Friday, March 9, 2018

A few new sites.......

I had my monthly tech integration session at Lakes Country in Fergus yesterday and learned about a few new sites:)!!  They are ones I haven't seen so I thought I might share:

1. Dollar Street: This site is a compilation of photos take from different countries at different socioeconomic levels.  You will notice that there's a slider going from left (poorest) to right (richest).  You can choose "what" you would want to see, and it will filter out and show you based on monthly income.  This was an EYE OPENER!!  What a great way to "show" kids what they have and what others do or don't as well.

2. Classroom Screen: I know at first this one seems like, "Why would I use that?"  BUT, after playing with it for a while I REALLY like it and find that I would constantly have it on my screen in my room while the kids were working independently!!  You can have a timer, use a random name chooser, show the clock, have a stop light, sound level, etc.. it's pretty fun!! 

Not a TON for today - but some gems:)!
Happy Weekend all,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Apps Gone Free............

I have totally forgotten about this website until TODAY - so I hope you are STILL USING IT!  DO NOT forget about Apps Gone Free!  This website lists apps daily that are free for a limited time.  This is a great way to get apps and check out particular ones before you think they might be worth purchasing, OR to just get for free for your personal devices - remember to check it daily - as clearly I haven't in a while;)!

Happy Thursday all,
Mrs I:)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Some New GREAT Sites and Apps.............

I have just been digging around again and have found the following to be pretty cool:

1. Coggle - This a pretty cool site to use for mind mapping and brainstorming.  Students can create their own "coggle" or they can use ones already created there for studying purposes.  IT IS COOL!  They can also share it with someone, similar to a Google Doc and work collaboratively with it - LOVE THIS:)!!!

2.  Green Screen by Do Ink: Our Kindergarten teachers have been LOVING ON this app ALL YEAR LONG!  They have a few areas in their classrooms painted green, for their screen, and then take photos of kiddos by that.  They are then able to insert just about ANY background onto the back - they have taken field trips, written about jobs they wish to have, and even shared Olympic themes for Olympic Day.  CHECK THIS ONE OUT - it's $2.99, but would be worth to put on student iPads as the creativity they would have would be amazing.  Really, you could hang green paper, green table cloths, green fabric, etc in common areas for kids to access the use of it - pretty neat:)

3. AnswerGarden: This is a great tool to use for online brainstorming and coming up with ideas as a group.  The answers are then compiled to create a cloud of words with the answers. You can also create a QR code, which is embedded in there, to use for scanning and directly having access to the question and site.  It is pretty cool:)!

4. Flipgrid:  This website allows students to post responses to your questions, topics, or discussions in short video clips and share them on grids.  Students can then watch one another's clips and respond.  You can use their responses in assessments or use them for collaborative purposes.  Create your own of use already created and uploaded ones - check it out!

That's all I have for today - have to get working on social studies curriculum - take care and happy Tuesday all!
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Countdown Continues.......

Just received this from our Tech Coordinator, Casey:

We are 2 days from the one year anniversary of the ransom virus that hit us. Since then we've been running pretty smooth. Our firewall and virus programs have caught quite a few things, but so far none have got by and done any damage.

On that note, everyone has done a great job of being aware of emails and attachments etc. Please keep being attentive and contacting me if things just don't seem right. There's been some emails coming in with attached pdf files, that look legit but were not sent from these people. As of know it looks like things are still safe, but just remember if you weren't expecting anything from somebody always error on the safe side. You can call that person or call me just to make sure. Things can flip instantly when dealing with all these attacks.


Happy Thursday All,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Getting a Little Nervous.........

SO we are FOUR DAYS AWAY from the ONE YEAR Anniversary of the Ransom virus hitting us - YIKES!!!  Now, things have been running really GREAT, and we have been having NO problems - BUT our system now is also "catching" a TON more than we have in the past, so with that known, Casey reminded me that last year at this time in fours days IT HIT!!!!

NOW, I know that we can't prevent everything, and if something happens, something happens.  BUT, I also know the amount of stress, time and worry that Casey especially had to go through so that makes me a little on edge.

Knowing this, we have done everything possible to try and prevent viruses from hitting our computers - just HOPING that everyone has backed up their computers into Google Drive or an external hard drive - this is SO SO important!  If ANYTHING else can be taken from what our experiences was a year ago - BACK UP YOUR FILES AND PHOTOS!!!!

Happy Tuesday all -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Laser Cutter Did This;)

Mr. Suter, our vocational/Tech Ed teacher here in Barnesville, has a laser cutter that he teaches the kiddos to use through the CAD class that he offers here.  Basically, the kids come up with a design and then cut it out onto a material - wood, plastic or glass being the most common.  WELL - Mr. Suter one day decided to cut THIS guy out - each individual puzzle piece had to be snapped together - BUT - he simply used CARDBOARD = FREE:)!!!!  We also DO have a 3D printer in there, that the kids learn about and use, but he was trying to come up with a way for the kids to cut stuff 3D but not use all the plastic that is required with our printer.  I think they are SO SO cool;)!  He is going to have the kids make them soon as well - so when they are done, I will snap a few pics and upload here!

Happy Monday all - take care
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Items for Checkout -----

I have been trying to start a collection of things that are Makerspace type items for check out in the library.  We don't have a physical "space" for this, but I am hoping that some of these items can get in the hands of our teachers:)

1.  Sphero - iPad/iPod/iPhone controlled rolling robot.  SO cool - can be used with cones, ramps for physics and coding beats to a song - love this guy:)

2. Google Cardboard/VR Goggles - these are perfect for virtual reality apps - the Google Cardboard ones run like $13 each or even can be found for like $5 if you put together yourself - the SMART VR I just learned about and is early to carry along to places and doesn't bend, break - BUT costs a little more at $24.
3. Osmo - This is just lovely!! You use this in conjunction with an iPad and do can do a variety of things.  Numbers tiles and letter tiles let you do math and work with words, the coding one shows beginning coding to kiddos - pretty neat.  The starter kit runs around $75.

 4. Snap Circuits - I LOVE THESE:)!  Talk about creativity and problem solving.  They each come with some "solve me" type booklets, but in all reality the kiddos could do whatever they wanted creating it however they choose.
 5. Dash and Dot - I have devoted an entire blog post about Dash and Dot.  Little robots that are run via iPad/iPhone - super neat - apps flow with them and you can move, code, run, play the xylophone, etc.. pretty neat:)  A little more expensive at $280 or the entire starter kit, but worth the money!
 6. Thinkfun Games - they have some great "games" out there that are NOT games at all but thought provoking problem solving mazes and towers.  These two are super challenging, but the collaboration that takes place is priceless!  Each game runs around $30ish,  They even have online components for educators and students.

Happy New Year all!  Take care and try to stay warm.  Temperatures have averaged -30 degrees - so we are SO ready for something above zero!!

Happy night -
Mrs. I:)