Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Snow Day......SAMR vs. TPACK

   Well, here we sit with another blustery, cold, windy day outside!!  School's off and the Harlem Shake Video is made with the boys;)!!!  Glad that's over with - might be making a Macbeth one later in the week:)!!!
   Ok - the visit to Watertown-Mayer was GREAT!!  Not only did I #1 - see great ideas and ways to use the iPad with lower elementary, #2 - was able to talk with and chat with two administrators about how they have done things and will try to do some things - but #3 - KNOW WE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE:)!!!  Like us, they are in the "substitution" phase of the iPad - you know where you use it instead of another method you might have done in the past.  I have talked about BOTH the SAMR Model and the TPACK model - BOTH are GREAT ways to think about iPad integration - and both REALLY reflect the importance of that TRUE INTEGRATION!!!

Here are two visuals for you - one the SAMR Model and the other TPACK Model:

  I LOVE them both - and feel that they are both great examples of where one should be with the iPads and education!!!  I also know (well think and hope), that after this year, we will continue to move up the continuum and start jumping into Augmentation and the Transformation areas - all I know is that we are 500% MORE comfortable with the iPads and their use than we were a year ago at this time - YAHOO FOR GROWTH, PATIENCE, and CONTINUOUS LEARNING:)!!!

Have a great rest of the day - no GREAT GREAT free apps today - will check tomorrow and let you know,
Mrs. I:)

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