Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Apps for MCA Testing......

    Just a heads up that some companies like McGraw-Hill and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics turn their apps free during the months of March and April.  For instance, one free app that is available now is - Equivalent Fractions which is normally a $1.99 app from McGraw-Hill.  They often times will do this to help with MCA testing - I remember getting 4-5 of them last year at this time for FREE!  Be sure to continue to check the app store daily for these freebies!  Also - if you are the tech person and handle Apple Configurator or other management system, be sure to download it into your iTunes so it's free for your school!!  That's the BEST part - that once you download a free app - whether it goes to a paid app - you still own it for free (updates included)!

    Jump at this opportunity - as I find apps that are free myself - I will try to keep you posted!  Be sure to also check Apps Gone Free daily and the new app called Apps Gone Free which will also keep you posted of the daily free apps!

Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I;)

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