of the 7-12th Graders.  They are going to be responsible for their own over the summer.  When they turn them in NEXT spring, because our three year lease will be up - we will collect ALL chargers at this point.  It's SUCH a mess to try and organize and lay out those chargers at iPad distribution nights - way easier this way!
     I will keep you posted as collection continues - take care!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Still Laughing........I LOVE KIDDOS!!!

   We have been collecting iPads now for the past two days and have definitely found some that are cracked.  First we collected the Kindergarten and 1st graders and cleaned them!  Yesterday we cleaned 2nd and 3rd graders, but today we had the 4th and 5th graders clean their own.  While one of the kiddos was cleaning his/her iPad, we noticed a HUGE crack.  After opening it up, it was MORE than just a crack - let's just say probably the WORST one we have seen to date!  Clearly this child intentionally cracked it and beat it time and time again.  When asked what happened to his/her iPad, he/she said, "I don't know what happened, but I didn't kick it."  OH I DIED. LAUGHING!!!

Happy Weekend - PLEASE, don't kick your iPads,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Discussions Continue......

   Well, we did it!  Let me rephrase that, I did it:)!!  We actually sent a team to Microsoft (GASP), to check out some possibilities for our kiddos in two years.  SIGH.....the iPad is just not cutting it for our upper grades.  With all the word processing and things they need to do in that format, a device without a keyboard is a struggle.  Now, we DO have blue tooth keyboards in the library for check out, but kids often forget about them and neglect to come and grab them.  The visit, in my professional Apple minded self, was AMAZING!  Not only is the Fargo Microsoft Campus GORGEOUS, the information presented really feels like a great fit for our upper kids! 
   Right now we really have NO idea what we are going to get, but after yesterday, the Surface is definitely an option. 

   They have some great marketing things with Microsoft Office 365 and OneNote, that it's worth the peek!  Then.... a thought...... maybe we should pilot a room?  Mr. Askegaard, our business ed instructor, teaches Word, PowerPoint and Excel...maybe move his computers to the lab that we were going to replace and give him Surfaces?  Clearly just a random thought in my mind, but it would be SO great to actually USE these devices for a year to see if the investment is worthwhile?
   Oh - SO TORN!!  I KNOW that something else has to be in these kiddos' hands, but what?  Microsoft said there are about 350 different possibilities - HOLY COW!!  Until another day......

Happy Thinking - I KNOW my mind is:)
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

YES - It's YOU:)!!!

  Mr. Strand, the high school Principal, emailed out a note/study this morning about the importance of the TEACHER in the classroom.  It was noted that the most important thing in the classroom was the TEACHER and the relationships that are built with these amazing kiddos;)!!  Now, I KNOW it doesn't have to deal with Technology - and that's what this blog is about, right?  Well, check THIS blog out and you'll agree;)!!!
   John Riley, a teacher JUST like you, wrote this......

and......I couldn't agree with him more!!!  Happy Night 'al -
Mrs. I:)

Look Up!!!

  I am the last person to probably be talking about technology since I am the gurus and NERDS of the madness!  However, I was on Facebook (go figure), when I saw this post that a friend of mine reposted.  It was a YouTube Video called "Look Up."  TAKE. TIME. TO. WATCH. THIS. ONE.  It's only 4 short minutes, but will make you THINK about the time you spend on technologies; whether the Macbook, your iPhone or iPad or Surface, doesn't say DON'T do it - it say be "timely" when you DO do it:)!!! 

Please, take the time to "Look Up!"
Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

L O V E Schoology, but.......

   We use Schoology as our LMS and REALLY like it!  We have had great success, the kids love that it's all in ONE place and not multiple websites, and it's UBER easy to use for teachers and students alike.  However - Google just announced Google Classroom which looks quite interesting.  Someone commented on there that they were able to go paperless in 6 weeks.... which is pretty much how Schoology has worked for us.  However - this might be the perfect fit for you and your school.  Check it out!!

Happy Night one again - heading to Big Lake tomorrow to check out their reading curriculum - they use the Journeys curriculum, which we kind of liked and works great with The Daily 5/CAFE which we are also looking at doing!

Happy Night 'al
Mrs. I:)

Check out Apps Gone Free...

Mrs. Justesen, a first grade teacher here, forwarded an email to me about an app that's FREE today called Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Classroom Addition.  The app looks pretty amazing and gets great reviews!!  THANK YOU MRS. JUSTESEN:)!!!  This app normally costs $49.99, so I believe that it's a true addition, as the other one says "in app" purchases and this one doesn't so I'm thinking it's the WHOLE caboodle;)!  I am in the process of downloading it to give it a try!!
Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Correction on Cleaning iPads.........

I want to clarify something regarding cleaning the iPads - we don't use ANYTHING on the actual iPad but a microfiber cloth!!!  I might have not been clear with that!  We only use the disinfecting wipes and soap, etc... on the CASE!!

SORRY for the confusion and thank you for pointing that out,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Pupilrazzi

WHAT. A. GREAT. WORD!!!!  Again, I was reading on Mr. Aviles blog, and he invented this word "pupilrazzi" for the pictures that he takes with his kiddos in classroom teaching, interacting and just plain "spending" time with his kids.  Or maybe I should say the pictures that his students take OF him and WITH him - isn't it really about building relationship with these kiddos in our lives?  I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. his blog post titled The Pupilrazzi: I'm Over It!.  Definitely one that ALL should take the time read - SO. GREAT!

Have a great weekend - many making memories with kiddos:)
Mrs. I:)

NOT iPad Related, but SO Education Related.....

  I came across a teacher by the name of Chris Aviles, who is an English teacher in New Jersey.  His blog has been VERY enlightening for me!  He wrote an interesting blog about a Facebook site that was surfacing and I happened to read it on there as well.  It's called What Students Really Need to Hear.  Although I DO agree with much or what Mr. Mielke says, Mr. Aviles responded with an article titled What Teachers Really Need to Hear!  Which I ALSO found SO great!  As teachers, we DO think of students in so many ways - both of these blogs will make you "think" about your view on teaching and how you treat and interact with your kiddos!!

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More End of Year:

  Just a few more things about the end of the year procedures that we do here.  We are going to collect the elementary iPads the Wed-Friday the week BEFORE the last week of school so we are able to use seniors, online kids, and detention make upers to help with this.  Actually - the 4-5 graders will clean their own iPads.  The Monday of the last week of school we will start collecting the other grades.  However, we are finding that the teachers WANT the students to have them almost up until the end as all their notes and study guides are on them - so they need them to study!!  MAKES. TOTAL. SENSE!  I would want my students to have them, too!  So the last week of school is pretty random.   We DO have each student clean his/her own.  Therefore, however they clean it, is how they get it back in the fall.  If they take their time, then it will be nice!  If not, then they will be getting that "unclean" one back anyways!  We check in ALL iPads prior to school ending, and sometimes have to "play the cards" a little bit with the seniors to make sure all are returned!
   We usually call the first half of the alphabet down to come into the library and clean.  We have wet rags, disinfecting wipes, glass cleaner, etc.. for them to clean.  They take the ENTIRE thing apart and clean inside and out and then put it back into its case.  It was SO SO slick last year - worked LIKE. A. CHARM!  I expect the same results this year!
   I THOUGHT I posted pictures last year.  I will go back and check and if I didn't, I will make sure to snag some thing year!

Happy Night - enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


  I am sitting back in my office working on downloading some pictures for Mrs. Askegaard's podcasts that I will start tomorrow when I hear, "I can TOTALLY fix that."  I come out to see a student doing a hard reset on an iPad of another student's that is "stuck."  EXACTLY. WHAT. I. WOULD. DO!  LOL!  Then, he went on to say, "You know, Mrs. Inniger, I think I could do your job." Sad thing - HE PROBABLY KNOWS MORE THAN I DO:)!!! Oh - the world of technology and 21st Century Learners!!!

OH - I love that - Happy Tuesday night al',
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Biomechanics Associated with Technologies:(

     Dr. Wahl, a local chiropractor in town, was in to discuss the increase of the younger patients that he is seeing because of all the technologies that are now being used today in and out of school.  Here are the some of the things that he is seeing:

    *Shoulders raised up, elbows flexed in, hands crouched in, necks down, back is bent and curved
    *tension to neck and shoulders, headaches, flexor tendonitis, back pain, fatigue and stress
    *not a school issue - it’s a social issue

Things to think about when kids are using iPads for better postural position:
    *use the stand that came with the iPad
    *use an easel instead of down if your stand is broken
    *stacking books would ALSO help as iPads can lean against them and kids can sit upright

     The discussion then turned to, "How can we educate kids and parents?"  We thought that we would have Dr. Wahl put together a handout on biomechanics and proper postural positions when using various technologies.  We also need proper education of teachers, our wellness committee, and our technology team to continue to reiterate to students why this is so important.  Unless WE are reminded of this, we tend to not remind others about this. 
    We also thought how EASY it would be to get this information to others.  With Schoology, it's simply a matter of posting information and the handout.  When we do iPad distribution next fall, it will just be a part of this, and throughout the school year, teachers can include information in their grade level handbooks in addition to other back to school items like newsletters, blogs and websites.

     I haven't really thought TOO hard about this as my boys both do their homework at the table, so we are using the stand, or stacking books to see the iPad the correct way - so THANK GOODNESS it hasn't become a problem with me kiddos' backs yet - just have to keep reminding:)!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, April 4, 2014

End of Year for Year 2 - CRAZY!

     It's CRAZY to believe that we have already almost finished YEAR 2 of our MOVE 21 iPad Initiative - YAHOO:)!  This spring should be SO much easier than last year as we have learned what to continue to do, and what to change and maybe rethink.  Here is what I have done thus far:

1.  I sent out an email to all teachers reminding them that they need to turn in any app request by the end of the month.  The form that we used was adapted from Kathy Schrock's form.  There are a few here, but this is what our teachers need to fill out in order to request an app.

2.  Teachers also need to go through their app lists and CUT CUT CUT!  After two years of using iPads, they now have a good idea of what apps they actually USE and which ones they simple WANTED.

3.  Sorting through Apple Configurator has been a pain, but SO worth it.  When I click on ALL devices in there, I can see what apps are actually tied to a device and which apps are simple in configurator and not on any device.  I have sent a list to the teachers to look through and see if they use ANY of these apps or they will be deleted - a process for sure!

4.  A collection schedule was sent out as to what grades we will be collecting when.  This gives teachers time to prepare for end of the year projects, etc..  We DO let our 10-12 Graders keep their iPads until the END as they need them for studying from their notes for finals.

That's all I have for now - as things continue to develop, and we make decisions about other things, I will blog about it!

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

21st Century Airport - WOW:)!!

    We went on a trip to Mexico last week and LOVED. IT.  However, I also LOVED what I saw in the airport when we were getting ready to leave.  As we're walking to the gate to board our plane, this is what I see:

    Unbelievable!  A 21st Century Airport RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. ME.  iPads were on EVERY table, EVERY bar, EVERY eating place - I was in Heaven:)!!  You could even order and pay RIGHT at the table - SO SO COOL!  You could imagine all the hooting and hollaring that I was doing when I saw this.  My family thought I was NUTS, along with all the other passengers, while I was snapping away with my iPhone - UNREAL:)!!  Way to go Minneapolis Airport!! 
   So, back to reality now - ugh!!  Just think that yesterday I was wearing a skirt and flip flops and today, pants and a long sleeve - UGH Minnesota weather!

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, March 14, 2014

SMART Notebook has an App - check it out

   Well, SMART Technologies  now has an app to go with all the amazing things that you can do on the Smartboards!  The SMART Notebook app is priced at a hefty $6.99 and seems like it may or may not be worth that price.  So far, the reviews are not great, but with every new app that comes out, updates come about all the time as unforseen changes need to be made as people use it.  Now students could actually create and view SMART Notebook files on their iPads - sounds pretty cool - but I am going to have to check it out some more before I judge it!
Happy Weekend - have a great one - Keep. Being. Amazing!!
Mrs. I:)

Videos for Teaching........

   I have taken over Mrs. Askegaard's "Explain Everything" lessons for math because they are SUPER FUN to make:)!!  No, really they are - but they ARE time consuming, especially for harder concepts.  I have started looking "elsewhere" to try and find some videos, without having to always make them.  Here are some GREAT video websites that I have found to be worthwhile to look at:

1. EdPuzzle - not only can you FIND videos, you can also CREATE videos here - super neat;)

2. Learn Zillion - another great site to create and find video content:)

3. Veritasium - is a science video blog featuring experiments, expert interviews, and discussions about everything science:) - I LOVE THIS ONE!!!

Some recommended by Mr. Strand, one of our science teachers (most of these are channels you simple subscribe to for FREE from YouTube:

4. SciShow - more videos science related

5. CGP Grey - another science one for science minds:)

6. Minute Physics - cool physics and other sweet science

7. MinuteEarth - everything Earth related

8.  SmarterEveryDay - just as the title suggests - learn something new every day

Happy Friday everyone!!  Have a great one-
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Digital Citizenship - Where Does It Fit?

     Digital Citizenship is something that I feel really gets put on the wayside in life in general - not just school districts.  It seems that the ONLY time digital citizenship comes up is when kids do something wrong in regards to it!  Why not be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE?  Although I KNOW that the school isn't the only place that this should be taught, when you have technologies that students are using in schools, we ARE somewhat responsible for this training.  I emailed some of the neighboring schools to see what kinds of things they are doing regarding digital citizenship.  Some have required courses, some do things in elementary school, and some, like us, are trying to find that balance of where it should go.
    Minnetonka has a GREAT starting point and it's COMPLETELY FREE!  Common Sense Media was created for JUST this issue!  If you go to the link, you will find a complete scope and sequence with lessons plans designed for grades K-12 - FREE:)!!!  AND if you happen to have an iPad initiative like we do - there are FREE digital citizenship iBooks for each of these areas as well - with a complementary teacher edition - SO GREAT!!!

    If you get a chance, check them out.  Mine are downloading into my iBooks As. We. Speak.  I am going to start digging into this a little more and I will keep you posted on what I find out - what I think of it - and if I think it's worth your time.
   Until then - continue to do what YOU'RE doing - teaching our kids to be responsible digital citizens!!!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Math Ideas......

  Mrs. Askegaard's fifth graders had to go home and once again "show" what they learned in class yesterday.  Their assignment was to identify all the eight solids and then label one face, edge, and vertex; they were able to use any app on their iPad to accomplish this.

 Here are a few examples:

I LOVE the butter one - KILLS ME:)!!  What a great, creative idea - way to go students;)!!
Happy Wednesday to you all - I also have a Keynote to share - I will get that done today
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Student Explains Circumference with YouTube Video......

  Now - I KNOW this is NOT your typical 5th grader.  Not all students would want to actually create and sing a song about circumference of a circle.  But, that is EXACTLY what this student did for Mrs. Askegaard's assignment.  The students had to either create a video or write a song/rap explaining their math lesson on circumference that they had learned yesterday. 

Here it is:

PRICELESS!!  And - what LEARNING that is taking place.  ALL the things that she had to do "non" math related to come up with this and all of the "math" related things she had to know, too, in order to explain everything - FANTASTIC!!!

I hope you enjoy it -
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I just want to send a shout of THANKS for all of you that have taken a peek at this blog!  We have now passed the 10,000 pageviews mark - YAHOO:)!!
Look at all we're learning together!  I hope you have found this blog helpful and have gained some knowledge along the way - here's to more blogging and more learning!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Action Potential Lesson using Educreations

Mr. Strand's class used the app Educreations to make videos explaining their lesson on action potential.   I totally had to email Mr. Strand and see exactly what the kids had to do - he gave me a "simple" version which is what I need, and then he gave me the "science" version, which is what some of you might need:):

Simple version

The students had to draw and explain how our nervous system sends and receives messages via something called an action potential.  To do this they had to understand both the structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) of neurons and how they connect at a synapse.  The whole system works because nerve cells are both "irritable" meaning that they can detect/respond to a stimulus and "conductive" meaning that they can transmit impulses.  Because of these two properties our nervous system is able to sense and respond to thousands of different complex stimuli all at the same time.

More complex, detailed, sciency version
They had to draw and explain how nerve cells communicate by sending electrical impulses which is called an action potential.  Synapses are places where two nerve cells communicate with each other using chemicals called neurotransmitters.  These neurotransmitters are detected by the receiving neuron (nerve cell) and that initiates the action potential (explained shortly).  When the neuron is at rest (not being stimulated) there charge difference between the inside and the outside of the nerve cell membrane.  The outside of the membrane has a high amount of Sodium ions which are positively charged (Na+).  This makes the outside have a slight positive charge.  The inside of the cell membrane by comparison is slightly negatively charged.  When the receiving neuron detects the neurotransmitter it becomes "switched on" and begins to send its message by allowing sodium to pass through the membrane down the length of the cell.  The sodium makes the inside of the membrane positively charged and that positive charge is carried down the nerve.  This positive charge ends up reaching the end of the nerve (axon terminal) where more neurotransmitter is released and the signal gets passed on to the next nerve via the release of neurotransmitters again.

Regardless of the version - here is the student sample: 

Make it a great day,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olympians - using Pages and Templates

  Mrs. Askegaard's fifth graders were busy!  They had to choose an Olympian, research him/her, and then create a Pages document about them!!  I think she said that some students also chose to use the Templates for Pages app to choose a template to follow and insert their information that way.

Here is what her showcase looked like and some student examples:

Just another great way to get kids using their iPads with a basic Pages template, researching and ending with a SUPER great product:)!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, February 21, 2014

More with Pic Collage....

Here are some MORE SUPER. FUN. ideas for the Pic Collage app:

1.  Mrs. Askegaard's 5th graders were learning about benchmark measurements and they had to show examples of them at home.  These are a few of them:

2.  Mrs. Tonsfeldt's 3rd graders had to create themselves as an Olympian - cutting around their head, finding pictures to go with the Olympian they wanted to be and then putting it all together:

3.  Mrs. Cresap's 5th graders were learning about adjectives.  They had to create a "menu" type Pic Collage that used descriptive writing for various food - NEAT!!!  Here were her exact instructions: 

For your homework you will be in charge of creating a small menu for your very own cafe/restaurant! Your title will be "Appetizing Adjectives" (tasty adjectives) and you can add more to your restaurant name if you wish! Use this activity to show off your creative side and spice up and put some pizazz in your writing with ADJECTIVES!! -Describing words!
You will create a pic collage and include the following:
- At LEAST 3 main menu items that you will delightfully DESCRIBE
- Write at least 2-3 sentences for each item
- In those sentences, you will include at least 5 adjectives that enhance your item and make it seem irresistible to customers!
- Include pictures to help persuade your restaurant and items

Have fun with this! We are working on Writing with Adjectives! So use your iPad or Thesaurus to dive into some new tasty words!

Just some more AMAZING examples of Pic Collage:)!
Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)