Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reading Comprehension Apps....

   I have to tell about these reading comprehension apps!  AbiTalk is the company that creates these and they are REALLY great!  The free versions offer 4 stories with comprehension questions to go along with it.  They have them for various grades levels AND various content areas.  There are also paid versions - ranging from $2.99 -$5.99 - and they offer around 20 different stories for comprehension - it also tracks how well you have done and you can reset it and use with different kids.  These are GREAT ones to use for practice with MCA reading tests, and we know that we always need help with nonfiction reading!
   Here are what some of the icons look like - you can find them ALL on the AbiTalk websites.  Also, if you just do a search on the app store for reading comprehension, they are the first ones to pop up!

Happy Appying,
Mrs. I:):

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