Tuesday, April 18, 2017

FUN Websites Worth Looking At:)!

The past week, I have been web searching, and attended a workshop that was beneficial as well.  The following websites were ones either shared with me, or ones that I came across that would be worth investigating further:)!!!

1. Dotstorming - This website is VERY similar to Padlet, BUT the kids can take a poll on which choice that they like the best.  It becomes a voting opportunity with all the great things about Padlet:)!!

2. Pear Deck - This website allows your kids to connect to a presentation online and ALL be on the same page together:) 

3. Ricoh 360 Degree Camera - CHECK THIS OUT:)!!  WOW!  I was SO SO impressed with this guy.  If you have ever used or played with Google Street View, then you are in for a treat!  This camera takes a 360 picture and threads it together QUICKLY and ACCURATELY!  No longer do you have to piece together 45 pictures frame by frame - LOVE IT:)!!!

4. Hip Hughes History - WOW!  Keith Hughes has put together a PLETHORA of videos in any area of history you can imagine.  If you are in the field of flipping your social studies classroom - CHECK HERE before you spend hours and hours podcasting:)!!

5. #BookSnaps - A cute way to use the "Snapchat" idea and turn them into Book Snaps - NEAT:)

6. Adobe Spark - This is a great way to create quick and fast visual and digital web stories in minutes - another great new option for kids to create with:)!!

7. NearPod - I know that I have mentioned this before but this is a great site to collaborate with:)!!  Kids can all see what you see and learn together and collaboratively seeing the same things on their devices:)

That's what I have for today - HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY:)!
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SMART Amp - something new learned again:)!!!

I know there are MANY ways to project and use a white board - we have SMART Boards here in Barnesville, and have for the past 12 years or so if I had to guess! We LOVE them - and have created a TON of material to go with them.  The day that SMART Boards were removed from our teachers is the day I RETIRE - seriously - they are used THAT much and so much have been created over the years which is great!  A few things have changed, and many things are better - and that is SMART Amp!!!  If you have SMART Boards - CHECK IT OUT!!!  It's free if you have Notebook (I believe), and it allows you to share with the kids so they can either follow along with you, or interact with you:)!!!  YUP THAT IS CORRECT - FINALLY!!  There are a variety of ways that you can share things, and you can share many things.  You basically create a class, add the kids either via email, or give them a code, and then you can create "workspaces" for kids to follow along with or interact with - it's THAT simple!  The BEST PART - you can see what students add to the workspace as it's instant and live.  SO COOL!!!  You can use SMART Exchange to download already created Workspaces - if you look on the left hand side and filter them. 

Here are a few basic screen shots to get an idea of how it works

Here is the screen that a kiddo has on his/her iPad.  They simply go to the SMART Amp website and join class with the code - it will automatically share screen as teacher assigned.
Now this is ALL NEW to me - I have  been playing with it for about an hour is all - but I have learned a TON in that time - so it's quite easy and user friendly - GOOD LUCK!!

Have a great day all,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Math Teachers - CHECK IT OUT:)!

Mrs. Petersen, one of our math teachers here, asked me if I knew of anything that would allow her to create exit tickets for math.  She was having a hard time looking for something that would her to type math equations the "correct" way.  I was really NO help, as I can't even THINK of a math equation that I would want to type other than your basic  a + 7 = 23b, which CLEARLY is not the only thing she is going to want to do (sorry for my LACK OF MATH knowledge here).  She DID find something that she feels is going to work well.

QuestBase - you have to create an account, but she said that so far she is able to type the equations she was thinking about, AND using the proper math writing (am I EVEN saying this correctly:) of how they should be written.  It's free for what she is needing, but will look a little more into the premium as it only costs $149.95/year - check this one out.

SO while I was looking online for this I came across some other websites that might be worth checking out if you teach math:)

1. MyMathSpace Blog - There is a plethora of information here with websites, links and additional blogs to help!

2. Online Keyboard:  This site allows you to create online equations of about EVERYTHING possible and then you can copy and past them into document

3. Math = Love: Looks like another neat blog with ideas galore.

4. Great Maths Teaching Ideas: This sites lists the top math blogs out there. 

That's all I have for today - Happy Mathing around;)
Enjoy your Tuesday all
Mrs I:)