Wednesday, October 8, 2014

iPad Distribution - YEAR 3:)

  Yes - indeed - year 3 HERE.  WE.  ARE!   This year we DID hold iPad distribution nights but they were EASY!!  If there is ONE thing that has gone AMAZINGLY well for use - it would be our distribution nights - we have NAILED it in this area.  I have heard of SO many districts that don't do this.  They simply send home informational letters and parents have to try and figure this all out.  From the BEGINNING, we have been VERY precise in our expectations each year.  Year 1 the distribution night was about an hour and a half each session.  I know SO LONG!  However, the iPads were new to our district, so we went over policy and procedures, insurance fees, breakages, etc.. in addition to a 20 minute session on basic functions of the iPads.  Year 2 was the first year that we were implementing Schoology, so although the distribution nights were shorted to about 45 minutes, the majority of the time was spent on showing parents how to log in and access their child's information, teaching the kiddos what they will be using it for, and reviewing any "new" items related to the iPads.  Year 3 was E  A  S  Y!  Truly - 15 minutes AT MOST!  Kiddos came in, paperwork was completed, cords and iPads were found, and they were checked out!  Students COULD NOT get their iPads unless they had a parent with them, and they HAD to come to one of the two nights offered.  We had the sessions open from 6-8pm on two different nights and it was pretty much an open house as there wasn't anything NEW to go over.  SLICK:)!!  HUGE shout out to Shelly, Cindy, Missy and Susan - MY SAVING GRACES:)!!!  They handled all the paperwork, who has to pay what fees, and checking all out - YES!!  THEY ARE THE BEST:)!!!
   Here are a few pictures of what the night looked like:

Tables were organized by grade level as well as chargers for easy pick up!  Really, it was pretty easy and super fast for check out.  However - DO NOT organize your cords like this:

  This has been an ongoing struggle - keep the cords or have the kiddos keep the cords.   We have been for the past two years and each year I have had to sort through this - YES - it IS as bad as it looks - well, only 12 grades to do, right?  OH well - all sorted and figured out!

Looking forward to Year 4 and what that will all entail - discussions have started, Mr. Askegaard is piloting Surfaces, so time will tell!

Happy Wednesday all,
Mrs. I;0)

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