Friday, March 8, 2013


    I have recently been asked by some individuals about what we do for keyboarding since we have implemented MOVE 21, and what our plans might be for the future.  Currently, we start keyboarding in 2nd grade.  They use the Netbook cart and bring them to their classrooms and the kids keyboard on them.  Other grades follow suit, but some DO go to the computer lab for this.  I believe that this lasts 6-8 weeks.  Everything so far has been on a device other than the iPad.
    We did NOT buy a ZAGG Keyboard for each student like we did for the teachers if they wanted one.  We opted for the Griffin Survivor case.  SO durable, and REALLY great, but obviously not a keyboard.  Some schools in the area DID buy keyboards for the kids, but haven't been happy with them (I apologize I am not sure which ones).
     However, we have found that when students have to write papers for English, or other classes, it takes a little more time than normal to use the keyboard on the iPad.  We are going to buy 75 Anker Bluetooth Keyboards that students can check out of the library for this purpose.  Also, if teachers know in advance that the students will be doing a lot of typing, they can also check out a class set.  We thought this might help to alleviate this.
     It was interesting, though, as about a month ago I read an article in Macworld from the editor's desk.  The gentleman writing the article said that he, too, struggled with typing on the iPad initially as he was SO used to a keyboard.  However, as he continued to force himself to use the iPad keyboard, he actually became a better WRITER as he had to take his time and often found grammar errors in his writing.  He did get faster and faster on it as he used it more.  Now, for the older kids (and I'm including myself in this group:), typing on the iPad keyboard is probably a little more difficult because we have ALWAYS used a keyboard.  My sons, however, have used iPod Touches, iPads, and other devices that they are used to.  I really think that their generation is going to have NO troubles typing on the iPads - time will tell!

WOW - a LONG blog - sorry about that - Happy Weekend,
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