Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Podcasts 101

  Yesterday morning, we offered a session on creating Podcasts for the classroom.  We showed them a couple of ways to create podcasts for their classrooms.  The tools we used were:

All three of these are interactive whiteboards that kids and teachers can use for a variety of things.  Students can use them for basic things like showing work and interacting on, or use for creating a podcast themselves of a lesson that they learned a particular day. ALL of them are SUPER SUPER easy to use and allow you to share and/or embed them for viewing.  I REALLY like Explain Everything the BEST as it allows you to save and continue to go back and work on it without "publishing" it, which is what the other two do.  You can also upload directly to YouTube and then put the link to the video right on Schoology, which is what I have been doing with the fifth graders for math.  Either way, SUPER GREAT way to flip your classroom, teach lessons for review, of have kiddos show what they learned!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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