Thursday, December 13, 2018

DocAppender - Chrome Extension - Look Into It!!

I was at our technology integrationists meeting a few months back, which I have to say I absolutely LOVE these peeps if I haven't mentioned this already, and Lucas showed us a really amazing Chrome Extension called DocAppender!!  This is a GAME CHANGER PEOPLE!!  Basically, you are able to create Google Forms, and organize them in a way with this extension, and the end product is a time stamped "card" with information compiled on it.  NOW, I know it sounds not so amazing like I am making it - but it is CRAZY!  You can send out a Google Form to a variety of individuals and then you can see the compiled information for each entry - LOVE LOVE IT!

To give you an idea, I have asked Lucas if I can post the link to his most fantastic screencast showing this and he allowed me to - SO HERE IT IS - the DocAppender Screencast.

I can think of ENDLESS ways to use this extension.  As a classroom teacher I would have used this for conferences to gather information about all of my students.  As a special education instructor, I would use it for observations of students and gathering of information from various settings, and as an administrator, I would use it when I was doing teacher observations - QUITE POWERFUL!!

Happy Thursday all,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Google Internet Safety - I Just Love Them MORE:)!

DID YOU KNOW THAT GOOGLE CREATED ITS OWN INTERNET SAFETY CURRICULUM? WELL I DID NOT!!!!!!  Oh - seriously I just keep loving this company up more and more!

SO if you know already - WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!??  If you are like me and did not know HERE IT IS!!

Be Internet Awesome is the online curriculum/real life curriculum that Google created and of course it's FREE!!!  There is a free download to their actual curriculum, but there is also this amazing online experience called Interland for kids to play online.  They jump to different "land" experiences that teaches them about online safety, being kind online, being smart online and keeping personal things to themselves - I LOVE IT! 

If you have nothing in place yet, START HERE!  Similar to Common Sense Media, it's ALREADY created for you and SO SO GREAT!!

Happy Wednesday all,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Education. com is a website that has an extensive list of resources for teachers and parents alike.  They have a learning library with printable worksheets for math, reading, science, social and writing, along with online games, lesson plans and other subject content.  You simply have to create an account and start searching for what you are looking for.  Most of the content that I looked at is free - which as teachers we LOVE! Why spend time and money on things that are here, right at your fingertips;)!

Here is the link for the Under the Sea Multiplication page, as this is just ONE MORE resource for you to pull valuable items from and save yourself time in the end!!

Multiply the fun with these engaging worksheets. has tons of fun and educational resources like this one.  Check out their collection of multiplication resources for children!

Happy Monday all,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

31 Educational Tools Every Teacher Should Know About - Shrunk Down

The Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog posted the post regarding 31 tools that every teacher should know about.  I want to highlight a few that I fell in LOVE with:)

1.  Tweetdeck - WHO KNEW?  I didn't!!  Where have I been and WHY didn't I KNOW THIS SOONER!!!  This website compiles your Twitter account into a nice linear column based format - I AM IN LOVE!!!

2. Flipboard - I LOVE THIS ONE, TOO!  The app is SUPER neat, also!  Choose the stories that you want to hear about - or topics you're interested and it will feed you those stories in the news.  It's a great nonfiction site for students to read the newspaper.

3. Edshelf - This one seems similar to Symbaloo in that you can organize and arrange websites together for easier access.  I like the look of it as well!

4. TedEd- I could go ON AND ON about Ted Talks and the value of them!  DO NOT forget about these in your classroom!  There are SO many relevant topics for ANY content - go and find them and have your students watch them.  It is WORTH it!!

That's all I have for now - again - check out the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog - they have amazing stuff there;)!

Happy Thursday all,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Google for Education - AND a New Blog to Start to Follow

I was talking at our technology integrationist meeting a few months ago, mentioning that I have been blogging for the past seven years regarding our iPad MOVE 21 Initiative.  One of the other technology integrationist, Lukas Gotto, started his own blog - WAY TO GO LUCAS:)!!  You HAVE to check out his blog most recently about Google for Education and the impact that it is having, basically taking over the education world at ALL levels:)!!  He dug deep by asking all schools in Minnesota questions to collect data, in addition to articles and research he found - check out his most recent blog post:)!

Have a great Tuesday night, all!
Mrs. I:)

Monday, November 26, 2018

QPR Training and Suicide Prevention

I know that this is off the beaten path of what this blog is about - but I am SO SO passionate about this and the NEED for all students and staff to be trained in QPR!  Question, Persuade, Refer are three easy steps that anyone can do and learn regarding suicide prevention.  Maria Willits, a parent that has experienced first hand the effect of suicide, as she lost her son, is absolutely amazing.  She came to Barnesville the past two weeks and trained our high school staff and all students in grades 7-12 on QPR!  The student body watched the documentary "Not Alone," and then Maria went into the classrooms to train the students.  TAKE THE TIME to have her come!  She will come to your school and train you, she will train your students!  Talk the talk that all schools need!!!

PLEASE PLEASE look into this option!  Contact ME and I can get you in contact with Maria!!
Have a safe night everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Digital Citizenship with Middle School

I had the privilege of going into each of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classrooms to talk to them about digital citizenship and what is means to be smart and safe online.  I absolutely LOVED THIS!!  Not only did I feel the kids were raw and honest, but we ALL know that it is SO NEEDED in our school today!  Whether we want to be or not, we parent these kiddos for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 months!!  It IS our duty to help them along this path of digital learning, especially since SO many of use are "PLACING" these devices into their hands.  Here is a breakdown of what I did for each of the grade levels - using Commons Sense Media, NetSmartz, and a few other videos that I found online through YouTube that were suggestions that I read on blogs or these two sites.  ALL of my resources that I used are HERE - use and take what you'd like;)

6th Grade - 
1. What is the difference between: face-to-face bullying, cyber bullying and respect?-   -Complete the Venn Diagram and discuss each and talk about examples
2.  Sorting Activity - split into groups and read each card/scenario.  Decide as a group whether it’s cyber bullying, face-to-face bullying or being respectful-Discuss afterwards - especially those that were difficult 
3. What would you do?  - hand out or read various scenario cards and talk large group about what you would do
 4.  Show “Coke 2015” Superbowl commercial - discuss how things would be different if only positive online 
5. Digital Footprint activity - What do you want YOUR digital footprint to reflect or show?

7th Grade - 

1.    Footprint page of what applies to you - which of these have you done before?-Discussion of each and what it means-Show “Digital Dossier” Video and talk about digital footprints
2.   Problems and Solutions page - Digital technology has made our lives easier but it has also created problems -Discuss what students wrote-When does behavior online CROSS THE LINE to become cyber bullying - what’s the difference between face-to-face bullying and cyberbullying?
3.   Scenario pages - give out to groups and have them do together
-Read each scenario out loud and add to/discuss
4.   Online Safety - scenarios will lead to this
-How many of you have ever played games online?  How about with someone you don’t’ know?
-What about chatting online with strangers?
       -Show “Oblivious” Video with discussion afterwards

8th Grade -    

1. List all the things that you do online or digitally. Discuss 
2.   Show “Digital Dossier” Video -Discuss how everything you do leaves a track - even things you don’t do but others post about you 
3.   Cyber Bullying - Face-to-face vs. Cyber bullying-Scenario cards - hand one out for each row for them to read and discuss together - then read to entire class and talk about situations-Think BEFORE you post!-“Photo Fate” Video - things can happen SO SO fast! 
4.   Online Safety - Do any of you play games or chat online with people you don’t know?  -Watch “Amanda” video - what did she do that wasn’t a good choice?  How can you handle things differently? 

Again, use and take what might work for you and your classes!  It was really a great experience for the students and myself.  Not only do I realize that I HAVE to do this EVERY year, it's a great reminder for the kids to think about what they are doing online, are they making good choices and are they being safe?  So much for them to think about - so much on their plates  - so much anxiety running through their minds.  If we can help ease this, prevent bullying, show them that we care - this is what we are here for:)!!

Happy Wednesday all -

Mrs. I:)