Monday, March 2, 2015

Starfall Website......

  I am not sure if I have shared this website with you, but our Kindergarteners are ROCKING IT OUT!  The site is Starfall and it has SO much great content on here.  Below is a list of content for the little ones:

   The kiddos today were working on the Learn to Read section.  They had to listen to words, add beginning and ending sounds, and read stories and click and find things as they went.  They were TOTALLY engaged!  They even had a checklist to do once sections were completed to track their progress.

   A SUPER fun one for the kiddos is preK-1st grade I would say FOR SURE:)! Bad news - NO iPad as it's flash based:(  - but still PLEASE CHECK IT OUT
Happy Monday and night,
Mrs. I:)

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