Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sell Your Planet

   Students in Mrs. Askegaard's 5th Grade classroom were busy this week researching and finding information about planets.  As part of their study, students had to choose a planet and then create a commercial to "Sell Their Planet."  Here is a sample below - I believe they used their camera on their iPad and filmed themselves. 

    Another great example of a fun way for kids to use their iPads; and they LOVE anytime that they can film themselves or one another!

Happy Easter Everyone,
Mrs. I;-)

Apps Gone Free....

There were a few today that I put into Configurator:

1. Phoster - normally $1.99 free today!
This app allows you to create posters on the iPad in a simple, easy way.  There are layout options, font choices, color choices, etc.. all that you would need.  You can also either take photos, or choose from camera roll.  I can see this one used for VARIOUS reasons:)

2. DMD Panorama - normally $1.99 free today!
Another photography app, but SUPER cool;)!!  This app allows you to snap panoramic pictures - how cool!  Just put your iPad/iPhone in portrait mode, tap the start button and more your device to the left or right.  It will piece the images together for a panoramic view!!

Those are the ones for today- Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Apps Today - YEAH:)!!!

There are three apps that I put into Configurator and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

1. Bookworm is BY FAR one of my MOST FAVORITE apps to play!!  Mrs. Askegaard and I once spent an entire flight from California engulfed in this madness:)!!!  This app gives you a screen of connected letters and you have to make words.  The longer the word, the more points you earn.  You will also start opening categories as you find words and they library will contain words that, if you can find them, give you more bonus points:)!!!  I LOVE THIS ONE:)!!!  Normally $1.99 - FREE TODAY:)!!!

2.  Magic Sorter would be a great app for PreK-Kindergarten for students that don't know their shapes and colors.  Each screen has a different skill or activity for them to work on.  Normally $1.99 - FREE TODAY:)

3.  Color Accent is an app that let's you take photos and accent certain parts.  After taking or importing a photo, simply tap on the color you want to accent in the photo, or hit the plus button to accent more than one.  I can see our photography students using this one!  Normally $.99 but FREE TODAY:)!!

That's all for today - try these out;)!
Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Appy Hour for today:)

  Here is the list of apps that we went over for "Appy" hour this morning!  Some of them are apps that the students currently have on their iPads, and others are ones that they will be getting after seeing them today:)!  Some great ones for Language Arts and vocabulary - check them out;)!!

   I will write some more later about Schoology and all we found out and saw - pretty neat!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Apps Gone Free today - Schoology Visit

   There was only one that I put into Configurator today - it is a graphing app called Grafikal.  This iPhone/iPad app is pretty cool as it allows you to graph functions and see various graph outputs.
  On another note - Casey and I had a GREAT visit with Bryan Poyzer, a music/iPad integrationist in the West Central School District.  We went there on a mission to talk about Schoology.  We were NOT disappointed!  They, too - just like Minnetonka and Watertown-Mayer LOVE Schoology!   They had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about it - the seamless transfer, the ease of use for teachers, parents and students, and most importantly the CONSISTENCY that it has for everyone.  They are going to be adding Schoology for the younger grades next year too - so they said that is something that they wish they would have done right off the bat- so we ARE heading in the right direction!! YAHOO:)!!  More on Schoology tomorrow after my mind has decompressed a little and I have gathered my thoughts together more:)!!

Happy night,
Mrs. I:)

QR Post - more later:)

  Well, once again I was AMAZED by the use of QR codes in our school.  Last night, I was in attendance at my youngest son's music program, and long and behold Mrs. Gylland has QR codes IN THE PROGRAM - yes it's true - IN THE PROGRAM!!  The first one was a link to a slideshow that you could watch as the kids sang, and the other ones were additional information about various songs or composers - SO COOL:)!!!  Here is what it looked like:

   How fabulous and over the top is that??  My son and I followed along with the slideshow - and we checked out some of the additional ones at home!  SO neat to see people in the audience with their student iPads taking pictures, video taping, and using the QR Reader!!

SO GREAT - Happy Day
Mrs. I:)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sugata Mitra.....something to think about:)!

  I was listening to a TED Talk this weekend about an experiment done by Sugata Mitra called "The Hole in the Wall."  Basically he set up a computer in places in India where kids would have NEVER seen one, never been exposed to one, and had no one there to teach them how to use it.   He was testing to see if kids can learn various concepts and ideas from technology even if they have NEVER been exposed to concepts, didn't speak the languages that it was taught in, or had the money to afford high priced items.  You will be AMAZED at his discoveries - check out his TED Talk below:)!

Happy Monday - didn't see any free apps that I would recommend -
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Free App- sorry:(

  There was only one app that I took and downloaded into configurator.  Not sure if we will use it- but I DID take the Van Gogh app that is normally $.99 and free today!  This app takes a little while to download as it contains well over 1,000 pieces of work by VanGogh.  You can browse through and search for specific pieces of art and zoom in close, too.  I would have used this as I taught VanGogh - and I know that our 2nd grade does, too!
Sorry that I am SO late in this - should be free until they show the new ones tomorrow around 11am or so:)!

Happy Sunday Night,
Mrs. I:)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Story Dice - FREE:)!!

 The only app that I fee beneficial is the app Story Dice.  This app allows you to roll the dice that contains over 140 pictograms, which will help you create a great story, paragraph or sentences.  You can roll up to 10 dice at a time, and there are optional game ideas and instructions:)!!  Normally this app is $1.99 - FREE TODAY:)

Happy Saturday Night - GO MARCH MADNESS:)
Mrs. I:-)

Speaking of - look at the PLETHORA of March Madness apps to follow your favorite teams - although I am SHOT with one of my brackets as Wisconsin lost:(!! However - always - Go UNC:):):)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Free App - can't forget:)

There are a few today that I put into Configurator - not sure staff will use them all but maybe a couple will work for them -

Love You to the Moon and Back - is an interactive storybook that you can actually record your own voice on and read back to your little ones.  There are even options to change the text so you can insert a student's name:) - normally $2.99 - free today!

Gro Memo is an eco friendly app that helps with the environment and recycling.  The app has you clean up your polluted homes by pairing cards that show interactive ways that the world will be better.  Normally $1.99 - free today!

Fitness for iPad is a fitness app that has 100 different workouts or you can also create your own.  Each activity has step-by-step instructions, photos, videos, an audio - normally $.99 - free today!

WordTag is similar to the game Taboo where you have to describe a word and then try to get your teammates to guess it without saying certain words.  There are over 10,000 words in this iPhone databased app - normally $1.99 - free today!

 Save the Pencil - Save the pencil by joining dots in this pencil game!  Your mission is to join  all of the dots in each level.  Moving from dot to dot is as easy as tapping on each one - normally $1.99 - free today!

Happy Appying,
Mrs. I:)

Language Arts Ideas.....

   Mrs. Olson, a first grade teacher here, shared a link with me from Pinterest titled Digital Storytelling with iPads!  The teacher, Karen Bosch  that created this is an Apple Distinguished Educator - which you know you are always getting great ideas there!  Here is also the link to her website I want to give a quick "recap" of some ideas and apps that you can use for various activities.  Feel free to jump onto the website to check it out for yourself.  Some of the ideas have already been used, and some a super neat and cool.  I haven't yet played with (you KNOW that I have downloaded them - since I am an APP ADDICT:) all of the apps she mentions, but they look pretty fun for teachers to teach with and kids to use - here is a general list of things found on the slideshow:

1. Choose a photo/text app such as Photo Collage Creator (which is the one we use) or Pic Collage and have the students write a story with 6 word only!  Have them use the front camera on their iPad to take the photos of themselves.  This would be a neat back to school activity, of end of the year activity after the year's complete.

2. Combine photography with poetry using the apps above

3. Using Bill Atkinson Photo Card Lite (free) students can write a post card to a friend, have them write in a certain tense, point of view of just different genre.  A neat one!

4. Write About This is a free/$2.99 app that allow you to write with photo prompts.  You can also add in your own - what a great way to get students writing.

5.  Students can use the app Trading Cards (free)to write about and create their own "baseball" trading cards about topics of choice.  They can import photos and take and then write to go with it.

6.  These are both great story writing apps - you can never have enough of these:  Collin's Big Cats Series and  Story Kit and they're both free!

7.  Here are some comic strip apps to check out - I haven't had a chance yet - but if I find one I love you know I'll blog it later - Photo Comic ($.99), Comic Touch Lite (free), Half Tone ($.99), Kabaam ($.99)

8.  These video/audio apps looked kind of fun, too  - Audioboo (free), Morfo (free), Cartoonatic Christmas (free), DoodleCam (free)

That's what I could compile from Karen Bosch's Site - feel free to check it out!

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toddler and PreK apps -

   I have had a few requests for apps for PreK kids - early developmental ones - OH THEY ARE SMART!  I have to share this photo before I continue with the apps - look at this little bugger - this is Mrs. Askegaard's son, watching the PBS Kids app - he can even close out and go back in - WOW:)  Not even two yet!!!

SMART SMART SMART LITTLE BUGGERS!!!  And we question how kids will respond to the iPads and using them - QUESTION ANSWERED:)!!!
   Since I do not have little kids like this any more I questioned some friends that DO have little ones and here is the list of apps that they said  - little ones LOVE:

Learn with WordFriends - free
iWrite Words - $2.99
Elmo Loves ABCs Lite for iPad - free
Abby Monkey Letter Quiz School Adventure - $1.99
Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite - free
I Spy with Lola - $1.99
Lego App4+ - free
Agnitus - free
Endless Alphabet - free
PBS Parents Play & Learn - free
PBS Kids - free
Squiggles! - free
Let's Color - free
Fisher Price Baby Apps - free
Smack That Gugl - $.99

That's the list - I know that there are SO SO SO many more - but these are from actual mothers who like the interaction and interface of them -

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Math and Some Other Apps.....

   I think I had mentioned that some of our elementary teachers attended a workshop in Moorhead regarding apps in math.  Actually, I think the same gal from the New York area presented one that another high school math teacher attended the week before:).  Anyways,  here is a list of the apps that SHE recommended for math and others that you should just have - some I have ALREADY mentioned - which is SO great to hear as the more you hear the better apps they probably are:

Apps to Have:
iFunFace - $.99
Stick Pick - $2.99
Apps Gone Free - free
Doodle Cast Pro - $2.99
iCard Sort - $5.99

Number Sense:
Subitising Flash Cards - $1.99
Friends of Ten - $.99
Dominoes Addition - $1.99
Ladybird Maths - $1.99
Math Adventures - lite version - not sure paid?
Hands-On Math Hundreds Chart - $1.99
Number Rack - free

Math Doodles - $2.99 (VERY GOOD)
Everyday Genius: Squarelogic - $.99
Doodle Numbers Quiz - free
Nxt App 4 Kids - $2.99
Hands on Equations Level One - $4.99
Motion Math: Wings - free
Mathmateer (formerly Rocket Math) - free
Math Evolve - $1.99
Meteor Math - $.99
Math Blaster  - $.99
Math Snacks - free
Pattern Blocks - by Brainingcamp - $.99
Geoboards by the Math Learning Center - free
Virtual Manipulatives - free
Freefall Money - $1.99
Everyday Math Apps - here is ONE example BUY IN APRIL - FREE!  $1.99 now
My Script Calculator - free

All of the above apps were taken from the attended seminar titled, "Practical Strategies for Using iPads and Outstanding Apps, Websites, and Cutting-Edge Resources to Enhance Your Math Instruction" presented by Linda Mumme and Jennifer Leese - Central York School District, York, PA.

OK - I KNOW that's overwhelming - wow!  What ISN'T overwhelming about the iPads:)!!  SO HARD, SO MUCH WORK, and SO SO SO WORTH IT:)!!!  You're kids will thank you, your parents will thank you, and I THANK YOU for putting the time and effort into this EVERY learning innovative technology tool:)!!!

Happy night,
Mrs. I:)

Two good free ones today folks......

   Ok today there are TWO free apps that I would recommend:

1.  Speech Journal - regular $1.99 and FREE today:)  This app allows Speech Pathologists and parents the ability to create customized language slideshow activities for targeted areas and needs with sounds.  You can import pictures or take your own as well as export and share.  We DO have this one but bought it in August - SHUCKS!!!!
2.  Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar - regular $2.99 and FREE today:)!!  This app has children find different amounts and types of foods to feed the caterpillar.  It is listed as an educational math game, and has audio cues and narration to help guide children through!!  We did not have this one at the beginning of the year - but we do now:)!!!
Happy continued app searching -
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More that look great.....

   Our Speech teacher, Mrs. Field, told me about an app called Jumbled Sentences by Innovative Net Learning Limited.  However, once I got into the iTunes store, there are 5 MORE:)!!!
    These apps are designed to help students learn to write and construct sentences.  By simply dropping and dragging words into the proper order, students make sentences.
 The reader reads the sentence aloud that the student makes.  As each sentence is correct, they earn coins to buy stickers to track progress.  The sentences get progressively harder.

Check these out - and FREE:)!
Mrs. I:)

Free App - Miss Olive's Backyard Games

   The only app I thought that might be beneficial today is Miss Olive's Backyard Games!  This app works on matching numbers, pictures, and letters in one phase, word building in another phase, and working on math facts in yet another.  There are two levels - beginner and expert, and when you complete a level, you earn a treat for Olive, the dog.  He howls when you get something correct to help reinforce achievement.  It's normally $.99 so free today:)!
 I took a screen shot of the app in iTunes, so that is where I get the pictures - I should probably start saying that, huh?  

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Snow Day......SAMR vs. TPACK

   Well, here we sit with another blustery, cold, windy day outside!!  School's off and the Harlem Shake Video is made with the boys;)!!!  Glad that's over with - might be making a Macbeth one later in the week:)!!!
   Ok - the visit to Watertown-Mayer was GREAT!!  Not only did I #1 - see great ideas and ways to use the iPad with lower elementary, #2 - was able to talk with and chat with two administrators about how they have done things and will try to do some things - but #3 - KNOW WE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE:)!!!  Like us, they are in the "substitution" phase of the iPad - you know where you use it instead of another method you might have done in the past.  I have talked about BOTH the SAMR Model and the TPACK model - BOTH are GREAT ways to think about iPad integration - and both REALLY reflect the importance of that TRUE INTEGRATION!!!

Here are two visuals for you - one the SAMR Model and the other TPACK Model:

  I LOVE them both - and feel that they are both great examples of where one should be with the iPads and education!!!  I also know (well think and hope), that after this year, we will continue to move up the continuum and start jumping into Augmentation and the Transformation areas - all I know is that we are 500% MORE comfortable with the iPads and their use than we were a year ago at this time - YAHOO FOR GROWTH, PATIENCE, and CONTINUOUS LEARNING:)!!!

Have a great rest of the day - no GREAT GREAT free apps today - will check tomorrow and let you know,
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Today's FREE apps -

   OK - please check out Apps Gone Free - there are three GREAT ones today - each from McGraw-Hill (Be SURE To pick the version that is NOT LITE - as these are the free ones - remember that). I am JUST downloading them NOW and they are normally $2.99 each:

  There is also an interactive storybook called Auryn - The Little Mermaid - normally $3.99 but FREE today!  BE SURE TO PUT INTO CONFIGURATOR - that way your school will get it for FREE:)!  That's an amazing savings -

I will continue to check and the ones I feel are worth - I will try to post here

Happy Sunday,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo Slice Pro.....

  HAD TO POST TOO CRAZY!!  I was looking at free apps today and one that is free for the iPhone (which reminder would work on the iPad, too), is an app called Photo Slice Pro!  My eyes about jumped out of my head - look what our Photography class did this week:

   This is EXACTLY what the app allows you to do - slice and cut pictures and then arrange them back together - HOLY COW - that's just TOO weird:)!!!  LOVE when things come across like that and you literally WALK INTO ideas how iPads can be used!!!

Happy day again,
Mrs. I:)

Free Apps for MCA Testing......

    Just a heads up that some companies like McGraw-Hill and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics turn their apps free during the months of March and April.  For instance, one free app that is available now is - Equivalent Fractions which is normally a $1.99 app from McGraw-Hill.  They often times will do this to help with MCA testing - I remember getting 4-5 of them last year at this time for FREE!  Be sure to continue to check the app store daily for these freebies!  Also - if you are the tech person and handle Apple Configurator or other management system, be sure to download it into your iTunes so it's free for your school!!  That's the BEST part - that once you download a free app - whether it goes to a paid app - you still own it for free (updates included)!

    Jump at this opportunity - as I find apps that are free myself - I will try to keep you posted!  Be sure to also check Apps Gone Free daily and the new app called Apps Gone Free which will also keep you posted of the daily free apps!

Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I;)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chirp App for iPhone/iPad

    Alright, Mrs. Askegaard and some other teachers attended a math workshop yesterday on math apps and a little app called Chirp was presented and shared!   She stopped in today and talked to me a little bit about it so of course I had to download it and play!   THANK YOU MRS. ASKEGAARD FOR SHARING LOVE IT:)!!!  This little app might be my new favorite (sorry QR codes)!  What this app does is allow you to share photos, notes (that you type on the spot, not existing ones), and links via a "chirp" to anyone else that has the Chirp app open and is on the same Wi-Fi network.  The app works via sound waves, so it will actually chirp like a bird when it has sent and received a new message, photo or note.  SO COOL!!!  Best part as usual - FREE:)!!!  Now, I clearly need to do some more research with this, and check for safety, etc.. but I can see SO many ways that this would be a HUGE benefit in a classroom with students; collaborative projects, linking to websites, splitting up work and duties, wanted to send your kids a quick something but forgot - wow!! 
     Check out the video below that shows you the basics of how Chirp works.  Be sure to download the Chirp app BEFORE you watch it - since this app works on sound waves, you will actually receive the chirps that the guy sends in the video - WOW WOW WOW:)!!

      Have fun playing with this one.  I have it downloaded on my iPhone and my iPad and have been playing back and forth to see how it works - NERD YES INDEED - but OH SO FUN:)!!

Happy Wednesday Night,
Mrs. I:)

Our First "Appy" Hour

   Well, our first "Appy" hour went really well!  There were about 20 or so teachers there to learn about QR codes and their use.  I am SO excited as most of the items that Casey and I "premade" were taken up to use in classrooms - YAHOO:)!!!  I KNOW KNOW that they are going to LOVE using them and start creating their own.  We simple reviewed how to use the QR Stuff wesite - how to download the code - and how to import it!  If you can't remember - or need some reminders - go to my Blog about QR Codes and you will be able to scan various codes that will help you - one of them is a Google Doc about hot to use the site QR Stuff !
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me with ANY questions that you might have, or if you need some help making them, brainstorming ways to use them, or resources for them as well!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


  I HAVE to tell you about this AMAZING site called Symbaloo! I know I keep saying it - but if you haven't seen it - GO GO GO:)!!  This site allows you to create a visual collection of your bookmarks so you can access them from ANY computer simply by going to Symbaloo and logging into you FREE account!  However - don't just stop there!  Other users have created TONS of great resources and pages for you to access already!!  If you click on the "gallery" at the top of the page you are brought to a gallery of Symbaloos already made for you to steal:)!!  You can search with the search box and type in what you're looking for, or go to the bottom and look page by page!  The websites listed are already done for you - SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE THE WORK FOR YOU!!  I LOVE THAT!!!!  Here are some examples:


   Now, these are pretty simple ones, you can add pictures for each one - so you know what specifically it's for, but often times it will insert the picture on the website that each square is for.

**One thing about Symbaloo - there are VARIOUS languages on here which is AWESOME - however, someone like me only speaks English:(, therefore, make sure to choose English when you are searching**

Give it a try - you will really like this one!  I know - how can one EVER EVER find, look at, and use ALL of these!  I am just going to keep flooding your minds - like one of my first blogs said with a video, "JUST KEEP SWIMMING!"

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)


   I have heard myself say it many times, "There's an app for that:)!!"  I am sure you have, too.  The best part, it's TRUE!!  With over 700,000 apps out there, there truly is one for everything.  I was reminded of a site (THANK YOU MRS. ASKEGAARD) that I have linked on my blog called Apps Gone Free.  Not only does it give you a list of apps that are free for a limited time, or HAVE gone free, but it gives you a list of a MILLION other great apps for different areas of your life.

Take these for example:

    These are just three of the MANY links within Apps Gone Free to get you thinking of apps that might be applicable for you in the classroom, at home, or just really fun, cool apps for hobbies and interests that you have.

Have fun - SO excited for our FIRST "Appy" Hour tomorrow!  I will snap some photos of staff and let you know about our first session!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, March 11, 2013


    Fluency is a hard skill to teach kids, especially those that are REALLY slow readers.  I understand that many kids and adults alike just need more time to "practice" reading.  With the technology age, where people aren't always carrying a "PHYSICAL" book, they can nonetheless ALWAYS read!!  Whether it be the Nook, Kindle, or the use of the iBooks app on your iPad, books and practice are both readily available at the touch of a button:)!!
   However, I have also come across some REALLY great apps and websites for use with fluency in your classroom.  Using technology always makes things a LITTLE better and more fun, so why not check some of these out today:)!

Websites for Fluency:

Apps for Fluency:

All of these are great starting points - if you have any others - I would LOVE to hear about them!
Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Friday, March 8, 2013


    I have recently been asked by some individuals about what we do for keyboarding since we have implemented MOVE 21, and what our plans might be for the future.  Currently, we start keyboarding in 2nd grade.  They use the Netbook cart and bring them to their classrooms and the kids keyboard on them.  Other grades follow suit, but some DO go to the computer lab for this.  I believe that this lasts 6-8 weeks.  Everything so far has been on a device other than the iPad.
    We did NOT buy a ZAGG Keyboard for each student like we did for the teachers if they wanted one.  We opted for the Griffin Survivor case.  SO durable, and REALLY great, but obviously not a keyboard.  Some schools in the area DID buy keyboards for the kids, but haven't been happy with them (I apologize I am not sure which ones).
     However, we have found that when students have to write papers for English, or other classes, it takes a little more time than normal to use the keyboard on the iPad.  We are going to buy 75 Anker Bluetooth Keyboards that students can check out of the library for this purpose.  Also, if teachers know in advance that the students will be doing a lot of typing, they can also check out a class set.  We thought this might help to alleviate this.
     It was interesting, though, as about a month ago I read an article in Macworld from the editor's desk.  The gentleman writing the article said that he, too, struggled with typing on the iPad initially as he was SO used to a keyboard.  However, as he continued to force himself to use the iPad keyboard, he actually became a better WRITER as he had to take his time and often found grammar errors in his writing.  He did get faster and faster on it as he used it more.  Now, for the older kids (and I'm including myself in this group:), typing on the iPad keyboard is probably a little more difficult because we have ALWAYS used a keyboard.  My sons, however, have used iPod Touches, iPads, and other devices that they are used to.  I really think that their generation is going to have NO troubles typing on the iPads - time will tell!

WOW - a LONG blog - sorry about that - Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

Thursday, March 7, 2013


     I am not sure if you use Pinterest or not, but if you are unaware, this is a site that allows you to "pin" boards for MANY MANY things.  Whether it be finding new furniture for your living room, or finding ideas for new hair styles, Pinterest has it!  However, the PLETHORA of information you can find from an educational perspective is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Anything that you might possibly teach during the course of the year can be found here!  Websites, ideas, apps, technology, you name it the list is endless!  All you need to do is either choose the Education category, or search for whatever it is you are looking for!  If you are NOT a pinner yet, you DO have to be invited to join Pinterest.  Give me a hollar and I'll send an invite to you:)!!Once you're in - you create an account and start pinning:)!!  Oh did I mention it's FREE FREE FREE!!!

Here are some boards that have already been created - simply go and search!!!

   These are just 5 of the gazillion pinterest boards and pins related to education.  DO NOT let this FREE RESOURCE escape you any more!!

Happy Pinning,
Mrs. I:)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reading Comprehension Apps....

   I have to tell about these reading comprehension apps!  AbiTalk is the company that creates these and they are REALLY great!  The free versions offer 4 stories with comprehension questions to go along with it.  They have them for various grades levels AND various content areas.  There are also paid versions - ranging from $2.99 -$5.99 - and they offer around 20 different stories for comprehension - it also tracks how well you have done and you can reset it and use with different kids.  These are GREAT ones to use for practice with MCA reading tests, and we know that we always need help with nonfiction reading!
   Here are what some of the icons look like - you can find them ALL on the AbiTalk websites.  Also, if you just do a search on the app store for reading comprehension, they are the first ones to pop up!

Happy Appying,
Mrs. I:):

More QR Codes......

    In hindsight, I KNOW that this is something that I should have been doing ALL year long - but I am going to start next week!  I have been reading about and finding ideas for - so next Wednesday, I am going to have our first "Appy Hour,"  and the topic of course - QR CODES:)!!!  Some schools have been doing these, and I thought #1 - NEEDED FOR SURE:)!!  #2 - GREAT NAME!!  #3 - CHANCE TO MEET AND SHARE!!  All three are SO reason enough for this!   I think that I will do two a month, as our elementary teachers have to be here at 7:30am each Wednesday, and I know that many high school teachers will chime in, too:)!
Another few examples of QR codes - 
     A certain artist was talked about in third grade.  Instead of titling her bulletin board with the artist's name, Mrs. Tonsfeldt used a QR code to link to a website about the artist!  LOVE IT!!
    Here, she had the students find a website for individual biographies that they were studying and writing about.  They each created and attached a QR code for additional information about their person!  YES:)!!
     As you can see - there are SO many uses for these little buggers - the students have been looking for and finding my iNnigerisms that I have been posting around the school - LOVE SEEING THAT:)!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

Monday, March 4, 2013

I am a SUCKER for new technologies......

   I just had to write about this!  I am sitting at my dining room table right now in search of the BEST apps for Reading as I am presenting at the MAASFEP Conference in a few weeks.  I only have an hour to present apps - so I want to make sure the ones I have are great ones indeed:)!!  I came across an AMAZING site that you MUST check out - go figure, right.  tcea Innovative Teaching and Learning.  Now I'm reading along and find the most amazing list of mostly "free" apps as you scroll down towards the bottom.  Now, like every TECH NERD like myself, you not only look for apps, but all the other things listed as well - that is where I found this -
   Now if you don't know what this is - don't worry - you will soon be seeing these EVERYWHERE!  It is a Celluon Magic Cube Projection Keyboard!  THIS IS AMAZING LOVE LOVE LOVE IT:)!!  This little device actually shoots infrared light to detect fingers as the keyboard.  It works on ANY flat surface and connects wirelessly through blue tooth!  I have been keeping my eye on it, and the price was right, so I BOUGHT IT!  That's right!!!   Like EVERY TECH NERD I BOUGHT IT:)!!!  (Did I mention that I have to have all the gadgets to go with my iPad?  But I haven't broken down yet for the mini:)!!
   If you want to find out more about it - read this product review - you will be AMAZED!!

I can't wait to get my hands on this little bugger - I KNOW that my seniors are going to want to use it daily - just like me:)!!

Happy Monday Night,
Mrs. I;) 

K-12 Resource Site

   While researching some open source sites today for Language Arts,  I came across this gem site called K-12 Resource Site.  This is EVERY teacher's dream site - it has compiled lists of GREAT resources for various content areas from elementary to high school ALL IN ONE PLACE:)!!  Simple choose a content area on the left hand side and you will get a plethora of websites for that area on the right with a short description of what that particular site has to offer - LOVE IT:)!!
    I LOVE when you come across golden ones like this!  Now I haven't looked in and through it, but the organization of the site is great, and the websites listed are familiar ones that I know are great!

Good luck searching here - just wish we had more TIME to do this, huh??
Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plant Microscope Lab Work......

   Mr. Schmitt's science students were using their iPads to record what they were seeing while looking under a microscope - SO GREAT:)!!!   The first picture shows the students DOING their work, while the following three are the photos of what they did on their iPads!

GREAT JOB 7th GRADERS:)!!!  Super fun way to continue to use the iPads - SO mobile - SO much easier than textbooks - YAHOO:)!!

I'll post more tomorrow - Happy Sunday Night,
Mrs. I:)

Health Class Keynotes.....

    I just wanted to share some of the Keynote presentations that Mr. Schaub's students created regarding different diseases.  They turned out really great - here are a few examples:

     You will HAVE to have Keynote on your computer to open these - and the link will bring you to a download page - SORRY - disadvantage of being a Mac User:)!!!  However, another AWESOME example of how iPads are used in BHS:)!

Happy Weekend
Mrs. I:)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Lock Students in a Single App.......

     THANK YOU MRS. BLILIE:)!!  This was on Pinterest and a GREAT one indeed;)!!   Do you have students in class that really can't handle staying in ONE app?  Students that seem to bop around from one app to the next?  If so, then you NEED to take the time to watch this!!

    How cool is that?  Now - you have COMPLETE control of students toggling from one app to the next - they are stuck until you decide to let them out:)!!

Hope this helps - I can see this as a HUGE benefit for MANY students:)
Happy Friday
Mrs. I:)

Ideas and Student Samples.......

   I just wanted to share a few more AMAZING ways that iPads are being used here in Barnesville.  Today I walked through the buildings with some staff from Grafton and snapped some photos - this is what I saw....
   Mrs. Gylland, our music teacher at the elementary school, was teaching a lesson on intervals.  She used AirServer - to project her iPad onto her screen to show the students what she was looking for and to "teach."  She then gave the students time to work within an app called Music Theory for are some 4th graders in action:)!

     We then meandered into the cafeteria to find Mrs. Blilie, Mrs. Gylland (daughter-in-law to the other one:), and Mrs. Justesen with 1st grade students working on spelling words with an app called Kids Doodle.  It was SO fun to see them so engaged in their writing and practicing of words. 

     I am SO sorry, Ms. Cresap, I will grab photos next time I come in - but her 5th grade students were busy making Keynote presentations for Science - LOVED THEM:!)!!  It was neat to see them download photos to their camera roll, insert text and add transitions - KIDS AMAZE ME EVERYDAY!

I have a few more things to share and will add another post about those later today!
Happy Friday
Mrs. I:)