Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back at it tomorrow..........with Schoology!!

   Well, tomorrow we are back at things!  I will be meeting with the staff that wants to come in to do Schoology.  However it's really going to be a work and learn session as I have NO agenda for this!  I really don't know any more than the teachers at this point, so we are going to learn together on this one:)!!   We will also be getting together next week and possibly one more time before school to start throwing things together.  Hopefully they have been dabbling into Schoology prior to tomorrow:)!!
     Casey and I will also start configuring iPads.  I have a letter together for distribution that will hopefully be mailed by the end of the week.  We are going to offer various sessions once again during the day and at night for students to come and get their iPads.  We will also be going over Schoology and what exactly this is going to do for our school. 
     I will blog again tomorrow after our day working with Schoology and keep you posted of what's happening!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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