Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Day of Productivity:)

   Well - another day almost in the books. OK let's be realistic - I will be back after supper, but at least for now I have 8th-12th DONE and the first batch of 7th - YAHOO:)!!!  Here is a shot of a few more DARLINGS that came in to help - YES YES YES:)!!!
AND we had some AMAZING teacher come in and play with Schoology!!  YES YES YES - we are SO learning this all together - but it's getting easier EACH and EVERY time that we use it:)!!  LOVE THAT!!  Here we are working:

 Everyone is doing SUCH am AMAZING job with this - I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!   The iPads were one thing - and YES we are STILL learning here, too - but this is quite another thought process as the way of doing things and correcting and collecting really is changing again!  Luckily we have the BEST teachers that "JUST KEEP SWIMMING" when things arise for them to learn and embrace:-)!!

Feeling Lucky FOR SURE with the staff and individuals that I get to work with - YAHOO:)!!
Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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