Monday, October 7, 2013


   I came back from the MAASFEP Conference and YES IT WORKED!!  The iPad that I restored FINALLY took - kept the redemption codes - and can now use as another iPad if the need arises - YAHOO:)!!!  The ONE trick that I found out today was if you are in Configurator - and an iPad is NOT responding like I was having problems - you can remove it from your GROUP and then it gives you back ALL your redemption codes!!  If you simply right click on the iPad, push the command button, you will be given the option to Remove from Group - click and it WILL remove it, which will make you have to prepare it again, but it will also give you back the codes from that iPad for paid apps!!  YES YES YES!!  Although it's a PAIN, yes, it works for a LAST RESORT deal!!!  Now, the kids lost EVERYTHING on those iPads - but at last is able to be set up again and used for another student.  WHEW!!!
   The MAASFEP Conference was really great!  Not only did I have the opportunity to present on Reading Apps, Websites and more, I was able to hear Greg Tang!  AMAZING MAN!!!  If you have NEVER heard of him - he created the Kakooma and wrote the book The Grapes of Math.  The other SO GREAT thing - his website is NOT FLASH (well, the books), which means can be used with the iPad - I LOVE THIS MAN:)!!!!  His website is Greg Tang Math and you MUST try Kakooma!  He is SUCH an amazing mathematician and teaches some really GREAT concepts that make sense to students!  CHECK HIM OUT!!!
   That's all for today - kind of a boring day in Barnesville - but I'll TAKE IT:)!!
Happy Monday Night
Mrs. I:)

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