Wednesday, October 23, 2013


  So - yesterday I sat with ONE simple iPad trying to get it to work with Configurator - to NO AVAIL of course;(!!!  Then - I walk into my work space at the elementary and see Casey sitting with the iPad and rolling just like it should be!  I was NOT HAPPY!!!!  However - he mentioned that there was an Apple Configurator update - YES YES YES - THANK YOU APPLE:)!!  Now - we are still having issues with SOME things, for instance you still have to remove the Find My iPhone passwords on individual accounts - but the first grade one I did was PERFECT!!!  We were able to plug through third grade and stragglers in less than a half day - YES!!  That means we will be able to go to the high school and catch 6th grade this afternoon, and next Monday and Tuesday grades K-2 - THEN DONE!!

Now, the update didn't catch all - but many things it did - so THANK YOU ApPLe for Today:)!
Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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