Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Math and Some Other Apps.....

   I think I had mentioned that some of our elementary teachers attended a workshop in Moorhead regarding apps in math.  Actually, I think the same gal from the New York area presented one that another high school math teacher attended the week before:).  Anyways,  here is a list of the apps that SHE recommended for math and others that you should just have - some I have ALREADY mentioned - which is SO great to hear as the more you hear the better apps they probably are:

Apps to Have:
iFunFace - $.99
Stick Pick - $2.99
Apps Gone Free - free
Doodle Cast Pro - $2.99
iCard Sort - $5.99

Number Sense:
Subitising Flash Cards - $1.99
Friends of Ten - $.99
Dominoes Addition - $1.99
Ladybird Maths - $1.99
Math Adventures - lite version - not sure paid?
Hands-On Math Hundreds Chart - $1.99
Number Rack - free

Math Doodles - $2.99 (VERY GOOD)
Everyday Genius: Squarelogic - $.99
Doodle Numbers Quiz - free
Nxt App 4 Kids - $2.99
Hands on Equations Level One - $4.99
Motion Math: Wings - free
Mathmateer (formerly Rocket Math) - free
Math Evolve - $1.99
Meteor Math - $.99
Math Blaster  - $.99
Math Snacks - free
Pattern Blocks - by Brainingcamp - $.99
Geoboards by the Math Learning Center - free
Virtual Manipulatives - free
Freefall Money - $1.99
Everyday Math Apps - here is ONE example BUY IN APRIL - FREE!  $1.99 now
My Script Calculator - free

All of the above apps were taken from the attended seminar titled, "Practical Strategies for Using iPads and Outstanding Apps, Websites, and Cutting-Edge Resources to Enhance Your Math Instruction" presented by Linda Mumme and Jennifer Leese - Central York School District, York, PA.

OK - I KNOW that's overwhelming - wow!  What ISN'T overwhelming about the iPads:)!!  SO HARD, SO MUCH WORK, and SO SO SO WORTH IT:)!!!  You're kids will thank you, your parents will thank you, and I THANK YOU for putting the time and effort into this EVERY learning innovative technology tool:)!!!

Happy night,
Mrs. I:)

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  1. Thanks for sharing these apps, I will definitely check it out. My daughter uses splash math for improving her math skills. Splash math is little bit pricey but this app have practice worksheet. This app covers entire 4th grade curriculum. It have space theme with an astronaut which keeps your child busy.