Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More QR Codes......

    In hindsight, I KNOW that this is something that I should have been doing ALL year long - but I am going to start next week!  I have been reading about and finding ideas for - so next Wednesday, I am going to have our first "Appy Hour,"  and the topic of course - QR CODES:)!!!  Some schools have been doing these, and I thought #1 - NEEDED FOR SURE:)!!  #2 - GREAT NAME!!  #3 - CHANCE TO MEET AND SHARE!!  All three are SO reason enough for this!   I think that I will do two a month, as our elementary teachers have to be here at 7:30am each Wednesday, and I know that many high school teachers will chime in, too:)!
Another few examples of QR codes - 
     A certain artist was talked about in third grade.  Instead of titling her bulletin board with the artist's name, Mrs. Tonsfeldt used a QR code to link to a website about the artist!  LOVE IT!!
    Here, she had the students find a website for individual biographies that they were studying and writing about.  They each created and attached a QR code for additional information about their person!  YES:)!!
     As you can see - there are SO many uses for these little buggers - the students have been looking for and finding my iNnigerisms that I have been posting around the school - LOVE SEEING THAT:)!!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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