Monday, September 28, 2015

Do the iOS 9 update or NOT?

  I WISH I had a great answer for this - but I don't!!  Some kiddos have DONE the update and others have NOT as they don't have enough storage - which is OUR problem.  Each student only has a 16GB iPad, so with the iOS 9 taking up 1.2 of that, it doesn't leave much wiggle room for apps like Notion, GarageBand, Music Theory for Beginners, Cell and Cell Structure, and Frog Dissection.  Those are JUST a few.  AND if kiddos use Dropbox at all - that takes storage, too - UGH!!  That's not even counting other amazing apps for creation like iMovie and Explain Everything...... so for now what do you do - if they CAN do it - they ARE doing it as wanted.  Then, if I have trouble doing updates or adding additional apps for electives, I end up deleting the iOS 9 update - nothing else to do I guess.

With that being said, there are some REALLY neat features with iOS 9 - those being converting websites to PDF for kiddos without Internet and split screens - take a look to see if you missed some!

Happy Week all - now with Homecoming checked off - time to buckle down and be UBER productive:)

Take care -
Mrs. I:)

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