Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CodeHS - Great Site for High School Students

We have been looking for something in regards to coding for our senior high school students.  They have been having fun playing with the Sphero and the Dash and Dot, but they are a little old for this so to say.  Through my research, I came across a site called CodeHS.  THIS IS AMAZING:)!!!  Once you sign up, you are taken through a series of courses where you actually code.  You type in the commands and functions, trying to walk Karel, the dog, through various tasks.  Each section features a video explaining what you'll learn, a quiz to review, and then you step in and use what you learned to code Karel. 

This seems like a really good fit for some of our kids.  We have two that are going into Computer Science, and this seems like a perfect stepping stone as it introduces HTML, Javascript and Python as they are also areas they will learn:).

AND the best part - it's DONE FOR YOU and IT'S FREE!! Of COURSE you can pay for more, but it really seems to give the basics and be a good chance for students to "start" the process of learning.

Good Luck - Stay Warm - STORMING HERE TODAY - UGH!!  BUT, supposed to be warm on Thursday - YAHOO:)!

Happy Tuesday All,
Mrs I:)

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