Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Relationship Continues.......

  There was a 2nd grade student here who forgot her pass code.  Now, normally they aren't supposed to have a pass code, but no big deal I guess - hook it up to configurator and apply which simply updates apps and wipes the code off - NOT SO!!!!!  This is one of those younger grade iPads where we manually put in an "iCloud" account that is made for lower elementary in case it was needed.  We didn't merge ANYTHING and turned off EVERYTHING except Find My iPhone.  However, with the new Apple Configurator update, it WILL NOT allow you to bypass this.  So, I put the password in - which I KNOW is the right one - and it tells me that you can't deregister this device - UGH!!  So I tried the "let's unsupervise this device without losing apps codes" - when the iPad is connected - right click, hold down the command button and the "Remove" option will appear.  When you do this - it WILL give you your codes BACK and then it will unsupervise it automatically.  However, the BAD YUCKY thing is that you have to supervise the device again AND put ALL the apps back on as it wipes the iPad out  Now this seems pretty trivial - but to do this with the entire K-2 seems SO daunting to me:(!!!  Apple Configurator HAS to come out with another update - as the only reason that we are removing iCloud is to DO something with the iPad - whether it be removing or adding apps, etc.. it's not like we're stealing the iPad and trying to reset it so we can use it - I UNDERSTAND the reasoning behind it in the real world if it's a personal one - but we should HAVE the rights to do with them what we want - after all - we are the OWNER and SUPERVISORS of these devices!

An update is coming again for Apple Configurator - I'd put money on this one!!
Happy MEA break for us - YAHOO:)!!!  Just like a Friday today.....
Mrs. I:)

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