Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Makey Makey - TRY ONE:)!!!

Our adaptive physical education teacher came to me yesterday asking about a Makey Makey!  She wondered if I have ever heard of it and I say YES YES:)!!! I gave one a few years ago to a neighbor boy who was interested in building things.  I asked him to bring it in for us to try!  Her plan was to use this device to act as a "switch" for a student to use with the Wii to bowl, bat, etc.. as the student is able to hit a button but not grasp a controller.  So, today, myself, Casey,  and three other students set out to get this bugger working.  It DOES NOT work with the Wii as the sensor control doesn't catch it - however - it DOES work perfectly with a computer! 

See below:

Basically, the Makey Makey is a control board that allows you to use the space bar or click on your computer by tapping an object you have alligator wired to the circuit.  In the picture above, for example, a student created a Pac Man joystick using the directions on the circuit.  He drew a directional pad on the piece of paper with pencil for a current flow, and he simply taps the piece of paper now to move Pac Man around on the screen instead of the arrow keys.  This is going to work BEAUTIFULLY with the student for OT, as she will be able to do things on the computer by tapping an apple, banana, or a piece of paper with a penciled in shape.  The kiddos "playing" with it in the library this morning LOVED it - you will, too:)!  And, at a price of only $50, it's affordable enough for trying out at least.  The possibilities are endless - check out the link above for more ideas!!

Happy Tuesday, all
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Do the iOS 9 update or NOT?

  I WISH I had a great answer for this - but I don't!!  Some kiddos have DONE the update and others have NOT as they don't have enough storage - which is OUR problem.  Each student only has a 16GB iPad, so with the iOS 9 taking up 1.2 of that, it doesn't leave much wiggle room for apps like Notion, GarageBand, Music Theory for Beginners, Cell and Cell Structure, and Frog Dissection.  Those are JUST a few.  AND if kiddos use Dropbox at all - that takes storage, too - UGH!!  That's not even counting other amazing apps for creation like iMovie and Explain Everything...... so for now what do you do - if they CAN do it - they ARE doing it as wanted.  Then, if I have trouble doing updates or adding additional apps for electives, I end up deleting the iOS 9 update - nothing else to do I guess.

With that being said, there are some REALLY neat features with iOS 9 - those being converting websites to PDF for kiddos without Internet and split screens - take a look to see if you missed some!

Happy Week all - now with Homecoming checked off - time to buckle down and be UBER productive:)

Take care -
Mrs. I:)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Oh Apple - I KNEW it was coming!!

 I am going to TOTALLY copy and past what my Apple guy sent along - ugh:)!!

Hardware Highlights from Recent Announcement
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen with Keyboard Option and Apple Pencil - http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/
All new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus - http://www.apple.com/iphone/
Apple TV with new TVos open to developers - http://www.apple.com/tv/
iOS 9
* iOS 9 is a free upgrade and will ship on September 16thhttps://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/
* iOS 9 is supported on iPad 2 and greater.
* iOS 9 will take much less free space to install than previous iOS updates.

iOS 9 is full of new management capabilities that many of you have been asking for.  These include things like:
* Assign and deploy a VPP purchased app to a device (not a person) using your MDM server without the need for an Apple ID on the device.
* Deploying apps to a device while keeping the App Store restricted so the end user can’t see it or use it.
* Restrict users from being able to trust Enterprise Developer Profiles for 3rd party apps (think Vshare).

State Testing Update
MDE and Pearson announced support for the Full Size iPad for Minnesota State Testing. Roadshow dates with MDE, Apple and Pearson are coming soon! 

Now, none of this is a surprise to ANY of us, but they're KILLING us!!  The biggest one being that you can now MDE and Pearson test on the full size iPad - GREAT - NOT GREAT - as we JUST switched to iPad minis this past year - oh well.  One will NEVER really be caught up with ANY technology, as the MINUTE you walk out the door, they are putting something BIGGER and BETTER on the shelf you just left:)!

Happy Monday all
Mrs. I:)