Friday, October 4, 2013

1 Hour and 45 Minutes Later......

   OH APPLE:)!!!  How can I talk poorly about the beloved company that I have ADORED for YEARS!!  However - I have NEVER been on the iPad Integrationist side before last year - so perspectives CHANGE!  I DO DO DO still love my beloved Apple, don't get me wrong here, but OH OH OH the frustrations with iOS 7!   
   I am not sure if you read about the two iPads that were killing me the last two weeks - FINALLY after an hour and 45 minutes with an Apple consultant - we were able to SAVE the app redemption codes and WIPE the iPads clear - we'll at least I THINK that's what happened as I left in mid process as I thought I might be having a mental breakdown!!!  However, as usual, I learned some new things (I'm thinking TONS OF PATIENCE here), and the iPads are now USABLE again - WHEW:)!!
   It is ALWAYS nice to hear that I didn't do anything wrong, either, as clearly they had to elevate me to three different Apple reps before the problem was resolved - hence the 1 hour and 45 minutes conversation as I had to retell the story that many times, too:)!!  SO thanks to Fidel - we are GOOD TO GO

Here's to a Happy Weekend everyone - I have been at MAASFEP in Minneaspolis this week and have heard some GREAT sessions and FUN things to bring back to staff:)!!  I will write about later this weekend or Monday!

Take care and Happy Homecoming here in Barnesville - GO TROJANS!!!
Mrs. I:)

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