Monday, October 14, 2013


  The case that we have on our iPads here is the Griffin Survivor!  Now, Casey did research to find out WHICH case would be the best one - and help beat the odds of cracking screens!  Overall - the performance level of this case has been outstanding!  Today's story is CASE IN POINT!!!

  An elementary school student lost her iPad.   I received a phone call on Friday that it was no where to be found.  I said, "Why don't you look for it over the weekend and retrace your steps.  If you don't have it on Monday, then we'll get you a new one for the time being as they usually show up:)!!"  She came back to school today without an iPad.  Her teacher called me to say that they had no luck finding it, but that her number was such and such.  I looked it up on My iCloud and saw that it was offline so was unable to locate it.  HOWEVER - the secretary at the elementary school received a phone call from a gentleman saying that he found an iPad on the Interstate!  YUP it was HER iPad.  He stopped as he saw something along the side of the road, clicked the home button and saw it was Barnesville Public School and called and brought it in - WOW!!  GO GRIFFIN GO GRIFFIN:)!! Now, I don't know the ENTIRE story - whether the iPad was left on TOP of the car, or it dropped out after they might have stopped, not sure - regardless iPAD FOUND:)!!!!

  I STILL chuckle just thinking about it - what are the odds!!  Slim to none for sure!

Happy Day everyone,
Mrs. I:)


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  2. Thanks - and YES we are SO happy that we bought these! Not just in this instance, but MANY MANY others as well;)