Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Math Teachers - CHECK IT OUT:)!

Mrs. Petersen, one of our math teachers here, asked me if I knew of anything that would allow her to create exit tickets for math.  She was having a hard time looking for something that would her to type math equations the "correct" way.  I was really NO help, as I can't even THINK of a math equation that I would want to type other than your basic  a + 7 = 23b, which CLEARLY is not the only thing she is going to want to do (sorry for my LACK OF MATH knowledge here).  She DID find something that she feels is going to work well.

QuestBase - you have to create an account, but she said that so far she is able to type the equations she was thinking about, AND using the proper math writing (am I EVEN saying this correctly:) of how they should be written.  It's free for what she is needing, but will look a little more into the premium as it only costs $149.95/year - check this one out.

SO while I was looking online for this I came across some other websites that might be worth checking out if you teach math:)

1. MyMathSpace Blog - There is a plethora of information here with websites, links and additional blogs to help!

2. Online Keyboard:  This site allows you to create online equations of about EVERYTHING possible and then you can copy and past them into document

3. Math = Love: Looks like another neat blog with ideas galore.

4. Great Maths Teaching Ideas: This sites lists the top math blogs out there. 

That's all I have for today - Happy Mathing around;)
Enjoy your Tuesday all
Mrs I:)

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