Tuesday, March 26, 2013

QR Post - more later:)

  Well, once again I was AMAZED by the use of QR codes in our school.  Last night, I was in attendance at my youngest son's music program, and long and behold Mrs. Gylland has QR codes IN THE PROGRAM - yes it's true - IN THE PROGRAM!!  The first one was a link to a slideshow that you could watch as the kids sang, and the other ones were additional information about various songs or composers - SO COOL:)!!!  Here is what it looked like:

   How fabulous and over the top is that??  My son and I followed along with the slideshow - and we checked out some of the additional ones at home!  SO neat to see people in the audience with their student iPads taking pictures, video taping, and using the QR Reader!!

SO GREAT - Happy Day
Mrs. I:)

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