Friday, March 1, 2013

Ideas and Student Samples.......

   I just wanted to share a few more AMAZING ways that iPads are being used here in Barnesville.  Today I walked through the buildings with some staff from Grafton and snapped some photos - this is what I saw....
   Mrs. Gylland, our music teacher at the elementary school, was teaching a lesson on intervals.  She used AirServer - to project her iPad onto her screen to show the students what she was looking for and to "teach."  She then gave the students time to work within an app called Music Theory for are some 4th graders in action:)!

     We then meandered into the cafeteria to find Mrs. Blilie, Mrs. Gylland (daughter-in-law to the other one:), and Mrs. Justesen with 1st grade students working on spelling words with an app called Kids Doodle.  It was SO fun to see them so engaged in their writing and practicing of words. 

     I am SO sorry, Ms. Cresap, I will grab photos next time I come in - but her 5th grade students were busy making Keynote presentations for Science - LOVED THEM:!)!!  It was neat to see them download photos to their camera roll, insert text and add transitions - KIDS AMAZE ME EVERYDAY!

I have a few more things to share and will add another post about those later today!
Happy Friday
Mrs. I:)

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