Tuesday, October 18, 2016


One of my most FAVORITE things in the world to do is go to Barnes & Noble, buy a coffee, and browse books.  I ALWAYS leave there with books I DO NOT need, but I really DO need them.  Clearly an obsession, but one I just love and enjoy oh so much!  I was at B&N on Sunday and came across the book Tek: The Modern Day Cave Boy written by Patrick McDonnell!  SERIOUSLY GO BUY IT!  This book is about a little boy Tek that's so tuned into technology that he doesn't ever go and play with his friends, never gets outside, nothing!  His communication starts to slack, and he is alone all the time, until one day, something happens and he becomes "disconnected."  The BOOK IS THE SHAPE ON AN iPad - there's even a home button:)!!  As you continue reading on - the battery life starts to die and turn red on each page, the wifi connection starts to falter, it's just SO perfect for these 21st Century learners, HECK, for adults alike, it's a good reminder of the "Tuning Out" most of us do at times!  Here are a few photos I took of the book - OH I LOVE IT:)!!!

 Even uses Emojis - OH THE HUMOR!!!:)
Enjoy this one - it's WORTH THE BUY!!  Read it to your kids in your classroom, read it to your kids at home, JUST READ IT as a reminder for everyone!

Happy Tuesday all
Mrs. I:)

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