Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Another Year Gone!

WOW - how did another year escape me???  To say it went super fast is an understatement!  Maybe it's because I had a graduating senior.  Maybe it's because we implemented new iPads back to full sized ones with some chaos.  Maybe it's just I am getting older and time is slipping away!  In EITHER case, the 2018-19 school year is done!!  HOLY COW!!!

Typical end of the year closing shop for things here at BHS.  Here is what's been happening:

1.  ALL iPads are cleaned, stored and turned off - YAHOO!  I will see those babies again the first week in August as I get ready to deploy them for next year's students.

2. Apps requests are in, and PO is ready to go for Volume Purchasing funds.  Not a ton this year, which happens as teachers don't need as much as they already have what is most needed.

3. Technology is GOOD. TO. GO.  We have been putting JTouches in the classrooms but THEY ARE TERRIBLE!  SO next year we are going to test a CleverTouch.  A few districts have used these and really like them, BUT they DO NOT need Smart Notebook technology - so for now we'll see if this works for the high school, but at the elementary, more to come....................

4. Currently working on business curriculum and almost have that done.

THAT'S. A. WRAP!  Seriously - another year gone!  YIKES.  Have an amazing summer - I have a few presentations this year on Elearning and what we did here in Barnesville. 

Make memories - take photos - love your peeps daily!!
Until fall 2019
Mrs. I:)

Monday, May 13, 2019


I apologize for NOT posting on here in like a decade; ok maybe NOT that long, but still!  There has been SO much going on.  Right now, typical end of the year items as the 2018-19 school year comes to a close!  Elementary iPads will be collected this week and apps removed and MAYBE get ready for next year as much as I can.  Next week I will collect 7-11 as they are done with finals and end of year projects.  I have also been busy compiling ALL apps for EACH grade and content into a Google Sheet, so I will share that.

I HAVE A TON TO SHARE - BUT will wait until next week when I have more time to sit and write.  My APOLOGIES AGAIN!!!

I will leave you with TWO sites to check out:

Bouncy Balls - OOOH I LOVE THIS ONE!!  It monitors your noise level in your classroom:)

Gzaas - Full screen message to display - YES:)!!

Happy Monday all - take care and will TRULY write more later in the -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, April 15, 2019

Elearning in Barnesville - FIVE DAYS GONE!

I have had quite a few inquiries lately in how Barnesville does Elearning with our students.  The state of Minnesota allowed to apply for Elearning, if school districts have 1:1 devices.  Since we have iPads K-12, we were granted this and the school board approved up to five days for Elearning this year.  We have used ALL FIVE OF THEM this year with all the snow and storms, and actually had a sixth which was an actual storm day for us (that's to be determined what will happen with that day:)!  With that said, I have compiled a list of ALL THE THINGS that teachers in our district has done.  I currently have a senior and an 8th grader, so the things THEY had to do are listed at the top, and then I just sent out an email to teachers to collect the other items.

After the FIRST Elearning day, I sent out a survey to the teachers to see what they felt they could do better, and the following items came to pass:

Things to think about -
*kids without Internet access at home - download things prior to leaving
*Student work that can be completed by students alone - didn’t want to add so much
additional time for parents when working with kids as they’re working also
*Could students download a “predetermined” list of apps that you would want them to use
for various content areas?
*Ideas to use cross curricular - could it be a lesson created for both math and English or
social and science?
*How do you take attendance?
*What about homework due date?
*Some teachers opted to create a Google Doc that time stamped when kids were on it -
so they basically ran their day like a school day - period 1 8:24-9:04, etc..
*preparing students about expectations of the day and what to do for lessons, etc..
*try to make things as seamless as possible to jump right back in when return

I am going to possibly be presenting (I put in a proposal) this at Ignite, Inspire, Innovate summer conference in Alexandria, MN on June 17-18.  I will go over and show what we have done here, in addition to resources we use, and amazing work that teachers have created to help these days become more transparent throughout their current lessons and studies that they are doing.

We still have SO much to learn, but we are better now than we were the first time we did it.  I don't anticipate this going away, and I truly believe that after this winter, more and more districts will follow suit!

Happy Monday all,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, April 1, 2019


Jim Jacobson, a fellow technology integrationist, shared this as his tech tips and tricks.  I am DYING!!!  ENJOY:)

Changes with Google

Google has recently announced that as of May 1, 2019 they will be officially changing their name from Google to Goggle. While the look will remain similar and all Goggle functions will remain the same, the company is looking to steam line it's site access. “Most people type in goggle.com anyway, so this will speed up the process of getting to our site,” says one leading executive.  Now going to google.com will redirect you to goggle.com so many won’t even notice the difference.

In another name change, Goggle also announced the re-branding of the G-Suite. This will also undergo a slight change in name, changing to G-Sweet.  According to a random Goggle employee, “our goal is always to be trendy and geared towards millennials. We felt that the change to G-Sweet was trendy, cool, and hip. While G-AvocadoToast actually performed the highest in marketing tests, we felt that it was too much of a departure from the G-Suite name we are currently using.  However, after G-Sweet rolls out we are open to another change in the near future.”

Ed Tech Trends

One educational technology trend that is gaining momentum in some districts is a major transition in technology devices.  Some schools are going away from tablets and laptops and moving to granite slabs with chisels. “Our students are already communicating with symbols, memes, and emojis,” says teacher Becca Wards. “We felt that moving to slabs and chisels to teach hieroglyphics and symbols will peak student interest and meet them where they are. Another bonus is that this will lengthen the time needed for state testing, allowing us to test students on more consecutive days.”

Stay tuned for more information as this movement progresses.

Keyboard Tip of the Week:   Ctrl + w

Do you have too many tabs open? Too many things to do? Wishing they would take care of themselves and go away? Simply hit ctrl + w in your browser and watch all of your problems, tasks, and stresses simply disappear!

Goggle Tool You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

GCSS (Google Car Screen Shot)

Hidden within all of your Google service agreements and Terms & Conditions that you never read is a clause allowing Google Maps access to your vehicle’s built in camera.  And with the GCSS feature, you can take a screenshot of what you see on your car’s camera screen for Google Street view to use. To take a screenshot in your car, hit the gas and brake pedals at the same time! For more information before you test out this feature, check out this link.

Need help? Google Questions? Looking for ideas?

Enjoy your April 1st to the fullest!
Happy week all -
Mrs. I:)

Free Lesson from Education.com

The more I look at this site the more I like it and find its value. Education.com offers a variety of worksheets, online games, and lesson plans to meet the needs of a variety of content area in grades K-5.  Below is just ONE sample of what you can find here - as well as a lesson plan to get you thinking about possibilities.  The site is SO user friendly, and it is teachers giving teachers ideas, which we all know is crucial since they are in the same shoes we are:)!!  The learning library alone is worth a peak.

Here is a sample lesson plan so you get an idea of what you may find here:

The Influence of Latitude on Music


This project compares music from several different countries to determine if there is a correlation between tempo and latitude.
For more fun and engaging learning activities, go to Education.com!

Research Questions:

  • Is there a weak correlation between tempo and latitude?
  • Is there a strong correlation between tempo and latitude?
  • Are there other factors like history or culture that could weigh in?


  • Internet access
  • Pen or pencil
  • Lab notebook

Experimental Procedure:

  1. Listen to 20 different national anthems from countries around the world. Click on this link to find a database of national anthems: http://www.nationalanthems.info/.
  2. Find the tempo, also known as the beats per minute (bpm), of each song. Do this by clapping out a beat for ten seconds and multiplying that number by six, or use the free music software listed in the references. Record each anthem's bpm in your notebook.
  3. Use the internet to research the latitude of each country.
  4. Graph each country's anthem's tempo and latitude on a scatter plot.
  5. Analyze your data. Was there a weak correlation? Was there a strong correlation? Were there any surprises?
  6. Could any other factors have affected the results?
Terms/Concepts: tempo, beats per minute (bpm), latitude, scatter plot, correlation
Author: Kimberly Hutmacher

Have a great Monday!!  Enjoy the day:)
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


With the possibility of another 4-18" of snow, seriously I went into the WRONG career here with having to be accurate, Mr. Goering has been looking at weather websites.  He said that the one that he loved to used was taken over by another business and doesn't work the same SO he could Weather Street with he LOVES!!!!  It really is amazing.  It doesn't have "live" footage, so load time is awesome as it takes snapshots and embeds them in time frames so you can see how much precipitation fell during a certain few hours for example.  You can see the data in chart view, map view, etc.. it's AWESOME:)!!!

The OTHER one I LOVE LOVE is Windmap.  I KNOW that I have shared this one before, but it's a GEM!!  AND besides that, with the spring the way it is supposed to be, it helps to calm me just by looking at it!

Stay safe peeps -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, March 11, 2019

A Few New Random Things........

It has been a little while since I have written anything, so here are a few "random" things that have either been shared with me or I have some across:

1.  Wheel of Names - The technology integrationist in Frazee shared this website with me.  The concept is SO easy, yet effective and something different for the students in your class.  It's simply a wheel that you can add names to and spin.  THAT IS IT!  SUPER easy and convenient to use.  Give it a try:)!

2. Daily Starters - Scholastic has created these and they are a neat way to have students engagement and discussions especially if you start your day with Morning Meeting.  There is one every day and you can choose the grade level that you are focusing on:)!

3. readwritethink - This website provides a plethora of resources in the area of language arts.  There are lesson plans, interactive activities (flash based), worksheets, parent ideas, etc... There are a TON of resources here:)!

4. San Diego Zoo - JUST PLAIN COOL!  Learn about all the animals that inhabit this zoo, as well as watching videos, activities to do, read along resources and more.  FUN FUN!

That's all I have for you - I know - pretty lame!  BUT I have been busy updating apps lists SO that will be coming soon for your viewing eyes:)!

Happy Monday all
Mrs. I:)