Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Digital Citizenship with Middle School

I had the privilege of going into each of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classrooms to talk to them about digital citizenship and what is means to be smart and safe online.  I absolutely LOVED THIS!!  Not only did I feel the kids were raw and honest, but we ALL know that it is SO NEEDED in our school today!  Whether we want to be or not, we parent these kiddos for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for 9 months!!  It IS our duty to help them along this path of digital learning, especially since SO many of use are "PLACING" these devices into their hands.  Here is a breakdown of what I did for each of the grade levels - using Commons Sense Media, NetSmartz, and a few other videos that I found online through YouTube that were suggestions that I read on blogs or these two sites.  ALL of my resources that I used are HERE - use and take what you'd like;)

6th Grade - 
1. What is the difference between: face-to-face bullying, cyber bullying and respect?-   -Complete the Venn Diagram and discuss each and talk about examples
2.  Sorting Activity - split into groups and read each card/scenario.  Decide as a group whether it’s cyber bullying, face-to-face bullying or being respectful-Discuss afterwards - especially those that were difficult 
3. What would you do?  - hand out or read various scenario cards and talk large group about what you would do
 4.  Show “Coke 2015” Superbowl commercial - discuss how things would be different if only positive online 
5. Digital Footprint activity - What do you want YOUR digital footprint to reflect or show?

7th Grade - 

1.    Footprint page of what applies to you - which of these have you done before?-Discussion of each and what it means-Show “Digital Dossier” Video and talk about digital footprints
2.   Problems and Solutions page - Digital technology has made our lives easier but it has also created problems -Discuss what students wrote-When does behavior online CROSS THE LINE to become cyber bullying - what’s the difference between face-to-face bullying and cyberbullying?
3.   Scenario pages - give out to groups and have them do together
-Read each scenario out loud and add to/discuss
4.   Online Safety - scenarios will lead to this
-How many of you have ever played games online?  How about with someone you don’t’ know?
-What about chatting online with strangers?
       -Show “Oblivious” Video with discussion afterwards

8th Grade -    

1. List all the things that you do online or digitally. Discuss 
2.   Show “Digital Dossier” Video -Discuss how everything you do leaves a track - even things you don’t do but others post about you 
3.   Cyber Bullying - Face-to-face vs. Cyber bullying-Scenario cards - hand one out for each row for them to read and discuss together - then read to entire class and talk about situations-Think BEFORE you post!-“Photo Fate” Video - things can happen SO SO fast! 
4.   Online Safety - Do any of you play games or chat online with people you don’t know?  -Watch “Amanda” video - what did she do that wasn’t a good choice?  How can you handle things differently? 

Again, use and take what might work for you and your classes!  It was really a great experience for the students and myself.  Not only do I realize that I HAVE to do this EVERY year, it's a great reminder for the kids to think about what they are doing online, are they making good choices and are they being safe?  So much for them to think about - so much on their plates  - so much anxiety running through their minds.  If we can help ease this, prevent bullying, show them that we care - this is what we are here for:)!!

Happy Wednesday all -

Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Florida Center for Reading Research

I have PROBABLY shared this before, but IT. IS. WORTH. SHARING. AGAIN.  If your district is like ours, we are ALWAYS trying to find ways to improve reading.  Most schools now have incorporated RTI (Response to Intervention) throughout Language Arts, and probably have started, or at least talked about the same for math.  Years ago, the Florida Center for Reading Research took ALL The strands of reading, which is within RTI and the AIMS webs testing along with benchmarks from the NWEA test and created some really great materials that is USER READY for others to use.

SERIOUSLY - this stuff is GOOD!  No, GREAT!!  Some you have to prep a little but many are pretty easy to use.  YOU ARE WELCOME:)

Happy Tuesday all,  GO VOTE!!!
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Online Safety - Websites Worth Mentioning

Digital safety is a topic that is so important.  Teachers and parents need to have continuous discussions about appropriate use, online safety, cyberbullying and being careful with searches and web browsing.  Below is a list of resources for parents to access and use for discussing things with your children at home about this.  Teachers are doing this on a daily basis, since technology is used daily, and is such a valuable learning tool.  Students will only continue to have more exposure as they get older and move on to college and careers later in life; this is something that is not going away, and the discussions need to continue.  There are some really great resources here, videos to learn more about online pieces, and overall great tips for helping all our students become better online citizens.

Common Sense Media - This website has created amazing resources on Digital Citizenship and has many videos for parent use in keeping kids safe.

Privacy and Internet Safety - Again this is from Common Sense Media, but has some amazing articles and videos for use.

Safe Search Kids - Google Safe Search has a ton of resources for a variety of topics regarding Cyberbullying, Internet safety, images on line and cell phone use.

NetSmartz - this is a website created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  This site offers a variety of trends and topics that are hot in the world today with children and being safe online.  Again, there is such good information here, start digging.

Just a few in case you haven't  seen them - BUT pretty sure I have mentioned some of these before - which is FINE as they are ALWAYS worth mentioning!!

Happy Halloween all,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

SO True!!

I have had a few opportunities in the last couple of weeks to talk to parents and staff members about use and misuse of a variety of technology tools.  Since we ARE an iPad 1:1 K-12 district, it's crucial that our parents are aware of the things that can and can't be done on the iPads, and the things that are and aren't appropriate.  Although we put restrictions on K-6 iPads, where we limit adult content, etc., we are NOT at home with the students.  SO if parents are going to have ZERO filter on their internet at home, there are still plenty of things that kids can get to!  I am going to try and create and help out in this area by continuing to inform parents as much as I can via social media but also posting things on the website.  The MORE parents know, (whether they choose to USE the information or not), the better chance they will be able to stop exposure for their kids. 

I was searching the other day and came across this and it's SO SO true!  Why do we have such an EASY time putting the blame on the technology or social media, but so SLOW to blame the users?

This one really hits home right now, especially since we JUST had training last Friday on QPR and Suicide Prevention - something else EVERYONE should have:)!!!  (Let me know if you want more information regarding this - wonderful and needed!

In this world today, social media is such a tough topic, but the more parents KNOW and the more prepared they are, the better off they will be.  It's alright to CHECK YOUR KID'S TECHNOLOGY!  It's alright to TAKE THESE DEVICES AWAY!  You're the parents - you have the right!!  REMEMBER THIS!!!!

Happy Tuesday all - keep at it - you can do this!!
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

OOH Forgot a FEW Things Makerspace Related:)

I TOTALLY forgot to link the items that Megan, Lakes Country Gal, talked about regarding new items they were going to order for Maker Space. 

Here is the list:

1. STEAM Lesson Plan Kits

These look SO SO amazing:)!  Starts a Donors Choose or Fundraiser for these buggers!
Take care
Mrs. I:)

I LOVE LOVE Tech Integration Meetings:)

Yesterday I had my monthlyish tech integration meeting.  We (other tech integrationists from surrounding communities) gather together at Lakes Country in Fergus Falls and chat away about many issues.  Some are frustrations, some things are problem solved, but MOST importantly it's a SUPPORT GROUP for ME!!!  I think that at times people wonder, "What does Holly do all day?  Really, she doesn't have THAT much to do!"  You're RIGHT, quite honestly, there are days that I have NO idea what's going to take place that day, which is MOST days.  Some days I AM bored, which means our technology is working - YAHOO!  BUT, other days just fly by and I haven't a clue how the day is done.  My job entails many things; fixing iPads, deploying apps, troubleshooting iPads, working with Google Drive and all things Google, dealing with Macbooks, laptops, printing, websites, connecting things, etc.. the list really is endless as there is SO much that I have to try to "learn" if I can't solve the issue right away - so you can see - THESE PEEPS HELP ME IMMENSELY!!!  They are the creamer to my coffee, coconut oil to my eggs - you get the idea.  They SHARE in my pain, joys, loves, and hates of what we all do.  With that said - my MOST FAVORITE part of our meeting is tech share - this is where anyone of use can bring a new "something" that we discovered, are using, whatever it might be - so HERE are yesterday's WOWs:

1. Jim from Frazee shared Google Calendar short-cuts - Did you know that when you're in Google Calendar if you click the W key it will change to the weekly view of your calendar, M is monthly, Y yearly and D daily?  WHO KNEW???  OOOOOHHH the was AWESOME - SO simple yet NOT KNOWN:)!!  YOU ARE WELCOME -

2. Jesse from Fergus Falls shared this website that allows you to create GIFs- OOOH:)!!

Seriously I LOVE THIS!!  Once you create it - you simply DRAG IT out and save on your desktop as we were confused about that saving part.  SO NEAT:)!!  HAVE FUN with this one 

3.  Lukas from Alexandria showed us an extension called DocAppender.  It allows you to create a form and then it gathers all the data and creates compiled info in an index card format.  It would be great to use for students that you are monitoring quite a bit as the information is date stamped and together for meetings and conferences.  It's really neat!  

4. Stan from Osakis showed a "funny."  This site simply downs questions that people ask that if they would simply Google, they would find the answer immediately as half the time that is what WE do to solve most problems:)!!

That's all I have for today:)!  I will continue to update as I discover or am shown things - THANK YOU Tech Integration Team - YOU KEEP ME SANE!!!
Happy Thursday all
Mrs I:)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Coding Websites

Here are just a FEW of the many many websites available for coding.  I have probably talked about some of these before, but here is a list again:)

Hour of Code -

Scratch -

Tynker -

CodeAcademy -!/exercises/0

Code Avengers -

Code Combat -

Kahn Academy Coding -

Tech Rocket -

Happy Thursday all
Mrs. I:)