Monday, October 16, 2017

It's ALL in the Green Screen

I am SURE you have seen the hype and maybe even tried playing a little.  BUT our Kindergartners are using green screens in a FUN FUN way:)!  Mrs. Grabow has her littles write about what they wanted to be when they grew up and then she put them in front of the "green screen" and actually PUT THEM THERE:)!  Using the app Green Screen, by Do Ink, she is easily able to capture these darlings in a variety of settings. 

She also had the kiddos write about apple trees, and did the same thing. 

There are a MILLION ways that you can make this appropriate in your classroom - your imagination is your ONLY limitation.  Mrs. Grabow (and Mrs. Messer, another Kinder teacher) actually painted a portion of her wall green, but you can order a green sheet, use green paper, or simply a green table cloth.

Have fun with this one -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Topping It - Bandwidth at the Max

Casey, our technology "infrastructure" man, sent me THIS photo!
Can you tell when iPads started "talking to" our JAMF system again after six days not talking to them?  I. WAS. DYING.  Needless to say - we are TOPPING IT OUT!!  After complete chaos, days and days on tech support and MAJOR work updating, cleaning out and redoing MANY things in our JSS, we are now UP AND RUNNING!!  UGH - it was a tough two days of watching THIS happen. 

GOOD NEWS - today - ALL the plot points look NORMAL and we should be GOOD TO GO regarding our Internet and Bandwidth - well, as least let's hope that's the case!

Happy Monday all -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 2, 2017

TED Talks, TED Ed, TEdx and More........

TED Talks = 7.9 million subscribers
TED Ed = 5.1 million subscribers
TEDx Talks = 8.9 million subscribers

These numbers speak for themselves!!  TED has done it right, and others would clearly agree.  The amount of content, the accuracy of the content, and the shear joy of the content proves that they are  the BEST at what they do:)!!!  These videos don't bore you with length, as most are 3-12 minutes long.  They don't bore you with material, as what they discuss and share are true intimate and raw feelings and emotions.  AND, they don't relay that they are the best and know the most.....they are sharing their ideas on various topics, exploring tough content to teach and doing it in an easy to understand way for kids, and they are getting others to "think outside the box," or just plain "think!"

If you have not yet become subscribers for these three channels, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME!  If you ARE a current subscriber, but haven't started really using these lessons, ideas and talks in your classroom - FIND SOME.  AND if you are a subscriber and USE the lessons and ideas in your classroom, I would LOVE LOVE to hear what you are doing and how you are engaging your students with it:)

ENJOY THESE - I find myself getting SUCKED RIGHT IN!  The riddle are becoming my absolute favorite of all time right now:)! Check out "Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle" and "Can you solve the bridge riddle."  They DO give you the answer - so DO NOT PANIC!

Happy Monday all-
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

To Fix or Not to Fix - That is the Question

I know I shouldn't be but I AM DYING!  A kiddo came in this morning and handed his iPad to Mrs. Duval, our media specialist, and told her that mom had driven over his iPad - YUP SHE DID:)!!

OH - I can't blame him - except, where was this iPad and why wasn't it in a safer spot?  I have to do more investigating, but you get the idea from the photos above.  Is it EVEN salvagable?  We will find out - wow!  Not the WORST one we have seen, but it HAS to be close:)

Happy Day
Mrs. I:)

Digital Citizenship...........Here we go:)!!

Today was Day 1 for Digital Citizenship in 5th Grade!  My HOPE is that I will get to all students in grades 4-7 this year to discuss this.  My "outline" is as follows from day to day:

Day 1 - What is Digital Citizenship?  What are our off line and online responsibilities?
*"Ring of Responsibilities" - me, family/friend, community

Day 2 - Private versus Public information - what should you share and what shouldn't you share?  What about creating good passwords?
* What things are alright to alright to share online?
*What kinds of websites require information?  Why?
*Why would someone want your information?
*What are some good dos and don't of sharing information?

Day 3 - Searching Online - using key word or words
*How do you know which word or words to use?
*How do you know if the answer or information your find is valid?
*Plagiarism rules

Day 4 - False Perceptions - photos and other information online
*What you see and read isn't always true
*How can you tell?

Day 5 - Being "SMART" online and the "POWER" of words
*Online friends vs. offline friends
*Private information and what's appropriate to share?
*Appropriate posting

I found ALL this for FREE on Common Sense Media.  If you have NEVER gone here - GO NOW:)!!!  There have a plethora of GREAT AND AMAZING resources!  If you click the "Digital Citizenship" tab, you will find what I outlined above - GET HERE SOON!

Our kids are in DIRE need of online safety reminders and help!  Please don't put this one off any more:)!

Happy Tuesday all,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 11, 2017

6th Grade Kiddos Code

WELCOME BACK TO A NEW YEAR:)!!  I took Mr. Schindler's 6th grade class last YEAR - yikes, as he is the softball coach and had to leave early for a game, so I had the kiddos code.  They went to Anybody Can Code/Hour of Code website and really had a LOT of fun!

Here's what I LOVE about it:

1.  Kids can work at their own pace
2. They get FRUSTRATED and have to PROBLEM SOLVE and think outside the box
3. Many don't know WHAT to do - but quickly figure it out;)!
4. The ones that maybe aren't the "book smartest" are AMAZING at this and feel success
5. The collaboration that takes place amongst the kiddos is awesome to see
6. They can do it at home - so it DOES NOT end here
7. They WANT to do it and are EXCITED about it;)!!

I could really go on and on with this one - as it's SO great to see them in an environment that they don't get to do often!

I will post about beginning of the year mishaps - and there were a TON TON of them - tomorrow - Happy Monday night all -
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

End of Year Collection

IT HAS STARTED!!!  The madness of the typical end of the year activities in addition to iPad collection again!  Some MAJOR things are different for us this year, so we will see where that takes us.

#1 - We have to redo ALL iPads by hand - UGH!  That's right - manually plugging in 900 iPads!  That DARN RANSOM VIRUS!  When it knocked out the server, it also knocked out me!  When we first enrolled iPads last fall, we enrolled them so they would talk to our server.  WELL, when that server was HIT with the virus, I lost the ability to talk to the server, as we switched everything over to the new server.  However, all of those iPads were enrolled using the OTHER server, so when we connected to the new one - BAM!  No ability to talk anymore!  So the ONLY fix is to completely wipe them all - unscope ALL the apps - and then re enroll them into the NEW server.  However, we will also set up a proxy now so the kids iPads talk to the school's system - meaning we can also block everything when they're at HOME and do ALL updates and installing when they are NOT here!  In the end - it WILL work out better for us - BUT the work up front is a TON!!

#2 - We are NOT collecting chargers for grades 3-11 - only the seniors since they are leaving. THIS IS HUGE PEOPLE!!  That means we don't have to track, redistribute and buy a TON more because kids take the wrong ones at iPad night - I AM SO SO HAPPY!  We are going to try it a year and see how it goes - pending perfection, we will do it every year:)!!

#3 - THIS is my counter after collection last week!  DONE WITH K-6 and 12 YAHOO:)!  Stored and put away in computer lab.  NOW to tackle the 7-11th graders as they are finished with finals.  My counter will fill up FAST - but at least half way there.

When the iPads come in, K-2 WE clean, but 3-12 does their own.  They take iPad apart, wipe case down, iPad down, remove ALL passcodes (iPad ones and Apple IDs), and then they put it ALL back together.  They finally find their identification card (which has their serial number of their iPad and destiny number for check out) and turn it in.  CHECK - pretty easy process for them!

To be continued...........
Happy Tuesday all,
Mrs. I:)