Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toddler and PreK apps -

   I have had a few requests for apps for PreK kids - early developmental ones - OH THEY ARE SMART!  I have to share this photo before I continue with the apps - look at this little bugger - this is Mrs. Askegaard's son, watching the PBS Kids app - he can even close out and go back in - WOW:)  Not even two yet!!!

SMART SMART SMART LITTLE BUGGERS!!!  And we question how kids will respond to the iPads and using them - QUESTION ANSWERED:)!!!
   Since I do not have little kids like this any more I questioned some friends that DO have little ones and here is the list of apps that they said  - little ones LOVE:

Learn with WordFriends - free
iWrite Words - $2.99
Elmo Loves ABCs Lite for iPad - free
Abby Monkey Letter Quiz School Adventure - $1.99
Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite - free
I Spy with Lola - $1.99
Lego App4+ - free
Agnitus - free
Endless Alphabet - free
PBS Parents Play & Learn - free
PBS Kids - free
Squiggles! - free
Let's Color - free
Fisher Price Baby Apps - free
Smack That Gugl - $.99

That's the list - I know that there are SO SO SO many more - but these are from actual mothers who like the interaction and interface of them -

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

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