Monday, October 28, 2013

Exceptional Day:)!

   Today was BY FAR one of the BEST days as far as successes since iOS 7 updates!  Remember a while back I talked about those silly K-2 iPads that I could do NOTHING with because of the Find my iPhone turned on on them - well Casey was going to call Apple.  However, he figured NOPE not going to do it - going to FIGURE. IT. OUT. MYSELF!  Which he DID:)!!  YAHOO CASEY!!  HE was able to put the iPads into recovery mode and bypass the iCloud situation that we had going on - YES YES YES!!  By simply holding down both the home button and power button - letting the screen go black - plug the iPad into Configurator - and then holding down the home button until you get that "plug into iTunes" picture on the iPad - which puts it into recovery mode - we were able to THEN proceed!!  Now, I didn't have to do it to MANY of them - maybe like 10 or so - but it worked none the less - THANK YOU!!!  So, the day consisted of working in Ms. Brown's room this morning - playing with them on Explain Everything and teaching them this app, and finished all 2nd grade and half of 1st grade.  I will finish 1st grade and Kindergarten tomorrow and head back to the high school NOT having to update anymore this year - HOPEFULLY:)!!!

One can ALWAYS dream, right? 
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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