Wednesday, October 9, 2013

iOS 7 = 3,000,783 Mrs. I = 0

  I can't win!!!  Just when I think I have it figured out - NOPE!!!  MANY  MANY MANY apps are not working now because why? YOU GOT IT - iOS 7!!!  Therefore - now I am having problems with kids that did NOT do the update!  Each day I check for updates and try to keep Configurator up to date since this madness began.  However, the problem now is that some of the updates won't run on the OLDER version of iOS because it says it too low a version - GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!  Therefore, I am now having ALL students do the update to accommodate this; at home of course otherwise our network will suffer drastically!!!  We'll see how that goes.
   THEREFORE - tomorrow I get to go BACK to the elementary school to hook up all iPads again and update everything - the big ones of course for us are STAR and Schoology!  So yes, it needs to be done!  Now - we COULD buy a program like Casper which allows you to wirelessly push apps and automatically update apps - at a mere $10,000 we aren't quite ready to invest the money in this - but maybe that time is coming sooner than we think!!:)
    On that note - it's something that will make life easier for the teachers and students and NEEDS to be done - so another message from the Kid President as a gentle reminder why we're all here:

With that - Happy Wednesday Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

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