Friday, March 22, 2013

Free App - can't forget:)

There are a few today that I put into Configurator - not sure staff will use them all but maybe a couple will work for them -

Love You to the Moon and Back - is an interactive storybook that you can actually record your own voice on and read back to your little ones.  There are even options to change the text so you can insert a student's name:) - normally $2.99 - free today!

Gro Memo is an eco friendly app that helps with the environment and recycling.  The app has you clean up your polluted homes by pairing cards that show interactive ways that the world will be better.  Normally $1.99 - free today!

Fitness for iPad is a fitness app that has 100 different workouts or you can also create your own.  Each activity has step-by-step instructions, photos, videos, an audio - normally $.99 - free today!

WordTag is similar to the game Taboo where you have to describe a word and then try to get your teammates to guess it without saying certain words.  There are over 10,000 words in this iPhone databased app - normally $1.99 - free today!

 Save the Pencil - Save the pencil by joining dots in this pencil game!  Your mission is to join  all of the dots in each level.  Moving from dot to dot is as easy as tapping on each one - normally $1.99 - free today!

Happy Appying,
Mrs. I:)

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