Friday, February 27, 2015

Some websites to check out:)

  I have been trying to put together a compiled list for another district of websites that WE use a lot here.  Alone the way, I have come across some neat gems!

1. Free Rice: This website has various content to practice.  As students answer questions correcting, rice is collected and donated to help end world hunger - HOW COOL:)!!!

2. CNN Students: CNN broadcasts this 10-minutes daily newscast for middle/high school students.  What an EASY way to talk about current events and even add writing to your curriculum - GREAT:)!

3.  Grammar Bytes!:  A website to just practice grammar skills. 

4. Google Earth: Not sure if you or your students have played with this one, but it will quickly become a FAVORITES:)! 

5. Smithsonian Education: Sizing Up the Universe is SUPER COOL!  The students are given information about the earth, sun, planets, etc.. and they input an address (I did mine:)  and it gives them a "comparative" illustration using their address and the orbit of things around them - LOVE IT:)!

6. Worldometers: I don't know if I have blogged this one but is amazes me EVERY TIME!  It's real time numbers of what's going on in the world - CRAZY COOL!

Alright - I could REALLY go on F  O  R  E  V  E  R, but I will stop at 6 for today!

Still FREEZING FREEZING cold here - -7 this morning UGH!  Running the halls at school is KILLING me - warm up to at LEAST 10, right:)!

Here's to a possibly "WARM" weekend - Have a great one,
Mrs. I:)

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