Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Day of Productivity:)

   Well - another day almost in the books. OK let's be realistic - I will be back after supper, but at least for now I have 8th-12th DONE and the first batch of 7th - YAHOO:)!!!  Here is a shot of a few more DARLINGS that came in to help - YES YES YES:)!!!
AND we had some AMAZING teacher come in and play with Schoology!!  YES YES YES - we are SO learning this all together - but it's getting easier EACH and EVERY time that we use it:)!!  LOVE THAT!!  Here we are working:

 Everyone is doing SUCH am AMAZING job with this - I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!   The iPads were one thing - and YES we are STILL learning here, too - but this is quite another thought process as the way of doing things and correcting and collecting really is changing again!  Luckily we have the BEST teachers that "JUST KEEP SWIMMING" when things arise for them to learn and embrace:-)!!

Feeling Lucky FOR SURE with the staff and individuals that I get to work with - YAHOO:)!!
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Another Day in iPadville;)!!

  Well - we are now officially done with 9-12 - YES:)!!  I know, seems pretty trivial and unimpressive, but the way configurator was that first day - we are PUMPED:)!!  I have the first batch of a large 8th grade class running - all before 9:12am:)
   All iPads are now charged - that will NEVER happen again!  Those of you out there - I hope you're not going through the same thing and didn't have kids fully charge and shut down iPads before the end of the year - if so, you are doing what we are!
   Have some more apps to import with redemption codes for younger grades - so working on that now!  That's about it for today! More sweeties are coming it to finish up cord wrapping and writing of access codes; Monday will be here before we know it;)!!

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  Look at these darlings - they came in to help out;-)!!!

The top picture is of the girls writing out access codes for parents on index cards for Schoology.  We will lay them out alphabetically on distribution nights so parents can create their Schoology accounts and have that set up before school starts.  The bottom picture shows wrapping of those nasty cords - look at the result:
SO SO SO much better:)!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  This is why we are able to be SO successful here - everyone is willing to pitch in - even the kiddos:)

We now have three grade levels done and the last batch of the fourth grade level - yahoo - configurator is finally cooperating:)!!

Happy Night
Mrs. I:)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Try, Try Again!!

  So here I sit at school trying once AGAIN to get these apps updated and into Configurator!!!  If I do only a few apps at a time it seems to be ok - then I quit iTunes and open Configurator and import them - REPEAT - REPEAT:)!!!  So far so good - so if this is what I have to do I guess that's the way it goes!!
   I have now almost finished 7-12 for charging iPads - UGH!!  I WILL NOT DO THIS NEXT YEAR!   Wow - think ahead - lesson learned FOR SURE!!  Not that I could have done anything with them if they WERE charged with Configurator working the way it is - but that would have been ONE less stresser - life goes on - right!:-)
Check this out - project #200 for today:
There are at least organized by GRADE level - but I will need to untangle and rewrap - CAN NOT WAIT:)!!

Ok - enough with the sarcasm - clearly there is a lot of work that needs to be done - I'll keep you posted!
Happy Saturday and Zorbaz Run if you did it -
Mrs. I:)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh Configurator - the LOVE/HATE Relationship!!

  UGH!!  Yup - already saying that!!!(  Well here's the saga........

Casey brought the MacMini to his house as it wasn't working great at school so he wanted to take a peek.  Come to find out that the memory chip in there is bad!  No biggie - ALL the apps are still there:), and he just ordered a new memory chip to replace it.  For now it should be good to go with what we have to do - aren't adding NEW ones really just updating and replacing - so we say!!

I brought the MacMini back to school to hook up and get going with the updating - that's where I am now - the MacMini keeps shutting down and restarting - YIKES!!  IT DOES reopen and start working again but then I get the "BLACK BOX OF DEATH" saying that your computer needs to restart- RIPPING MY HAIR OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!  I am PRAYING that the memory is the answer so once Casey gets it, he can put it in and go from there - BLAH!!

So here I sit working on app lists, Schoology and importing new Kindergarteners - which ALL has to be done - but I am just SICK in the pit of my stomach!!  UGH..........

On a lighter and LESS stressful note - we didn't have ANY of the iPads charged - so we are in the process of doing that.  Why would we have the students FULLY charge their iPads in the spring and then power them down - that would have only MADE SENSE!!! :(


I'll keep you posted - AND to top it off - we start distribution a WEEK FROM MONDAY - let's see how much magic Casey and I can pull off - LOTS OF PRAYERS that's for sure:)!!

Happy Friday and Weekend -
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back at it tomorrow..........with Schoology!!

   Well, tomorrow we are back at things!  I will be meeting with the staff that wants to come in to do Schoology.  However it's really going to be a work and learn session as I have NO agenda for this!  I really don't know any more than the teachers at this point, so we are going to learn together on this one:)!!   We will also be getting together next week and possibly one more time before school to start throwing things together.  Hopefully they have been dabbling into Schoology prior to tomorrow:)!!
     Casey and I will also start configuring iPads.  I have a letter together for distribution that will hopefully be mailed by the end of the week.  We are going to offer various sessions once again during the day and at night for students to come and get their iPads.  We will also be going over Schoology and what exactly this is going to do for our school. 
     I will blog again tomorrow after our day working with Schoology and keep you posted of what's happening!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I've Been Up To Update:)

  Well - to be COMPLETELY HONEST - really haven't done TOO much with ANYTHING:)!  Enjoying my summer and time with the boys!  However - I HAVE done some things:

1.  Started a digital textbook with Mrs. Gross, an English teacher.  She wanted a reference for her seniors, so we have that up and going - WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

2. QR Codes for Mrs. Forsgren's math alphabet letters - not ALL the way done, but that will be finished soon!

3.  Schoology - YIKES!  That is coming FAST - so I just sent out an email to ALL STAFF if anyone wants to come and meet up next week and play, play, play - learn together!!

4. Macmini Updates and all updates for Apps - I plan on doing this early next week as well

5.  START iPADS:)!!  My partner is vacationing - MUST NEEDED AND DESERVED - with his family so he is off this week and back next - so we will become zombies at the school again getting those buggers up and running:)!!

That's it for now - I will keep you posted as next week comes about and we start at it again - Hard to believe that year 1 is UNDER OUR BELTS:)!!  Not pros by ANY means, but know SO much more than we did last year at this point - YAHOO:)!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)