Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Apps Gone Free today - Schoology Visit

   There was only one that I put into Configurator today - it is a graphing app called Grafikal.  This iPhone/iPad app is pretty cool as it allows you to graph functions and see various graph outputs.
  On another note - Casey and I had a GREAT visit with Bryan Poyzer, a music/iPad integrationist in the West Central School District.  We went there on a mission to talk about Schoology.  We were NOT disappointed!  They, too - just like Minnetonka and Watertown-Mayer LOVE Schoology!   They had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about it - the seamless transfer, the ease of use for teachers, parents and students, and most importantly the CONSISTENCY that it has for everyone.  They are going to be adding Schoology for the younger grades next year too - so they said that is something that they wish they would have done right off the bat- so we ARE heading in the right direction!! YAHOO:)!!  More on Schoology tomorrow after my mind has decompressed a little and I have gathered my thoughts together more:)!!

Happy night,
Mrs. I:)

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