Friday, February 27, 2015

THINK Before You........

  I have seen MANY versions of this online and finally decided to make my own:)!!

    It has been CRAZY how many kiddos have commented on this wondering if "something" happened and that's the reason that I posted these around the school.  I said, "Nope, I just wanted to have this be a gentle reminder for everyone."  The kids said they should ALWAYS be up as a "gentle" reminder!  That's really it, isn't it?  MOST kids are very careful and conscious of what they are posting or tweeting, but for EVERYONE, we all need reminders of how this can hurt and harm others!!  I love our kiddos!!

Happy weekend all,
Mrs. I:)

Some websites to check out:)

  I have been trying to put together a compiled list for another district of websites that WE use a lot here.  Alone the way, I have come across some neat gems!

1. Free Rice: This website has various content to practice.  As students answer questions correcting, rice is collected and donated to help end world hunger - HOW COOL:)!!!

2. CNN Students: CNN broadcasts this 10-minutes daily newscast for middle/high school students.  What an EASY way to talk about current events and even add writing to your curriculum - GREAT:)!

3.  Grammar Bytes!:  A website to just practice grammar skills. 

4. Google Earth: Not sure if you or your students have played with this one, but it will quickly become a FAVORITES:)! 

5. Smithsonian Education: Sizing Up the Universe is SUPER COOL!  The students are given information about the earth, sun, planets, etc.. and they input an address (I did mine:)  and it gives them a "comparative" illustration using their address and the orbit of things around them - LOVE IT:)!

6. Worldometers: I don't know if I have blogged this one but is amazes me EVERY TIME!  It's real time numbers of what's going on in the world - CRAZY COOL!

Alright - I could REALLY go on F  O  R  E  V  E  R, but I will stop at 6 for today!

Still FREEZING FREEZING cold here - -7 this morning UGH!  Running the halls at school is KILLING me - warm up to at LEAST 10, right:)!

Here's to a possibly "WARM" weekend - Have a great one,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Front Row Website/App in Mrs. Meyer's 2nd Grade Class

  Mrs. Meyer, a second grade teacher here, has been using a website in her classroom called FrontRow.  This is a site that allows for differentiation in math class.  Now, we have used MANY others like Study Island, Accelerated Math, and Khan Academy, but this has been that one that she likes best.  Student start off by taking a diagnostic test on a particular skill, and then the website/app creates a path for the kids to follow based on how he/she did.  It meets the really low, the middle, and the really high.  There is a companion app called Common Core Math for Teachers by Front Row that we have put on her students' iPads!  She has found it to be very easy for the kids to use, it's been easy for her to differentiate without a TON of work, and the kids love it - what a great combination.  OH YEA - it's FREE:)!!!  Here is what the app looks like in case you're trying to find it:)
 Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)