Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh ONE More - Twisted Sifter

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. check this one out!!  I LOVE photography, but I have NEVER seen so many amazing pictures by amazing artists - just look below:

The site is TwistedSifter and there are SO many great pictures to use - why not try one in your next inferencing lesson, or to start discussion, main idea, topic, etc... COOL!

I will give you more in a few days - WOW:)!
Mrs. I:)

TIES 2013 Sessions 2 - The Flipped Classroom

   Session 2 at TIES for me was on flipping your classroom.  Steve Graves, a science teacher from St. Francis Public Schools, showed us how he has flipped his classroom and the success he has had.  He showed a YouTube video called "What is a Flipped Classroom (in 60 seconds), which pretty much sums it up in a minute - check it out:
  Everyone has heard about this - and YES - everyone would be able to do it - but taking the step to actually TRY it in the biggest challenge most teachers face.

Here were his basic steps in a nutshell:
1. Talk to other flippers - check out Flipped Learning for a collaboration of ideas and information
2. Communicate with administration
3. Send a letter home to parents
4. Don't flip EVERYTHING - ease into it
5. Determine in class product for understanding
6. Create your own or find GOOD videos
7. Create a web base for your videos

These are ALL great ideas from him - but I would add - HAVE THE KIDS DO VIDEOS:)!!  What better way to check for understanding than for kids to create some of the podcasts and videos for you:)!!  Then you will have them to use year after year - YAHOO!

Those are just some GENERAL ideas to get started - I TOTALLY agree with talking to other flippers - what better way to learn than from those that are doing it!

Happy Afternoon,
Mrs. I:)

Christmas Poems with Pages App

   Every year, Mrs. Askegaard, one of our fifth grade teachers, has the kids write Christmas poems.  It's just one way for them to work on word processing, changing fonts, size, color, spacing and importing photos.  She did it this year in Pages, as this is what the kids have on their iPads.  They are SO great!!  Here is an example:
These were made on the Pages App which all the students in grades 3-12 have.  The best word processing one available in my opinion! 

Mrs. Askegaard also teaches the MOVE 21 rotation, which consists of technology with the iPads and art combines - LOVE. HER. IDEAS!!

Happy Weekend - I will still try to get our TIES sessions 2-3,
Mrs. I:)


   Now, I know that this IS the 21st Century - so NOTHING should really surprise me in terms on what kids are doing on devices.  However - I walk down the hallway today, and this is what I see:

PRICELESS!!!!!  Not only that they are sitting in fold up lawn chairs, that they keep IN their lockers, but the fact that they are having breakfast, drinking coffee and maybe finishing up some last minute homework - OH 21ST CENTURY!!!

AND BEST PART - I come back to my office and Mr. Spouse brought me this:

What is BETTER than a Starbucks soy vanilla latte and Bison tickets?  NOTHING:) Well at least - not today:)!!!
I am STILL compiling things from TIES - I will give you sessions 2-4 today
Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My 1st TIES Session in a SNAP:)

Here is a QUICK overview of who I went to see and what I learned from my sessions at TIES 2013.  Now remember - if you want to go and look at ANYTHING that was there - you can actually access almost ALL the sessions by creating an account and then looking at the presenters and their presentation information!  I would HIGHLY.RECOMMEND.IT!
   The first session I attend was "Engaging Readers with Technology."  Jennifer Erickson and Sandy Wisneski are teachers and technology learners from Catalyst Charter School; which just opened this fall I believe.  They had SO many great ideas to share about incorporating various sites and projects into their Language Arts Curriculum - here's a brief recap:

1. Use videos to engage students with lessons.  They talked about Komando Vidoe, which is a site that could be used to model thinking, questioning and connecting.  One could also use these videos right before reading articles or novels to get their mind set.  Another good site for videos was Watch Know Learn.  Check them out!

2. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of kids doing video mashups!  Assign a vocabulary word, create a storyboard, and then using images and video show what that word means.  BRILLIANT:)!!  She used the site Tingo Ed for examples of these - SO GREAT!!

3. These were some others websites that she mentioned in using:
     Vocaroo is an online recording site - students can record voices and then export
     What Should I Read Next? is perfect for helping students find a book similar to one they read
     Rewordify lets you paste text and make it either higher or lower on the lexile scale
     Newsela has current events where you can bring the articles down or up depending on grade
     Grammarly is an instant grammar check for teachers or anyone
      Padlet formerly Wallwisher, let you create a collaborative pad for students to write on - LOVE!
     Skype seems obvious - but what better way to talk with others and collaborate

4. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this idea!!  Use pictures to teach inferencing - DUH!!!  Group things together and take a picture of it - have the kids try to guess who it's about?  Where they live?  What time period it is?  Piece what you already know and come up with a conclusion - DUH DUH DUH - why didn't I EVER use this - SO basic and SO simple - here's an example:

I just LOVE this idea - probably one of my FAVORITES:)!!  You could also totally have the kids do one to see what they know about characters - COOL COOL COOL!

I know that's only ONE session - but SO. MUCH. TERRIFIC. information!  Try to absorb some of it - good luck!

I will post again later - Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TIES Day 2:)

  Well - Day 2 is here!  I just want you to see what I see:

3,800 people in attendance that's QUITE a Conference!  AND - look below as these are the sessions we had to choose form EACH and EVERY day:

My first session was on Tip & Tricks for the Mac and iPad.  Pete Markham, an Apple Engineer, did a really good job sharing all the new features with iOS 7 and iOS X8 for the Mac.  This site will give you SO many things that you may not have learned!!  The other thing he shared which I am SO SO glad Apple came out with was a TRUE Apple Keyboard Shortcuts!  YES.YES.YES.  You will find this SO useful especially if you are typically not an Apple user.

 Look at these AMAZING, GREAT, and INNOVATIVE teachers hard at work!!!

YES!  This is pretty much what we looked like after EACH session trying to download ALL we had gained in knowledge and resources before jumping to ANOTHER one to just do the SAME. THING!  However - after HARD work - must come some down time!  Here we are enjoying the "decompressing" phases with a great meal at Hell's Kitchen - SO GOOD!!!
  It was SUCH a SUPER AMAZING conference again! Yes, I DO need to find another word for AMAZING as I overuse it - but what else CAN describe it?  I will totally blog more about TIES when I get back - off to learn more and keep the brain a moving:)!!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, December 16, 2013

TIES 2013 - I'm HERE:)!!!

  TIES 2013 - I AM HERE!!  AND - I.AM.OVERWHELMED. ALREADY!!!  WOW - I have only gone to one session and my head already HURTS:)!!  Here I am just about ready to listen to "Steps to Help You Flip Your Classroom,"  and very excited for this one, too!!  We have a social studies teacher, Mr. Krause, who has already flipped his Grade 10 classroom, and one of the English teachers, Mrs. Gross, is actually doing her thesis on flipped classrooms and will be flipping one of her classrooms in the spring - so we are starting to move a little in that direction.  Also, Mrs. Askegaard, a fifth grade teacher, is going to attend some sessions on it as well - so there might be a LOT of FLIPPING. GOING. ON!

I will TOTALLY email as the days progress - and then take a moment to reflect and absorb - so I will FOR.SURE. let you know about ALL the dandy and amazing things I find out and learn here!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Few More....

  One of our math teachers here, Ms. Brown, is getting her Master's Degree in Technology.  For one of her classes she had various assignments.  She was willing to let me blog about them and post here for use if anyone would like them!:)

1. Netiquette - This page was written for young adults in the context of a high school classroom. However, the ideas and guidelines discussed are also applicable for any internet-using adults.

2. Web Assessibility - This page is intended for undergraduate students studying the basic principles of web design. However, this page would also be appropriate for graduate students or adults of any age that are beginning to learn about web design.

3. Solving Quadratics - This page was designed for high school students in Algebra 2 who are learning about solving quadratic equations. 

4. Measures of Central Tendency - This jigsaw activity was designed as a cooperative learning experience where you will learn about the different measures of central tendency in small, student-run groups. Each of you will become an expert in one measure of central tendency and then you will teach others about it. Likewise, the other people in your group will teach you about the measure of central tendency they became an expert on. This activity is based on Elliot Aronson’s Jigsaw Classroom model. 

5. Fibonacci Field Trip 

6. Geometry in Architecture 

7. Extreme Makeover: Basement Addition Webquest 

THANK YOU MS. BROWN:)!!!  If you have ANY questions about any of these, I am sure Ms. Brown would be TOTALLY fine with you contacting her via email from one of these sites:)!!

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

GREAT Ideas:)!!

  I have been looking this morning for Language Arts curriculum, especially digitally, since this is up for review this year.  However - as I continue to search I find some AMAZING and ADORABLE idea.

1.  The blog Mrs. Patton's Patch had this great idea:

As the kids learn a new app, she puts in on the large iPad so the kids are aware of the ones they CAN go to and the ones they have yet to learn - brilliant:)!

2. CarnazzosClass used Google Earth and the apps Skitch and Scribble Press to create a project on landforms - cool:)!
  This classroom also used the app Pic Collage to create a collage on all the ways to make certain numbers.  They took pictures of the pattern blocks and snap cubes they used and then wrote the families - LOVE:)!!

3. Common Sense Media created this cute and basic poster for handling and using the iPad in the lower elementary - so simple but so effective with the pictures to go with it:)

4.The blog Zig-Zagging Through Education has some AMAZING ideas, here - one with the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear has the kids create a retelling of the story with the Educreations app.  What a FUN. FUN. way to do this with ANY story really:)!

5. This is a clever way to store your iPads if you don't have a cart or space for that matter.  I found this on Pinterest and thought it worth sharing:)

6.  Nearpod is an app that teachers SHOULD be using.  It's a GREAT and EASY way to create and borrow presentations on just about anything.  This link has a great step by step direction sheet and the how tos of Nearpod.  There is a companion website that goes with it where you can create and make everything with ease.  Check it out!
WOW RANDOM!!!  I'm a NORTHERN BRAIN - AND OVERWHELMING AGAIN - sorry!  I just KEEP. FINDING. AMAZING. THINGS.  Oh - to be back in the classroom again - sigh!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Interactive Page - YES:)!!

  Mr. Schmitt, one of the science teachers, wanted to create a document that kids would be able to interact with.  After looking through some resources and reading online, there are many things to do this with, but everything was an app or download that the kids couldn't do.  We also looked in the Widgets in iBook Author and found it wasn't really what he wanted!  We started thinking and came up with a Pages document.  If you create a document, and float your images, the kids would then be able to open the document in Pages, put the images where they belong, and send to him via Schoology.  Here is what I made as an example:
  Now this is SUPER basic - the kids could simple drag the pictures where they belong chronologically in order.  They could also add dates, information about each image, etc...  but the idea being that the kids are the ones interacting and recreating it!!
  I will TOTALLY blog about what Mr. Schmitt comes up with as his will be AMAZING and not so simple; the science mind you know!!:)

Happy Night Everyone - Keep Warm:)
Mrs. I:)

Friday, December 6, 2013

I GET IT:)!!

    I have been reading about the SAMR Model on various sites and really like Kathy Schrock's.  This whole idea of moving from a strictly substitution model to one of redefinition is something I would LOVE to see in Barnesville.  The transition is coming along, and it's truly not going to happen overnight.  We have done SO many more things this year than last, and I know that next year will be even better than this year.  Each year will continue to show steps in the model. 
   Looking on the Internet and Pinterest, I came across this model which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, and makes total sense to me!  Plus the fact that I LOVE Starbucks and Caribou coffee - the pictures and names just "stick!"

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Late Start Day = Learning Day!

   Brochure is finished - CHECK!   iPads are fixed - CHECK!  Learning more and more - CHECK!!!

I have been playing and looking on Thinglink and HOLY COW there's a LOT here!  There are SO many great and already created thinglinks that you can access - use the codes for - share with your students - and actually CREATE in the Thinglink App.  Here are some that I have found to be SO great:

1. Explain Everything - I wanted this one in September when I was showing 2nd and 3rd graders how to use the app Explain Everything and what all the icons mean - LOVE IT:)!!

2. iPad App Basics - This is Apps 101 and which ones you might want to start with

3. Digital Citizenship Survival Kit - this is a neat one on all the basic things needed to remember:)

4. Sites for Your Classroom - plethora of information and sites for your classroom!

Ok - gotta run for now - there are SO SO many more that I can post!

Happy Thursday Night - heading to Michael W. Smith and Third Day concert - CAN. NOT. WAIT!
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


  Sorry I have been SLACKING lately - ugh!!  BUT that might actually mean that things have been going ok here thus far - which is NOT a lie:)!!  Just a few things that have STILL been frustrating:

1. Found out through Apple that ALL our iPads will need to be stripped and reconfigured this summer - YAHOO - SOUNDS LIKE FUN:!(!  The guy I talked to really wasn't sure why - I was telling him about my inability to remove apps without ungrouping them - and he thought that some where along the line with updating - there are some bad files in there; long story short - wipe them!  SO even though I am not THRILLED about this - it's probably a fine thing to do this summer.  With iCloud and Dropbox, the things that kids REALLY want to keep can be sent here!

2. Still have trouble with the Firmware on some iPads - it says that it can't install iOS 7.0.4 because of a firmware that I have to remove - eventually it works - but again - NO CONSISTENCY!!!  Well, not actually ALL work!  As I type I have two sitting on Configurator giving me the YELLOW TRIANGLE OF DEATH!!!:)

3.  Trying to continue to find digital curriculum that will work with our Language Arts department is still and will be the ongoing search! What to do - at what grade level to do it - where to get stuff - who to buy through?  All questions that have NO answers at this point - I'll keep you posted!

Well- that's all for now!  I'm grabbing some MEAN stashes of baking ingredients in case this storm hits and I have time to cook a few batches of orange fudge and sand bakkles tonight:)!  And MAYBE tomorrow!

Stay safe and Happy Tuesday Night,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


  I JUST discovered these AMAZING apps that Khan Academy is putting out in all their content areas!!! The have GOT. IT. RIGHT.   Khan Academy: Algebra I is an example of one of the MANY S.T.E.M. based apps available on the App Store.  Each app consists of the videos that you can find on their website, but you DO NOT need the Internet to access them - YAHOO:)!!!  That way, the kids have the apps on their iPads (well, actually they are only iPhone and iPod available, which WORKS on the iPad still) and the videos are already embedded in there - WAY TO GO KHAN:)!!!  It does say on there that they will be coming out with an iPad version soon - LOVE THEM:)!!  Here's just a quick snapshot of some of them that they have to offer - but there are TONS:)!!  And ALL. FREE!!!

   If I come across anymore, I will surely let you know!!  Happy Thanksgiving break - enjoy your time with family and friends!!!
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Something NEW - AGAIN:)!! & TIES:)!!!

    Something new AGAIN - I really should be keeping a journal instead of relying on my brain to remember all that I have learned - GEEZ!  Today - couldn't get sound to come out of an iPad.  When I went to Settings - Sound, I would toggle the bar and sure enough sound would come.  The side button wasn't locked to Mute, only Rotate, and in Settings - Privacy - Microphone - all was turned on that should be and didn't see anything fishy!  However - went to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Location and Privacy - and YES. YES. YES - it's worked:)!!  CRAZY as I never knew this trick before.  It merely rests JUST the Location & Privacy settings back to factory - so whatever the reason why - it works now - THANK YOU:)!
    Actually I think I WILL start compiling all this madness in this blog - who knows?  That might be my millions waiting for me:)!!  Probably not - but a gal can dream, right?
    On another note, SO. SO. SO. SO. excited to be going to TIES 2013; which is the state of Minnesota's technology conference!!  This year we are bringing  a PLETHORA of individuals down - YES:)!!  Two teachers from the elementary, two from the high school, Mr. Strand, the high school principal. and Casey and I!  LOVE that we have SO many going - the commitment to technology is really shining through with this one!  My focus, of course, will be digital curriculum and Language Arts, since that is what is up for review this year.  The others will look and have to decide exactly where they want to head.  There are SO many wonderful break out sessions, that you really can't EVER be disappointed with any of them - just choose your ONE area of focus and attend those - otherwise such BRAIN. OVERLOAD!

Well, Happy Tuesday everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Digital Curriculum - WOWZER:)!!!

   I had mentioned before that I attended a workshop at Lakes Country in Fergus Falls with 4 other teachers from Barnesville.  AMAZING!!  There are SO SO SO many resources out there available for us - open source resource - YES!!  As we begin to consider curriculum for next near in the Language Arts area, the teachers saw GREAT things and thought this possibility of having digital curriculum might work:)!

Here is a BRIEF overview of two of the apps that were talked about here:

1. Thinglink is an App and a companion website!  This app and website allow you to create imaginative, interactive images with active links.  You can "hot spot" certain areas and add text, embed a video or picture - SO SO COOL:)

2. Frolyc is the website and Activity Spot the app to go with it.  This one is SUPER GREAT:)!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  You have to create an account, but once you do - you sign your kids up and the website gives each kid a code to access your created items.  You can make quizzes, read stories, create content maps - LIMITLESS!!!  If you check out ANY of these CHECK. OUT. THIS. ONE!!!  It's worth your time!!!

Below are the websites that she shared - some you probably know about - others are new:

1. CK12: This is a PLETHORA of open source material that anyone can use and access!  You simply have to create an account and login.  You can download PDF files, eBooks, ePubs, etc.. right within the site.  You can also use various chapters that you choose to create your own flex books with.  An AMAZING resource that is FREE for use:)!!  The ONLY downfall is that there isn't Language Arts as it's a STEM based website so you can find anything science and math related.  Braingenie is a component of CK12 that also has SO much stuff for practice and learning of materials.

2.  dotEPUB: this is actually a download that allows you to turn any website into an instant ebook!  SO easy to use once it's downloaded, but there are a few steps to get that to happen!  The BEST thing I think it could be used for is for teachers to actually DOWNLOAD the ebook and then post to their Schoology page, website or blog.  LOVE IT!!

3. Project Gutenberg: English teachers are going to LOVE THIS!!  Download over 42,000 FREE books!  Now, you won't find the latest and most recent books here, but for any classic or American literature educators, you will find this VERY resourceful!  Simply download and post somewhere for kids to upload into their iBooks:)!

4. Tar Heel Reader: Find a book or write a book; this site has both.  If you want to just search and download that's great, but you can also write your own books on sight words, letters, sounds, etc.. and publish them into an eBook - super easy!!

5. TedED: Create any lesson around YouTube videos.  Flip them and turn them into a more meaningful idea.  Add points, questions, etc.. SUPER NEAT!!

6. Symbaloo: Access your bookmarks at any computer anytime with Symbaloo.  Compile your bookmarks into a "grid" like page where you have all your bookmarks located.  Never lose a bookmark again - easy to use and super helpful!!

7. Stich: Copy and paste URLs into a textbox and click "stich it" and you will be given ONE URL with all the links attached to it for sharing.  An easy way to share links with coworkers and students!

8. Lit2 Go: Another great reference for English teachers.  TONS of books to download and listen to for free.  Again, not your TOP PICKS, but many great ones:)

9. HippoCampus: Another great resource similar to CK12 in that it's Math, Science and Social Studies based with a plethora of open source materials.

10. Curriki: Free online resources for teachers!  There is SO. MUCH. HERE. that it's hard to take it all in - wow!  There are materials here for ALL content which is SUPER GREAT:)!

11. Educade: Hundreds of lessons plans and learning tools for every content area.  Again, takes time to look and browse, but there's some GEMS in here!

12. OpenEd: Video, games and more are embedded in this open source of resources for teachers to use with students.  Again, time to look is needed!!

13. Big History Project: FREE 9/10th grade social studies course online!  Already created, ready to use and learn!!

WOW!!  That's even not ALL of them - just some to get you started!!  It is SO SO overwhelming for me I can't imagine what it is for a TEACHER:!)!!  I think that our idea is to take 5 of these, since 5 of us went to the workshop, and each one of us will share one at our next CPT time.  That ways teachers can get an idea of where to start and them GIVE. THEM. TIME!!  The ONE thing that we never get - the ONE thing that we ALL need more of;)!!

Happy Monday everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GREAT Idea Mrs. Willers

  Each spring, what we do in Barnesville, is pretty much wipe the senior iPads and recycle them down to Kindergarten.  When the school year is done, the Kindergarteners bring their iPads with them to first grade, and so and so.  I was talking with Mrs. Willers yesterday, and she asked if there was ANY way that the Kindergarten teachers could KEEP their iPads and start this recycling process at first grade - TOTALLY. MAKES. SENSE!!!  The Kindergarten teachers have to folder ALL of their iPads as the kids are too little to do this.  This also means they have to put codes in for Schoology, Storia, Dropbox, etc... for EVERY iPad and EVERY account that they have - YIKES!!!  WHAT. A. BRILLIANT. IDEA!  They SHOULD get to keep their iPads as year after year, that would be SO SO time consuming!!  I am going to throw that idea at Mr. Loeslie, our Superintendent, and see what he thinks.
    Also, yesterday, four teachers and myself went to Lakes Country for a workshop on Digital Curriculum - OH OH MY:)!!  There were SO SO many WONDERFUL and FABULOUS things out there - once I collect my thoughts I will TOTALLY share the resources;)!!  We are looking this year for Language Arts, as our curriculum cycle is up this year for that content area.  Obviously with the iPads for all kids and Macbooks for teachers, iBook Author and "other" digital content is what we're trying to do - SO - I DO think it's possible - WOW!  What we need of course is TIME. TIME. TIME.  Never enough, and always needing it!

I will talk more later - Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, November 15, 2013


    A couple of days ago I walked into our teacher's lounge and found this.  Now, our art teacher, Mrs. Albright, who is extremely witty and creative, posted this.  Pretty much sums up my week:)  Have a good laugh, too:

Happy Weekend Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Ideas with the iPads

  Here are a few more ideas that Mrs. Tonsfeldt has done in class.  My son, Tate, has her in class, so that is why I tend to show many of her ideas:)!  There have been the latest assignments:

   Using the Number Pieces, the students had to represent numbers with the pieces and show a subtraction problem.  Some of them were regrouping and others weren't:
     This assignment was done using the app Explain Everything.  Students had to take their Halloween candy and sort it different ways.  Each slide in their slideshow showed a different way to sort and categorize their candy.
    Educreations was used for this next assignment.  Students needed to show each of the properties of addition recording themselves and using examples to explain it.
   Finally, this assignment shows the use of the app Pic Collage to do vocabulary words.  How simple, but yet so effective!

I will post what they REALLY looked like from Tate's iPad and how his assignments turned out so you can "see" the examples.

Happy Night
Mrs. I:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thought the Problem was Solved.....But......

  I called Apple today because I have been having trouble removing apps.  I had looked in various spots within restrictions and couldn't really pinpoint what was going on.  Once I talked with them, they had me click the box that says "Allow Installation of Apps," which doesn't sound right I know, but it seemed to work as I got the YAHOO battery that means life is successful in Apple Configurator!  Well, thought so, NOT SO!!:(   It DID show that the app was NOT on there as it was unchecked, but when I went to the iPad, it is STILL on there - ugh!!  I am NOT sure what to do.  If I remove the iPad from the group it retains my redemption codes and allows me to prepare it again, but that means that I have to then put all the apps back on.  Now this isn't a problem if it's for a new student as I generally wipe the old iPad anyway, but if I have to remove an app for some reason; it's not working properly, they need the space for other things, etc... I don't have that ability.  Anyone knowing WHY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a hollar!  I guess I'll be calling Apple again tomorrow!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


  I am wondering if any other "Configurator"  users are having the same issue that we are here.  When I hook iPads up to Apple Configurator to apply apps, update apps, whatever it might be, it will completely wipe and reapply ALL the apps on certain iPads - WHY?  I really don't understand all the inconsistencies that I am seeing; especially since the iOS 7 update and Apple Configurator update.  Now, I know, we SHOULD NOT have done the update to begin with, but try to tell a 10 year old to just ignore that red push notification on the settings - NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!  For example, this morning I hooked up 28 iPads to do the updates as with a certain profile we were noticing that kids weren't able to access many websites that they needed.  I clicked the SAME thing to do on the ENTIRE batch - yet here ONE iPAD is sitting and reinstalling EVERYTHING.  AND to make it worse, it's an iPad where a paraprofessional has spent COUNTLESS hours creating things for this student to use - WHY!!!???  There is NO explanation, and I can find NOTHING about it as to why this is happening - If you know or have ANY advice - PLEASE PLEASE comment back!

Happy Wednesday -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, November 4, 2013


  We gained three new students today in our district - YAHOO:)!!  Usually what I would do is hook up an iPad - remove the apps that are not needed for this particular grade and student and put the apps on that are needed - NOT SO!  Look at the message that I got today:
Uninstallation of apps is prohibited by a policy on the device - WHAT IS THIS??? I have NEVER seen this and have NO idea what to do!  Apparently after reading a "little" bit, it has something to do with Google and the policies that the developers are setting and using with their apps - OH OH OH!!  Therefore, I have NO option right now as to getting these kids grade level appropriate iPads -UGH!!  I can install the apps needed, but it won't let me uninstall ANY of them- WHAT. TO. DO.????
  So for now - here I sit again - not knowing what direction to go - no one has answers - so guess what that means?  I GET to call Apple tomorrow;)!!  UGH. UGH. UGH.  Now, I KNOW they will be able to help me (wishful thinking here), but the ring around is a tough one to take sometimes!  Hopefully tomorrow it will be figured out and I can post YEAH YEAH YEAH!!

I'll keep you posted,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, November 1, 2013

More from Pic Collage

   LOOK AT THESE:)!!!!  Mrs. Parker had her 3rd graders create these in the Pic Collage app!

She had the kids take pictures of each other "posing" in certain ways.  They then imported the pictures into Pic Collage and used the "lasso" tool to cut around their pictures - GENIUS!!!  They are SO. DANG. CUTE!!!  Again - SO creative and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it along with me!!  I am LAUGHING. OUT. LOUD. here - look at those darlings diving into the leaves - priceless!!!

Another great idea with the iPads:) 
Happy Friday - anyone else feeling the effects of all the dang candy eaten:)
Mrs. I:-)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Apple Configurator = 0 Mrs. I = 1:-)

  I DID IT!!  Well, I actually found HOW to do it thanks to Apple blogs and posts complaining!  Not sure if you remember - but when the iOS 7 update came out, and I would go into iTunes and update apps and import the updates into Configurator, is was making paid apps free.  Couldn't understand why?  The area where is shows how many redemption codes you have left actually said FREE - weird!  Even when I would put in on a student's iPad; let's say a new student coming into the district, it worked!  I didn't call Apple on it as I figured it was something that would just work once the next update came around, but nothing.  There WAS another Apple Configurator update this morning, so I ran it thinking that it has GOT to fix this issue - NOPE!!  So, I went to trusty Google and searched. Simply by deleting the app and adding it back INTO Configurator gave me back the redemption codes - YES!!  Now, one would think WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU GET RID OF FREE:)!!  However, if you try to remove a paid app that is now free, it will NOT let you!  Which means, it also won't allow Configurator to run through the entire download process, which for us means that the App Store and iTunes remains on the iPads.  NOT. A. GOOD. THING!  So, I DID go back and delete all the paid apps that this had done it to and reimported them - GOOD. TO. GO:)!!!
   Pretty pathetic that a "lucky" article ready by me can bring such pure joy and excitement, but in this world, any little thing I figure out is a HUGE victory!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Exceptional Day:)!

   Today was BY FAR one of the BEST days as far as successes since iOS 7 updates!  Remember a while back I talked about those silly K-2 iPads that I could do NOTHING with because of the Find my iPhone turned on on them - well Casey was going to call Apple.  However, he figured NOPE not going to do it - going to FIGURE. IT. OUT. MYSELF!  Which he DID:)!!  YAHOO CASEY!!  HE was able to put the iPads into recovery mode and bypass the iCloud situation that we had going on - YES YES YES!!  By simply holding down both the home button and power button - letting the screen go black - plug the iPad into Configurator - and then holding down the home button until you get that "plug into iTunes" picture on the iPad - which puts it into recovery mode - we were able to THEN proceed!!  Now, I didn't have to do it to MANY of them - maybe like 10 or so - but it worked none the less - THANK YOU!!!  So, the day consisted of working in Ms. Brown's room this morning - playing with them on Explain Everything and teaching them this app, and finished all 2nd grade and half of 1st grade.  I will finish 1st grade and Kindergarten tomorrow and head back to the high school NOT having to update anymore this year - HOPEFULLY:)!!!

One can ALWAYS dream, right? 
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's Up This Week......

   Wow!  There seems to be an overwhelming amount to be done this week - and NOT because it's Halloween and I have "HOME" things to do too:)!!  We plan on heading to the elementary school tomorrow to finish the update on the Kindergarten-2nd grade.  We grabbed an iPad from Mrs. Justesen's room last week as it needed an app on it to "try" this, and went perfect!  Hopefully that is how it will go with the others that have to be done.  I also get to (YAHOO) go into Ms. Brown's 2nd Grade classroom and teach the the app Explain Everything.  Not only do I LOVE this app, I LOVE doing this - YES YES YES:)!!  I miss those little kiddos SO much, so I love the opportunity, when invited, to go into classrooms and help out!  Updates should take a few days - which means MASS CHAOS at the high school as both Casey and I are at the elementary school, so I will have to jump back and forth a few times to see if there are needs at the high school during the day as well.
    Our Apple Representative is coming on Tuesday to spend part of the day with us.  He wants to see what we do day to day and how we do it.  He clearly just sells the Apple Products and really has NO idea what is going on after that point, so he wants to learn - I told our Superintendent to be careful, as Casey and I might be offered a job from him with Apple:)!!  Just Saying......
    Casey also has access points that he has to double check as there's some trouble spots, there are some presentations that I have to start thinking about, speech students to guide (not related, here;)  and follow up with teachers on Schoology items.....another busy one for sure - which I LOVE as the weeks FLY - just wish the Vikings defense could have as the Packers JUST scored another touchdown - UGH!!

Happy Sunday Night Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, October 24, 2013


  All went well yesterday after we had done the Apple Configurator update - here were a few that we had to put into recovery mode, etc... which wasn't GREAT- but worked alright.  Students had to put in email address again as well as Schoology, no big deal.  Some lost their camera roll pictures - not the TOTAL end of the world.  But TODAY - 5 kids have LOST EVERYTHING!!! UGH!!  I don't do ANYTHING different with these iPads that I don't do with the others that have worked fine - so WHY?????????????  A senior girl and a freshman boy lost EVERYTHING!  It COMPLETELY WIPED their iPads and reinstalled ALL again - WHY???????????  I want to call Apple but I am TOO MAD to call as I wouldn't be anything tactful at all - so I sit and ponder what it might be - maybe I should use another word than Ponder, I guess they're throwing him back in next week, huh??:):)  I just don't know what to do.  AND the part that gets me the MOST is Apple KNOWS that schools across the country are using iPads - they KNOW that students are putting notes in there, using for projects and presentations, etc... WHY DO THEY PUT AN UPDATE OUT IF THEY HAVEN"T COVERED ALL BASES??  Yes, I AM YELLING HERE!!  Not at you, I apologize, just SO frustrated.  We started the year SO SO SO AMAZING!!  Things worked perfectly, yes I will even dare say perfectly!  Then - the iOS7 Update comes out and ALL has gone to pot.  Yes, they came out with an Apple Configurator update, which was needed - but WHY WHY WHY would they do these updates during the year and make all a mess!  Bring update out in the spring - iPads are turned in and there is time to figure out things over the summer; but when kids NEED them how can this be?
   I TRULY think I might have to take some time off here - OH my head is KILLING me and worst of all I can do NOTHING about it:(!!!

Here's to a hopeful afternoon and tomorrow,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


  So - yesterday I sat with ONE simple iPad trying to get it to work with Configurator - to NO AVAIL of course;(!!!  Then - I walk into my work space at the elementary and see Casey sitting with the iPad and rolling just like it should be!  I was NOT HAPPY!!!!  However - he mentioned that there was an Apple Configurator update - YES YES YES - THANK YOU APPLE:)!!  Now - we are still having issues with SOME things, for instance you still have to remove the Find My iPhone passwords on individual accounts - but the first grade one I did was PERFECT!!!  We were able to plug through third grade and stragglers in less than a half day - YES!!  That means we will be able to go to the high school and catch 6th grade this afternoon, and next Monday and Tuesday grades K-2 - THEN DONE!!

Now, the update didn't catch all - but many things it did - so THANK YOU ApPLe for Today:)!
Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You HAVE to Laugh.....

    Casey and I are at the elementary school today doing updates for the grades 3-5. So far, all has been going well.  Done with 4th grade, 1/2 of 5th and hopefully will get done with the rest of 5th and 3rd this afternoon - YES!!  But - we have STILL not solved the issue with K-2 - who knows!!:(
   However - a little humor for you today!  A teacher talked to me about a student needing a new cord, so could I please get her one.  "Sure," I said, "No problem!"  Here is what was in my box:

  Again, I have to LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!!!  There is NO way that I am going to give this child another cord.  I told the teacher that they would have to pay the $25 replacement fee as this is NOT an Apple defective cord- and the mother said that she would just take it back and try to fix it - OH:)!!!

Day by Day folks - Laugh it up when you can - which TRULY is MOST DAYS LATELY:)!!
Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Livebinders - CHECK THESE OUT:)!

  If you have never heard of "Livebinder," you HAVE to start looking at these.  They are like a "binder" full of resources for various content areas.  Just about anything you would EVER want to know about you can find here.  Here is one called iPads in Schools.  Now, if you look at the top of this link - you are given MORE binders to explore in this area - SUPER COOL!!

Have fun searching and looking - Happy Monday Night-
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Relationship Continues.......

  There was a 2nd grade student here who forgot her pass code.  Now, normally they aren't supposed to have a pass code, but no big deal I guess - hook it up to configurator and apply which simply updates apps and wipes the code off - NOT SO!!!!!  This is one of those younger grade iPads where we manually put in an "iCloud" account that is made for lower elementary in case it was needed.  We didn't merge ANYTHING and turned off EVERYTHING except Find My iPhone.  However, with the new Apple Configurator update, it WILL NOT allow you to bypass this.  So, I put the password in - which I KNOW is the right one - and it tells me that you can't deregister this device - UGH!!  So I tried the "let's unsupervise this device without losing apps codes" - when the iPad is connected - right click, hold down the command button and the "Remove" option will appear.  When you do this - it WILL give you your codes BACK and then it will unsupervise it automatically.  However, the BAD YUCKY thing is that you have to supervise the device again AND put ALL the apps back on as it wipes the iPad out  Now this seems pretty trivial - but to do this with the entire K-2 seems SO daunting to me:(!!!  Apple Configurator HAS to come out with another update - as the only reason that we are removing iCloud is to DO something with the iPad - whether it be removing or adding apps, etc.. it's not like we're stealing the iPad and trying to reset it so we can use it - I UNDERSTAND the reasoning behind it in the real world if it's a personal one - but we should HAVE the rights to do with them what we want - after all - we are the OWNER and SUPERVISORS of these devices!

An update is coming again for Apple Configurator - I'd put money on this one!!
Happy MEA break for us - YAHOO:)!!!  Just like a Friday today.....
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yea Mr. Haj and Mrs. Tonsfeldt!!!

       I was coincidentally in Mr. Haj's 3rd Grade classroom helping a student with Schoology and LOOK WHAT I SAW:)!!!.......

     Now as the techy nerd that I am my heart pitter pattered:)!!  Not ONLY was he using the iPad for students to be in Educreations or ShowMe, he also was playing a Jeopardy game he created on the Smartboard - OH 21ST CENTURY LEARNING AT IT'S FINEST:)!!!  I JUST had to snap pictures and show you what I was seeing - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT:)!!
    THEN I walked out his door and saw these.........

 The 3rd graders just finished reading the book Chocolate Fever, so after they were done they came up with a "fever" that one might get.  Some students used simply a picture and put on paper, others used the Pic Collage app to create a person with this "fever."  I'm DYING here - LOVE THEM!!  They physically made me LAUGH OUT LOUD:)!!!  Oh.........
   I will continue to snap photos as I walk around - because that's IT!!!  That's what everyone (myself included) really wants to see - WHAT ARE TEACHERS DOING??  Here's two fine examples:)!!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 14, 2013


  The case that we have on our iPads here is the Griffin Survivor!  Now, Casey did research to find out WHICH case would be the best one - and help beat the odds of cracking screens!  Overall - the performance level of this case has been outstanding!  Today's story is CASE IN POINT!!!

  An elementary school student lost her iPad.   I received a phone call on Friday that it was no where to be found.  I said, "Why don't you look for it over the weekend and retrace your steps.  If you don't have it on Monday, then we'll get you a new one for the time being as they usually show up:)!!"  She came back to school today without an iPad.  Her teacher called me to say that they had no luck finding it, but that her number was such and such.  I looked it up on My iCloud and saw that it was offline so was unable to locate it.  HOWEVER - the secretary at the elementary school received a phone call from a gentleman saying that he found an iPad on the Interstate!  YUP it was HER iPad.  He stopped as he saw something along the side of the road, clicked the home button and saw it was Barnesville Public School and called and brought it in - WOW!!  GO GRIFFIN GO GRIFFIN:)!! Now, I don't know the ENTIRE story - whether the iPad was left on TOP of the car, or it dropped out after they might have stopped, not sure - regardless iPAD FOUND:)!!!!

  I STILL chuckle just thinking about it - what are the odds!!  Slim to none for sure!

Happy Day everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Road Block - sigh....

  One more road block for us to overcome.  The plan was to come to the elementary school and update iPads as many of the apps aren't working write or working at ALL as they need the new version.  So here we are - Casey brought everything over and started hooking that I up, I ran down to 2nd grade and grabbed two classroom's worth of iPads.  We hook them up and the yellow triangle of death appears!  I think - huh - something simple - and it was supposed to be.  Not sure if you know this, but when you put iCloud on your iPad, you have to remove it in order to work with configurator - not sure why as you didn't have to BEFORE the update, but whatever - simply put the password in and all is fine - NOT SO!!!  We put in the password and it says you can't deregister this device - which basically means we can't do ANYTHING to it - AND the worst part - the App Store appears on it so that gives the student open access - UGH!!  So right now - there are about 20 iPads sitting with NO answer.  Casey is on the phone with Apple as we speak - but the more we read the more everyone says DO NOT do the update.  But if we DO NOT do the update - we have apps not working - so for now we will see where today brings us - AFTER talking with Apple - who knows!

I'll update later
Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

iOS 7 = 3,000,783 Mrs. I = 0

  I can't win!!!  Just when I think I have it figured out - NOPE!!!  MANY  MANY MANY apps are not working now because why? YOU GOT IT - iOS 7!!!  Therefore - now I am having problems with kids that did NOT do the update!  Each day I check for updates and try to keep Configurator up to date since this madness began.  However, the problem now is that some of the updates won't run on the OLDER version of iOS because it says it too low a version - GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!  Therefore, I am now having ALL students do the update to accommodate this; at home of course otherwise our network will suffer drastically!!!  We'll see how that goes.
   THEREFORE - tomorrow I get to go BACK to the elementary school to hook up all iPads again and update everything - the big ones of course for us are STAR and Schoology!  So yes, it needs to be done!  Now - we COULD buy a program like Casper which allows you to wirelessly push apps and automatically update apps - at a mere $10,000 we aren't quite ready to invest the money in this - but maybe that time is coming sooner than we think!!:)
    On that note - it's something that will make life easier for the teachers and students and NEEDS to be done - so another message from the Kid President as a gentle reminder why we're all here:

With that - Happy Wednesday Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, October 7, 2013


   I came back from the MAASFEP Conference and YES IT WORKED!!  The iPad that I restored FINALLY took - kept the redemption codes - and can now use as another iPad if the need arises - YAHOO:)!!!  The ONE trick that I found out today was if you are in Configurator - and an iPad is NOT responding like I was having problems - you can remove it from your GROUP and then it gives you back ALL your redemption codes!!  If you simply right click on the iPad, push the command button, you will be given the option to Remove from Group - click and it WILL remove it, which will make you have to prepare it again, but it will also give you back the codes from that iPad for paid apps!!  YES YES YES!!  Although it's a PAIN, yes, it works for a LAST RESORT deal!!!  Now, the kids lost EVERYTHING on those iPads - but at last is able to be set up again and used for another student.  WHEW!!!
   The MAASFEP Conference was really great!  Not only did I have the opportunity to present on Reading Apps, Websites and more, I was able to hear Greg Tang!  AMAZING MAN!!!  If you have NEVER heard of him - he created the Kakooma and wrote the book The Grapes of Math.  The other SO GREAT thing - his website is NOT FLASH (well, the books), which means can be used with the iPad - I LOVE THIS MAN:)!!!!  His website is Greg Tang Math and you MUST try Kakooma!  He is SUCH an amazing mathematician and teaches some really GREAT concepts that make sense to students!  CHECK HIM OUT!!!
   That's all for today - kind of a boring day in Barnesville - but I'll TAKE IT:)!!
Happy Monday Night
Mrs. I:)

Friday, October 4, 2013

1 Hour and 45 Minutes Later......

   OH APPLE:)!!!  How can I talk poorly about the beloved company that I have ADORED for YEARS!!  However - I have NEVER been on the iPad Integrationist side before last year - so perspectives CHANGE!  I DO DO DO still love my beloved Apple, don't get me wrong here, but OH OH OH the frustrations with iOS 7!   
   I am not sure if you read about the two iPads that were killing me the last two weeks - FINALLY after an hour and 45 minutes with an Apple consultant - we were able to SAVE the app redemption codes and WIPE the iPads clear - we'll at least I THINK that's what happened as I left in mid process as I thought I might be having a mental breakdown!!!  However, as usual, I learned some new things (I'm thinking TONS OF PATIENCE here), and the iPads are now USABLE again - WHEW:)!!
   It is ALWAYS nice to hear that I didn't do anything wrong, either, as clearly they had to elevate me to three different Apple reps before the problem was resolved - hence the 1 hour and 45 minutes conversation as I had to retell the story that many times, too:)!!  SO thanks to Fidel - we are GOOD TO GO

Here's to a Happy Weekend everyone - I have been at MAASFEP in Minneaspolis this week and have heard some GREAT sessions and FUN things to bring back to staff:)!!  I will write about later this weekend or Monday!

Take care and Happy Homecoming here in Barnesville - GO TROJANS!!!
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Simple Solution - Give em' NEW iPads:)

  So - I decided to ease myself of the STRESS of getting these two darlings their iPads back and just went ahead and gave them two NEW ones on LOAN:)!!  The stress level has lessened SIGNIFICANTLY!!!  Again - because I am a "fixer" of EVERY life problem, this bothered me to NO end!  Even though the issue isn't FIXED COMPLETELY - temporarily it is and I know that those students can at least access their stuff!  However, after lunch I will make the dreaded call to Apple and get connected through a chain of staff members until someone can actually help me - ok a little facetious!!  Apple isn't THAT BAD and YES they do solve the issues - just hate sitting on the phone and admitting that I can't solve it - UGH!!!  And moreover, I won't get an explanation as to WHY they are doing what they are doing - even worse!!! 
   On a lighter note - Internet is going great, iPads are rolling and working, and Schoology is still something that I would recommend to ALL and EVERYONE with a 1:1 initiative!

Happy day,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The 2 DREADED iPads;(!!!

   UGH! UGH! UGH!  I now have TWO students that have been without their iPads for TWO DAYS:(!!  UGH!!  Now - this may not SEEM like a big deal - but the kids and teachers alike depend on these, so when they don't have them, it's a PAIN FOR ALL!!!  I feel SO bad - but can't do anything about it as Casey tried what Apple told him to do and FAILURE!!!  Therefore, back on the phone with them tomorrow and see what they have to say!!  YIKES - again ALL related to the DREADED iOS 7 update - sigh....
     Now, in all actuality - it's not NEARLY as bad as I say!  I, however, am a "problem solver," and when that doesn't happen I feel QUITE dissatisfied!! Casey and I will figure it out eventually, but time is of essence when those two kiddos don't have them - hate it!!! 

Here's hoping that Apple has the answers -
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Where Do I EVEN Start - OH iOS7:(!!!!!

    Well well well - where do I even begin?  How about - NOT sure I'm a fan of iOS7!!!!  Since that update came out - nothing but TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE in Configurator Land:(!!  Lots of things happened - quick recap!
    Students were coming in last week saying that they couldn't access this or that, and they needed this app for this elective class - so I simply did what I do; hooked up the iPad, chose the app needed, and usually works perfectly - NOPE!!  For whatever reason (and I KNOW it's because of the update as ALL had done the update), their iPads wouldn't work with the iTunes I had.  However - I had done the same thing with OTHER iPads that were updated and it worked fine - why not these 5??

So here's what I found out......

1.  The updated iOS7 likes to work with the updated iTunes - which we didn't have in Configurator yet, therefore we had to update that - but it wouldn't.....

2.  We couldn't update iTunes because we didn't have the update for Configurator to go with it - but we couldn't update configurator............

3. When trying to update configurator, it wanted Mountain Lion as the operating system and we didn't have that!  So.......

4.  We spent the $19.99 to buy Mountain Lion to update the operating system.....

5. Now, were able to update Configurator......

6.  FINALLY were able to update iTunes - YIKES!!!

However - because of that MADNESS and updates - when we hooked up the iPads some took it some didn't - we had to restart iPads, restart Configurator, change profiles, blah, blah, blah

BUT - after the madness we are GOOD TO GO!!  We'll I shouldn't say that FOR SURE - but so far so good:)!!  FINGERS CROSSED and SO THANKFUL FOR CASEY!!!  Our tech guy is AMAZING!!!!!!!!  He spent time this weekend updating and figuring things out - YAHOO!!!

Ok - STILL not a fan of iOS7 as I DO NOT like the look, ways things happen, etc.. - HOWEVER - I'm a FAITHFUL so I know all will be fine!!

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Apps Gone Free - YIKES!!! AND STAR App - YAHOO:)!!

   So, I have been TOTALLY talking up and saying CHECK APPS GONE FREE DAILY:)!!  Which - YES - I would still encourage all to do this - however - here's what we're finding out:

1. Some developers put a certain "time frame" for the app to be free

2.  Once I did the update on some of these apps - they all of a sudden want REDEMPTION CODES and won't let us have them anymore!!  THEY ARE GONE!!

3.  However - they stay on the iPads that HAVE them right now - but once removed, I am afraid that we are going to LOSE them and have to actually PAY for them:(

Makes sense, but frustrated as we had them for free and now we won't next year.  Also a little strange, as I can download that SAME app on my own iPad, do the update, and it doesn't make me pay!  However, there must be a code or something tied to it that KNOWS that Configurator is a "multi" user distributor - SHUCKS!!!

That's all for today - have been updating iPads at the elementary as there's a new STAR App from Reading Renaissance!  If you take the STAR Reading and Math tests, you're going to want this one:)!!  No lab checkout - RIGHT on the iPads - YAHOO:)!!

Happy Night -
Mrs. I:)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Another great week!

   I think back to last year at this time and CAN NOT believe how easy this year's transition has been.  I know that the internet working is a HUGE part of it - but our teachers have TRULY embraced all that have been on their plates and they are just RUNNING WITH IT:)!!  They really have been TRULY AMAZING - Keep It Up!
   Here's to a FANTASTIC weekend and time with friends and family!  We are lucky to say that we "teach!"  Check out the video below for some fun:

Also - a great app today on Apps Gone Free - called Writing Wizard!  SO SO SO CUTE and appropriate for PreK-1 working on writing letters;)!!  I will write about Apps Gone Free next week - we have had a few issues - BUMMER!!   Happy day!!

Happy Weekend all - Keep Being AMAZING:)!
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week #1 - off and running; no sprinting!!!

Hey - sorry it's been a week - but WOW WHAT A WEEK:)!!!  Here are the highlights of what has been happening Year 2 1:1 Initiative and Week 1:

1. ALL students and teachers are now up and running with Schoology, emails, and iPads
2. MOST elective classes have all their apps on - a few sections left, but most are finished
3. Students have been checking and submitting things DAILY into Dropbox for Schoology
4. Internet has been GREAT - a little glitchy at TIMES throughout a few of the days - but SO SO SO much better than where we were at last year
5. Groups have been starting to be created in Schoology - and I have successfully (just today) created a "schoolwide" group for announcements, polling for Student Council, and other types of announcements and notifications that need to go out
6. LOTS of questions - but most I had answers for
7. Teachers are submitting lessons plans on Schoology
8. Most parents have signed up to follow their student's progress
9. New students are added and in
10. More iPads and chargers have been ordered - we're about out

 Well, that's what I have so far for the first week of school!  Everyone has been AMAZING and jumping right in with things - YAHOO:)!!!

Thank you staff for being SO understanding as I try to reach those in need and those that need help with things - YOU ARE ALL GREAT:)!!
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's TIME:)!!!

   HERE WE GO - YEAR 2!!!:)  I can NOT believe how much smoother things have gone so far this year - from iPad distribution to the uploading of apps onto the iPads - WOW:)!!  SO much easier having a year under our belts!!  I KNOW that there will be things that we run into - but I just can't believe all that we have learned in the process. 
    Schoology is going to be our BIGGEST challenge this year.  Learning it - uploading files to it - getting kids used to it - etc.. but again, once it's learned and the process begins - I can not WAIT to see the amazing things that everyone will be doing once again - unbelievable!  I have already seen SO many great things that teachers are doing - they really do AMAZE and INSPIRE me each and every day to work hard for THEM to make THEIR jobs easier!! 

I truly am BLESSED beyond belief!
Happy First Day everyone -
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Day of Productivity:)

   Well - another day almost in the books. OK let's be realistic - I will be back after supper, but at least for now I have 8th-12th DONE and the first batch of 7th - YAHOO:)!!!  Here is a shot of a few more DARLINGS that came in to help - YES YES YES:)!!!
AND we had some AMAZING teacher come in and play with Schoology!!  YES YES YES - we are SO learning this all together - but it's getting easier EACH and EVERY time that we use it:)!!  LOVE THAT!!  Here we are working:

 Everyone is doing SUCH am AMAZING job with this - I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!   The iPads were one thing - and YES we are STILL learning here, too - but this is quite another thought process as the way of doing things and correcting and collecting really is changing again!  Luckily we have the BEST teachers that "JUST KEEP SWIMMING" when things arise for them to learn and embrace:-)!!

Feeling Lucky FOR SURE with the staff and individuals that I get to work with - YAHOO:)!!
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Another Day in iPadville;)!!

  Well - we are now officially done with 9-12 - YES:)!!  I know, seems pretty trivial and unimpressive, but the way configurator was that first day - we are PUMPED:)!!  I have the first batch of a large 8th grade class running - all before 9:12am:)
   All iPads are now charged - that will NEVER happen again!  Those of you out there - I hope you're not going through the same thing and didn't have kids fully charge and shut down iPads before the end of the year - if so, you are doing what we are!
   Have some more apps to import with redemption codes for younger grades - so working on that now!  That's about it for today! More sweeties are coming it to finish up cord wrapping and writing of access codes; Monday will be here before we know it;)!!

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  Look at these darlings - they came in to help out;-)!!!

The top picture is of the girls writing out access codes for parents on index cards for Schoology.  We will lay them out alphabetically on distribution nights so parents can create their Schoology accounts and have that set up before school starts.  The bottom picture shows wrapping of those nasty cords - look at the result:
SO SO SO much better:)!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  This is why we are able to be SO successful here - everyone is willing to pitch in - even the kiddos:)

We now have three grade levels done and the last batch of the fourth grade level - yahoo - configurator is finally cooperating:)!!

Happy Night
Mrs. I:)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Try, Try Again!!

  So here I sit at school trying once AGAIN to get these apps updated and into Configurator!!!  If I do only a few apps at a time it seems to be ok - then I quit iTunes and open Configurator and import them - REPEAT - REPEAT:)!!!  So far so good - so if this is what I have to do I guess that's the way it goes!!
   I have now almost finished 7-12 for charging iPads - UGH!!  I WILL NOT DO THIS NEXT YEAR!   Wow - think ahead - lesson learned FOR SURE!!  Not that I could have done anything with them if they WERE charged with Configurator working the way it is - but that would have been ONE less stresser - life goes on - right!:-)
Check this out - project #200 for today:
There are at least organized by GRADE level - but I will need to untangle and rewrap - CAN NOT WAIT:)!!

Ok - enough with the sarcasm - clearly there is a lot of work that needs to be done - I'll keep you posted!
Happy Saturday and Zorbaz Run if you did it -
Mrs. I:)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh Configurator - the LOVE/HATE Relationship!!

  UGH!!  Yup - already saying that!!!(  Well here's the saga........

Casey brought the MacMini to his house as it wasn't working great at school so he wanted to take a peek.  Come to find out that the memory chip in there is bad!  No biggie - ALL the apps are still there:), and he just ordered a new memory chip to replace it.  For now it should be good to go with what we have to do - aren't adding NEW ones really just updating and replacing - so we say!!

I brought the MacMini back to school to hook up and get going with the updating - that's where I am now - the MacMini keeps shutting down and restarting - YIKES!!  IT DOES reopen and start working again but then I get the "BLACK BOX OF DEATH" saying that your computer needs to restart- RIPPING MY HAIR OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!  I am PRAYING that the memory is the answer so once Casey gets it, he can put it in and go from there - BLAH!!

So here I sit working on app lists, Schoology and importing new Kindergarteners - which ALL has to be done - but I am just SICK in the pit of my stomach!!  UGH..........

On a lighter and LESS stressful note - we didn't have ANY of the iPads charged - so we are in the process of doing that.  Why would we have the students FULLY charge their iPads in the spring and then power them down - that would have only MADE SENSE!!! :(


I'll keep you posted - AND to top it off - we start distribution a WEEK FROM MONDAY - let's see how much magic Casey and I can pull off - LOTS OF PRAYERS that's for sure:)!!

Happy Friday and Weekend -
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back at it tomorrow..........with Schoology!!

   Well, tomorrow we are back at things!  I will be meeting with the staff that wants to come in to do Schoology.  However it's really going to be a work and learn session as I have NO agenda for this!  I really don't know any more than the teachers at this point, so we are going to learn together on this one:)!!   We will also be getting together next week and possibly one more time before school to start throwing things together.  Hopefully they have been dabbling into Schoology prior to tomorrow:)!!
     Casey and I will also start configuring iPads.  I have a letter together for distribution that will hopefully be mailed by the end of the week.  We are going to offer various sessions once again during the day and at night for students to come and get their iPads.  We will also be going over Schoology and what exactly this is going to do for our school. 
     I will blog again tomorrow after our day working with Schoology and keep you posted of what's happening!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I've Been Up To Update:)

  Well - to be COMPLETELY HONEST - really haven't done TOO much with ANYTHING:)!  Enjoying my summer and time with the boys!  However - I HAVE done some things:

1.  Started a digital textbook with Mrs. Gross, an English teacher.  She wanted a reference for her seniors, so we have that up and going - WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

2. QR Codes for Mrs. Forsgren's math alphabet letters - not ALL the way done, but that will be finished soon!

3.  Schoology - YIKES!  That is coming FAST - so I just sent out an email to ALL STAFF if anyone wants to come and meet up next week and play, play, play - learn together!!

4. Macmini Updates and all updates for Apps - I plan on doing this early next week as well

5.  START iPADS:)!!  My partner is vacationing - MUST NEEDED AND DESERVED - with his family so he is off this week and back next - so we will become zombies at the school again getting those buggers up and running:)!!

That's it for now - I will keep you posted as next week comes about and we start at it again - Hard to believe that year 1 is UNDER OUR BELTS:)!!  Not pros by ANY means, but know SO much more than we did last year at this point - YAHOO:)!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

WOW July 21:(!!! - QR Codes are EVERYWHERE:)!!

  Where DOES the time go - yikes!!  In less than two weeks I will be back at school manhandling iPads again - UNREAL:)!!
   HAD TO SHARE - I took my son to his orthodontist appointment a week ago and really thought about what I was seeing - check it out:

YES IT"S TRUE!!  This Ortho has a QR Code above the door as you walk into his business and it says Scan This below it - HOLY COW:)!!  Love it -
    Also. we JUST got back from a trip to California.  We went to the LAB Aquarium and look at how they has their animals displayed.  You will see the tank that holds a creature and next to it - YOU GOT IT - a QR Code to find out information about it - take a peek:)!!

HOW COOL!  My kids grabbed my phone IMMEDIATELY, zapped the code, and started reading about the animal that I was observing - SO GREAT:)!!
     SO - again - if they use them in the outside world in SO many areas - imagine what these little buggers can do for your students in your classroom!

Happy Night - I will be back to work this week and brainstorming a block schedule for iPads with Mrs. Tonsfeldt, a 3rd grade teacher, so I will tell you what our crazy minds come up with!

Take care,
Mrs. I:)