Friday, January 30, 2015

One More Explain Everything Idea!

  I was in Mrs. Tonsfeldt's 3rd Grade classroom today helping her kiddos show their Explain Everything presentations.  They were SO SO great and did such a fantastic job!  They had to come up with a famous person or idea and write a timeline.  Each date had to represent something in his/her life and they created a presentation showing this.  Not only did it help them understand timelines, they had to record their voices into their presentation, include a graphic, and pick their favorite thing learned!

Here is an example:

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS:)!  So great and the kids were AMAZING at it!  Their little minds surprise me more and more each day and their knowledge of technology is superb!!

Happy Weekend all,
Mrs. I:)

iPad Stories - Gotta Love Kiddos!:)

  A 9th grader came in yesterday and showed me this:

You'll notice that the screen is TOTALLY shattered, the bottom is bent bad, and the home button is missing - GOOD GRIEF - what happened, right?

When I asked him what happened, he said that he dropped it out of his bag getting off the bus.  I questioned him, "I don't think this is what happened, as this kind of breakage is pretty bad."  Casey, our tech guy, was also in here and he blurts out, "Are you sure after you dropped it that the bus didn't run it OVER?"  He said, "Well, maybe I dropped it off my bed stand also."  Which CLEARLY is NOT the case.  Just TELL ME THE TRUTH!!  We were DYING laughing;)!  

On another note, a girl came in this morning and said that she does her homework on her iPad while she takes a bath.  However, last night she put her iPad on a stand next to the tub, and while she was getting out, she knocked it off INTO the bath water - end of iPad!  OH, at least she was honest:)!!

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Kid President and Martin Luther King, Jr

  If you haven't seen any of the videos that Kid President (Robby Novak) has created you MUST!!!  His humor, loving smile and inspiring personality really hit home to kids and adults alike.  He came up with one that is SO appropriate for today, since it's Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday!  ENJOY:)!!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

iMovie and Wordle Book Reviews

  For Mrs. Gross's Independent Reading class, the students have to read three novels during the quarter and do a book review of each one.  In addition, she also has them create a "project" based on the book that they just read.  One of her students did a book review on the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn - check out his iMovie trailer that he created - DIED LAUGHING - SO GREAT:)!!

Some other students chose to go to the Wordle site.  They had to create a word cloud and explain WHY they chose the words they did in their "cloud."  The more important words had to be larger than the others, and the students had to explain WHY that was the case.  Here are some examples:

This one is for the novel White Fang by Jack London:

This one is created after the novel 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult:
Two more great ideas to use with ANY novel.  This class is taught to senior high students, but these projects could be incorporated into just about ANY grade level!

Happy Wednesday 'all,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, January 12, 2015

TIES 2014 - Day 2

Let's just say that day 2 was JUST as amazing as day 1!  I forgot to mention a quote that Mark Garrison shared in his session and I BELIEVE IT SO SO MUCH!!

Whatever is it you do, know you can do better! - Rushton Hurley

 Isn't that the truth! Now, we have AMAZING peeps here in Barnesville, but things can ALWAYS be done better and we are learning that each and every day - we ALL are!
Session 1:  Reading Comprehension: Digging Deeper Using Digital Devices - Sara Speicher and Julie Walthour gave AMAZING ideas on websites and apps that help with reading comprehension!  Here are the things they talked about.  Many we have used, some were new - all great!

*Thinglink – link hot spots to pictures – use with vocabulary – kids can create a channel and you can click through it
*Newslea – read the article one time at the lowest level – take quiz – move up to the next Lexile level and read again – continue moving up to improve vocabulary
*Readworks – has both informational text and literal text – K-12 site that is more of a resource that allows PDF files – can differentiate with Lexile and content
*The New York Times interactive stories – works on iPads
*Padlet – interactive storyboard
*subtext app (free)– annotate text and collaborate reading – you can upload your context – public domain books free, leveled articles with quiz
*Wonderopolis – it’s about wondering – there’s a daily wonder and a video – can listen to story with audio – can search topics and a new one comes daily
*Smithsonian Tween Tribune – can go with lexile  - comment and blog on here – shorter articles for class starters
*Think CERCA– audible text that kids can also just read – can set up account with kiddos – you can then assign articles to classes and have kiddos sign in with class code – leveled by grade levels
*Haiku Deck – create presentations with one image and few words – share a book, do with a vocabulary word to show meaning, etc…
*DogoNews – google app
*Rewordify - changes the wording of texts to make it easier to understand!

They were SO engaging and SO SO funny - loved this session!  Be sure to check out these sites - ALL free and ALL easy to use - and ALL work on iPads:)!

Session 2 - Professional Development: Become a Digital Educator.  This session focused on the importance of creating and using online presences and social media.  I can't remember the presenters, but one was a gal that is a media specialist in a Cities school and the other a gentleman that is a tech integrationist.  They talked a lot about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MediaScapes, Flexible Spaces, tweet decks and an app called Pocket.

Session 3 - Creative Vision with Focus and Clarity: Ryan Box, Becker Schools.
This guy is terrific!  He does SO many things for the districts he works for and his ideas are just outstanding - so I always try and listen to him in a session or two as well.  Becker Schools is also using Clarity by BrightBytes to survey their teachers, parents, and students on technology.  He basically went over what Becker is doing, what to think about when you do this, and how to use the data to help drive questions you needed answered.  I totally agreed with him when he talked about how decisions get made in our schools - EVERYTHING is like, "We HAVE to get this done THIS YEAR."  What's wrong with waiting?  What's wrong with having decisions made over a course of a few years - knowing that you are making the RIGHT decision because you have taken TIME to make them?  Great things to think about........


Thursday, January 8, 2015

TIES 2014 - Day 1:)

  I am SO SO SORRY that I am FINALLY getting to this so late!  However - the things I have to share are SO worth waiting for - even after a month:)!!

Session 1 - The Breakfast Club: Darin Swenson and Luke Stordahl led 10 sessions that they called "The Breakfast Club."  They covered various topics throughout the summer to help teachers with their 1:1 initiative.  They met for two hours I believe, and challenged their teachers to come and learn as much as the could.  Donuts were a BIG HIT as we ALL know food helps:), and they included a 7th challenge with a book called Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.  I have hear NOTHING but great things about this book and they say it will "transform the way you teach."  I heard other speakers at TIES talk about it, so it's definitely one I"m checking out;).  These were some suggestions – find the right number of sessions for you, get input from staff, have free play day and let them try new things (Ed Camp format), provide incentives (CEUs, food and fun)

Session 2 - Curriculum Mapping and the 21st Century: The biggest point to me was
*Where does the information go once you’ve done the mapping?  It lives somewhere and will be immediately out of date – great information – but needs to be a continuum!  However – it’s something they HAVE to do vs. something they WANT to do and continue to do without being told to do so!
*Need for technology to support this process that is also job embedded 

Session 3 - Teaching, Learning, and Creating with the iPad - Kathy Schrock: SO SO SO GOOD:)!!  She was GREAT.  If you have NEVER been to her site or heard her talk  - DO IT!!!  Her site is Kathy Schrock's iPads4teaching and Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything are the two that I use the most - embedded within each other - but direct links sometimes are easier.  She gave a TON of ideas - see below:

*Back channeling – 81 Dash, Padlet, Today’s Meet
*Adobe Voice – app for iPad and intended to give voice for students to think about ways to make a difference (free) = intended for persuasion
*Plot Synopsis – give them 60 seconds to plot this – and then they video it – ie Forrest Gump video
*Stop Motion Animation – hardest part is keeping camera still – screen shot from video once all gone – brought into editor and then copied picture – brought into PPT and did motion paths…
*Course trailers – introduce to next year teachers or courses
*Book Trailers – use to summarize books, revise videos for new audience of from new character perspective
*iMovie – trailers, mashups (Mary Poppins example – parody)
*Print YouTube Videos – once uploaded – once video starts playing hit booklet – which will give you a storyboard and then allow you to print PDF
*ShowMe!  and Educreations!! = favorite is Exaplain Everything!
*Screen Chomp – screen casting tool
*Animation Desk – light – includes features of animation program and easy to shift slides along – can onion skin easily = can print as a PDF
*Haiku Deck – not many words to show this
*Sock Puppets – free and have puppets that you can talk with ($3.99 with all included and have access to ALL in app purchases)
*Pixntell – allows students to bring in images, easily explain them and then talk about each image – turns it into a movie that can be saved to the camera roll
*30 Hands – create storyboards and make into movie
*AudioBoom – former Audio Boo – create podcast up to 3 minutes
*Shadow Puppet EDU – allows to search common images in library and then put all together to create a movie = records behind each image
*Infographics – iVisual Info Touch Lite – allows to create infographics on iPads
*Tumblr – newspaper article or story
*Blogger on iPad
*Weebly – webpage created that’s free but works on iPad now

If you want help or clarification on ANY of these - just email me and let me know:)

Session 4 - Infographics: Kathy Schrock again:) Another AMAZING tool if you haven't used them yet!  Infographics are just graphics that give information and they are SO powerful.  Links like Chart PormPiktochart and Ifo.Gram. 
Take a look at the above sites - they are pretty cool!  Mrs. Gross, our English teacher here, had her kids make Infographics for review of commonly misused words - they are GREAT:)  LOOK:

Here are the steps that Kathy Schrock uses when creating them.  Mrs. Gross, and myself, would say that the students TOOK OFF with these and did amazing:)!!

Steps to Create:
1.     Some idea of how data can be visualized – periodic table of data visualizations
2.     Chart Chooser – allows students to go online and fine ones they want in Excel format  - then figure out which way to best represent data
3.     Many Eyes – upload data set and then choose visualization and the download to use
4.     Key words, write essential questions, find research, evaluate what they find, gather assets and cite them
5.     Hand draw the infographic so you know direction taking
6.     Creative Commons – not fully copyrighted, allows for creation with image but have to cite, commercially or noncommercially, can edit it or share and allows other to edit yours also = creative common sites – in Google images – click on search tools – see what it has for use of image (students already have permission to use these!)
7.     Graphic Designs – light yellow on Blue is the BEST to use, red stimulates emotion, green makes you feel involved, gray is lack of commitment, blue indicates calming message, Yellow is cheerful, purple is “fantasy” or child like, brown background is passive information, black background indicates power
8.     Fonts – match mood with fonts – vary the color and size of fonts
9.     Repeated Elements – one shape put together in various ways can make meaning different
10.  Layout – should be like a news story – catchy at top - secondary details next, then tertiary details  = Main Idea, Secondary Points, Supporting Details LATCH model – Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, Hierarchy 

Session 5: Date Driven Technology Promotes Student Learning: Mark Garrison and Lisa deRoy 
*We are in our first year of using the Clarity technology survey by BrightBytes at our school district, so this was a GREAT one for me:)!!   Mark Garrison is my FAVORITE:)!!  He is a technology coordinator and integrationist in White Bear Lake and Lisa deRoy works for BrightBytes so their knowledge was PERFECT for what I was looking for.  We survey students, teachers and parents to find out all kinds of things like what does the 4Cs look like in your classroom, how well do students know technology, what is our access like, what kinds of things can teachers, parents and students do and what do they know?  ALL of these answers will help to guide us in our next steps in regards to our Phase II of technology implementation and the things that we need more PD on.  A GREAT resource for districts wanting information to help guide technology decisions - check it out:)!

That was it for Day 1 for me - and my mind was DONE!!!  Good thing we ate at the Melting Pot to unwind and enjoy one another's company!  I will get Day 2 out tomorrow!  

It's snowing and going to start blowing here later today - hoping my son's game doesn't get cancelled tonight - Go Trojans!!
Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)