Saturday, August 10, 2013

Try, Try Again!!

  So here I sit at school trying once AGAIN to get these apps updated and into Configurator!!!  If I do only a few apps at a time it seems to be ok - then I quit iTunes and open Configurator and import them - REPEAT - REPEAT:)!!!  So far so good - so if this is what I have to do I guess that's the way it goes!!
   I have now almost finished 7-12 for charging iPads - UGH!!  I WILL NOT DO THIS NEXT YEAR!   Wow - think ahead - lesson learned FOR SURE!!  Not that I could have done anything with them if they WERE charged with Configurator working the way it is - but that would have been ONE less stresser - life goes on - right!:-)
Check this out - project #200 for today:
There are at least organized by GRADE level - but I will need to untangle and rewrap - CAN NOT WAIT:)!!

Ok - enough with the sarcasm - clearly there is a lot of work that needs to be done - I'll keep you posted!
Happy Saturday and Zorbaz Run if you did it -
Mrs. I:)

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