Tuesday, March 12, 2013


  I HAVE to tell you about this AMAZING site called Symbaloo! I know I keep saying it - but if you haven't seen it - GO GO GO:)!!  This site allows you to create a visual collection of your bookmarks so you can access them from ANY computer simply by going to Symbaloo and logging into you FREE account!  However - don't just stop there!  Other users have created TONS of great resources and pages for you to access already!!  If you click on the "gallery" at the top of the page you are brought to a gallery of Symbaloos already made for you to steal:)!!  You can search with the search box and type in what you're looking for, or go to the bottom and look page by page!  The websites listed are already done for you - SOMEONE ELSE HAS DONE THE WORK FOR YOU!!  I LOVE THAT!!!!  Here are some examples:


   Now, these are pretty simple ones, you can add pictures for each one - so you know what specifically it's for, but often times it will insert the picture on the website that each square is for.

**One thing about Symbaloo - there are VARIOUS languages on here which is AWESOME - however, someone like me only speaks English:(, therefore, make sure to choose English when you are searching**

Give it a try - you will really like this one!  I know - how can one EVER EVER find, look at, and use ALL of these!  I am just going to keep flooding your minds - like one of my first blogs said with a video, "JUST KEEP SWIMMING!"

Happy Day,
Mrs. I:)

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