Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I've Been Up To Update:)

  Well - to be COMPLETELY HONEST - really haven't done TOO much with ANYTHING:)!  Enjoying my summer and time with the boys!  However - I HAVE done some things:

1.  Started a digital textbook with Mrs. Gross, an English teacher.  She wanted a reference for her seniors, so we have that up and going - WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

2. QR Codes for Mrs. Forsgren's math alphabet letters - not ALL the way done, but that will be finished soon!

3.  Schoology - YIKES!  That is coming FAST - so I just sent out an email to ALL STAFF if anyone wants to come and meet up next week and play, play, play - learn together!!

4. Macmini Updates and all updates for Apps - I plan on doing this early next week as well

5.  START iPADS:)!!  My partner is vacationing - MUST NEEDED AND DESERVED - with his family so he is off this week and back next - so we will become zombies at the school again getting those buggers up and running:)!!

That's it for now - I will keep you posted as next week comes about and we start at it again - Hard to believe that year 1 is UNDER OUR BELTS:)!!  Not pros by ANY means, but know SO much more than we did last year at this point - YAHOO:)!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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