Wednesday, October 26, 2016


One of the BEST things one can do as a teacher is continue his/her education.  Whether it's reading professional books, attending conferences, or conversing with others, learning should continue to take place.  I really feel that is teachers quit learning, what's in it for the students.  What better way to become BETTER than to keep learning TOGETHER!!!  TED Talks are SUPER amazing, and a great way to motivate, learn, and help instill a passion and love again that might be faded a bit:)!!  This site lists the 50 Most Inspiring TED Talks for Teachers, but here are some GREAT ones (some ONE that list) that I feel you may want to check out:

TED Talks – Ideas Worth Spreading
Education talks WORTH looking a 

What I’ve Learned from My Autistic Brothers (5 minutes):

The Beauty of Being a Misfit (13 minutes):

Changing Education Paradigms (12 minutes):

Don’t Eat the Marshmallow (6 minutes):

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (18 minutes):

The Puzzle of Motivation (18 minutes):

Tales of Creativity and Play (27 minutes):

Every Kid Needs a Champion (8 minutes):

A Free Digital Library (20 minutes):

How to Escape Education’s Death Valley (19 minutes):

Kids, Take Charge (9 minutes):

The Call to Learn (18 minutes):

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe (12 minutes):

How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-parenting (14 minutes):

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (21 minutes):

The Power of Introverts (19 minutes):

The Happy Secret to Better Work (12 minutes):

How to Make Stress Your Friend (14 minutes):

 Sorry about the weird format. I just copy and pasted them from a document that I created for our CPT.  Teachers here are going to pick 3-4 of them to watch and discuss in their PLCs on Friday!

Happy Wednesday all - YOU MADE IT TO MIDWEEK - YAHOO!
Mrs. I;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


One of my most FAVORITE things in the world to do is go to Barnes & Noble, buy a coffee, and browse books.  I ALWAYS leave there with books I DO NOT need, but I really DO need them.  Clearly an obsession, but one I just love and enjoy oh so much!  I was at B&N on Sunday and came across the book Tek: The Modern Day Cave Boy written by Patrick McDonnell!  SERIOUSLY GO BUY IT!  This book is about a little boy Tek that's so tuned into technology that he doesn't ever go and play with his friends, never gets outside, nothing!  His communication starts to slack, and he is alone all the time, until one day, something happens and he becomes "disconnected."  The BOOK IS THE SHAPE ON AN iPad - there's even a home button:)!!  As you continue reading on - the battery life starts to die and turn red on each page, the wifi connection starts to falter, it's just SO perfect for these 21st Century learners, HECK, for adults alike, it's a good reminder of the "Tuning Out" most of us do at times!  Here are a few photos I took of the book - OH I LOVE IT:)!!!

 Even uses Emojis - OH THE HUMOR!!!:)
Enjoy this one - it's WORTH THE BUY!!  Read it to your kids in your classroom, read it to your kids at home, JUST READ IT as a reminder for everyone!

Happy Tuesday all
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 17, 2016

ESGI - SO SIMPLE for Kindergarten/1st Grade Teachers:)!!!

I can't claim to know MUCH about this program, but I CAN point you in the direction of someone who DOES!  One of our Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Messer, showed me a website called ESGI (Educational Software for Guiding Instruction), that she WON for a year at the National Kindergarten Convention this past summer.  This is a GAME CHANGER!!!  She is able to assess her kindergartners on her computer and IT IS FAST!  What she used to spend hour and hours doing she can now get done in easily half that time!  The other part that I LOVE is that it allows you to see various reports for your entire class for differentiating and grouping, reports for individuals to show what they are doing well and what they need work on, flashcards can be generated for practice of skills not yet mastered, and it also generates a parent report in detail showing how their child is doing.

 Samples that I stole RIGHT off their website so you can see the assessment piece:
Samples of generated reports:
Parent Information and flashcard generator:
The BEST part is you can sign up for 60 day trial and check it out yourself.
If you are at ALL interested in talking to Mrs. Messer, PLEASE let me know and I can get you in touch with her!

Mrs. I:)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Demos - Math Site to Check Out:)

I know VERY little about this site, but Mrs. Peterson, a math teacher here, says she uses it all the time; her students, too!  Might be a great one to check out for graphing and functions!

Desmos is the name - graphing is the game:)!!

Happy Friday all - enjoy this beautiful weather that will soon turn white;) 
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quizizz - Website to CHECK OUT!!!

Mrs. Tonsfeldt, a third grade teacher here, has started using a website called Quizzizz.  Let me tell you, it's a GREAT one to check out FOR SURE!! The idea behind it is like many others like Kahoot, Quia, Quizlet, etc... however, just in the little time that I was looking at at, it seems easier to work with, I like that it actually shows the words instead of Kahoot where it's shapes, and when you get an answer right or wrong a meme pops up - KILLS ME:)!!!  When the quiz is done, you also get a report showing which kids got which ones wrong, and the kids get to see which ones they get right and wrong also.  It seems like a SUPER quick and easy way for assessment of what they know and what they don't know.  Here's exactly what Mrs. Tonsfeldt says, "My students love it and I love that I can assign it for the weekend.  It could be an assignment, too, and I can grade it if I give them a password to use!"

Here's a sample questions - simple layout, and easy to read (AND I wish my son's teacher would have used THIS one as we have been working on this concept ALL week:):

Here's what you get when you get it correct:

OR if you happen to get one wrong:
What you are DONE taking the test - here is what you see - so really it's nice to the kiddos, too:

I LOVE THESE - LAUGHING OUT LOUD HERE:)!!! Even when you get it wrong, you get a chuckle, and it DOES show you the correct answer.  I think you will enjoy this one:)

Have a great Thursday, all, and THANK YOU Mrs. Tonsfeldt for sharing this one with us:)!!
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

App Lists - FINALLY DONE!!

Hey THEY'RE DONE!!  I have FINALLY updated all app lists.  I listed our K-6 apps as entire lists, and you will be able to figure out which app is used for which content.  I listed the 7-12 apps as content apps.  When you click on the list, let's say English for example, behind each app listed it should specify what grade level that app is used for.  I have made the lists all downloadable, and accessible via the link, so hopefully all should be fine.  If you can NOT download or view them, please let me know.  I DID double check this on another computer to make sure they worked, and I found them to.  THANK YOU for your patience with this, and again I apologize for taking so long to update!

Have a great day all,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Latest Happenings

Again - apologies for NOT keeping up to day - I FINALLY feel like I have a good grasp of things - and GOOD HEAVENS - it's October 11, so I SHOULD!!!  Here are the problems/issues/victories that I have encountered in the last couple of weeks:)!!

1. JSS is UP TO DATE!  We had to update our system because students were updating iPads and the older version didn't support iOS 10 - SO once we did that, students were no longer prompted to log into the app store and all is well now!  I am able to push to kiddos regardless of version and all works:)!!  Some of the problems that were happening were apps were almost in STUCK mode and not pushing out, apps weren't loading fulling, apps were blinking out, etc... by simply putting kiddos in exclusions, and then removing them from exclusions, a LOT of issues were fixed.  ALSO - didn't think to actually SHUT DOWN the iPads, and just restart them (not a hard reset), and that also was enough to get many of them rolling again - WOW!

2. Google + - We are trying to find a good website/app for blogging with 9th graders.  We use the Blogger app with Mrs. Gross' journalism class, but this was a paid app, and don't want to pay for it for the 9th graders.  SO we are going to try Google +.  Students can create a "collection" and blog about whatever they choose.  They will also go in and add their classmates so they can comment and view one another's work.  This is something that Mrs. Gross wanted to instill, and it was one of the 4 C's that we were SUPER weak in, so hopefully this will help with that.


Victory #1 - I now feel comfortable with JSS - YAHOO!!  It is SO SO very different from Apple Configurator - and I'm not going to lie - a LOVE/HATE relationship STILL exists - but at least I am figuring out how to actually do things;)!!

Victory #2 - NEW WEBSITE!  Casey, our tech coordinator, has spent MANY MANY hours looking at and learning the ins and outs of our new website, set to go LIVE November 1st:)!!  This makes me SO SO happy as our website now is in TOUGH shape and this new one is just LOVELY:)!!  More to come on that once it's up and running ---

Victory #3 - Podcasts- I am staying a head of the 4th graders as far as podcasts go.  I have a few more to go and I will be done with Topi 4!

I know, right, celebrate the little things that happen as they are often the things that GET ME THROUGH THE DAY!!!

I will blog more tomorrow - and I'm STILL working on updating app lists - sorry -
Happy Tuesday night - make some soup, snuggle on the couch with a book and stay warm all!
Mrs. I:)