Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Road Block - sigh....

  One more road block for us to overcome.  The plan was to come to the elementary school and update iPads as many of the apps aren't working write or working at ALL as they need the new version.  So here we are - Casey brought everything over and started hooking that I up, I ran down to 2nd grade and grabbed two classroom's worth of iPads.  We hook them up and the yellow triangle of death appears!  I think - huh - something simple - and it was supposed to be.  Not sure if you know this, but when you put iCloud on your iPad, you have to remove it in order to work with configurator - not sure why as you didn't have to BEFORE the update, but whatever - simply put the password in and all is fine - NOT SO!!!  We put in the password and it says you can't deregister this device - which basically means we can't do ANYTHING to it - AND the worst part - the App Store appears on it so that gives the student open access - UGH!!  So right now - there are about 20 iPads sitting with NO answer.  Casey is on the phone with Apple as we speak - but the more we read the more everyone says DO NOT do the update.  But if we DO NOT do the update - we have apps not working - so for now we will see where today brings us - AFTER talking with Apple - who knows!

I'll update later
Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

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