Thursday, October 24, 2013


  All went well yesterday after we had done the Apple Configurator update - here were a few that we had to put into recovery mode, etc... which wasn't GREAT- but worked alright.  Students had to put in email address again as well as Schoology, no big deal.  Some lost their camera roll pictures - not the TOTAL end of the world.  But TODAY - 5 kids have LOST EVERYTHING!!! UGH!!  I don't do ANYTHING different with these iPads that I don't do with the others that have worked fine - so WHY?????????????  A senior girl and a freshman boy lost EVERYTHING!  It COMPLETELY WIPED their iPads and reinstalled ALL again - WHY???????????  I want to call Apple but I am TOO MAD to call as I wouldn't be anything tactful at all - so I sit and ponder what it might be - maybe I should use another word than Ponder, I guess they're throwing him back in next week, huh??:):)  I just don't know what to do.  AND the part that gets me the MOST is Apple KNOWS that schools across the country are using iPads - they KNOW that students are putting notes in there, using for projects and presentations, etc... WHY DO THEY PUT AN UPDATE OUT IF THEY HAVEN"T COVERED ALL BASES??  Yes, I AM YELLING HERE!!  Not at you, I apologize, just SO frustrated.  We started the year SO SO SO AMAZING!!  Things worked perfectly, yes I will even dare say perfectly!  Then - the iOS7 Update comes out and ALL has gone to pot.  Yes, they came out with an Apple Configurator update, which was needed - but WHY WHY WHY would they do these updates during the year and make all a mess!  Bring update out in the spring - iPads are turned in and there is time to figure out things over the summer; but when kids NEED them how can this be?
   I TRULY think I might have to take some time off here - OH my head is KILLING me and worst of all I can do NOTHING about it:(!!!

Here's to a hopeful afternoon and tomorrow,
Mrs. I:)


  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  2. You're Welcome! I will try and keep updated as things evolve with Apple and what might happen tomorrow once we hook up the younger students' iPads and try to Update:)!! Good luck with whatever you are working on and with:)